Selling of sexual videos of children.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by FloGold, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. FloGold Moderator

    This is the most abhorrent thing I've ever come across in my entire life. People that do things like this need to... I cant even finish my thought. :(

    Live footage of children being sexually abused is becoming 'increasingly available over the internet' as families are paid to set up access to victims

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  2. Anonymous Member

    There is a special place in hell for these people.
  3. veravendetter Member

    Saw this on the news today. Nothing to contribute except to say I'm appalled.
  4. amaX Member

    There are no words that describe this level of malevolent abuse. My heart breaks for the children.
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  5. FloGold Moderator

    This is something I've never encountered before in my life.
    Me and my team have no idea of how to go about this, this is even harder to deal with than #OpDarkNet was.
  6. Silent333Eyes Member

    This just blows. Families????!!! Are you serious? I don't care how broke I am, I will never give up my child for money. Money is a means of living a life...but feeding your child to the monsters makes your life worthless. And a live feed??? Can't they be tracked in someway like through ip. I mean I know people use proxies and what not but come on there is always a trail. This is just disgusting. Poor children. Not some people but most people should just be swallowed. Sorry for the rant. Very angry. So glad I will know about computers when my daughter gets to use one.
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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Lets brain storm them. Any ideas about how to take this on? It seems to me the only target can be the people who watch, the subscribers' list. How are viewing times distributed? Anyone know?
  8. Silent333Eyes Member

    I did not see in the article if it was Skype that was the program being used. Is there a way to find out the programs that were used? What about the families? How do the predators help them set up their program and do they use or share some type of proxy program. What types of programs are used in those poverty areas and are the incidents at the residents home? I wish there was more to this story in reference to sources.
  9. Anonymous Member

    They would not show them for free, people are paying to watch, follow the money- only I have no idea how.
    Silenteyes questions are good.
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    From 2007
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    While the criminals producing the video and "live events" will be careful about exposing themselves, the pedos watching will not be. The people who lurk in this world can learn about the sources by watching the audience.
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  13. EveStropping Member

    Is it possible that there's a "middle man" of sorts? If there is then it makes the entire process simpler. He will have a list of who wants what, and in turn he seeks out the vulnerable families. In many of the poverty stricken areas his job will be easy I imagine, and since it's done to order he won't have to look far to find the right target for his clients needs. Somehow I just don't see some of the world's poorest people being able to set this up by themselves if that was the case wouldn't there be more of it?
    Sorry I know I am describing this like a business transaction but it's a very difficult subject.
  14. Anonymous Member

    It is a business. They are pros. Finding how the audience knows where/when to watch is the key to the puzzle. The live show will be kept on videos and they will be sold, but the live show list is key.
  15. Killua Member

    This is absolutely disgusting.
    The only thing I can suggest is to trawl around on the deep web. Plenty of child porn on there, and there are some forums as well.
  16. RavenEyes Member

    The amount of any type of child porn and child sex trafficking is beyond staggering. Please be aware that the majority of these kids are NOT kidnapped by strangers. We want to believe that, because it's a tiny bit easier to swallow.

    The reality is that they are sold for money, traded for drugs, "loaned", etc. by a family member, often one or both parents.

    FYI, this practice is not usually a "survival" tactic for indigent families in civilized nations such as the United States, as is often the case in poor third-world countries. It occurs in all socioeconomic groups here.
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  17. EveStropping Member

    I agree with what you're saying Raven it is happening all across the board . However I was thinking out loud that the poorer sections of some communities will be more amenable if approached .
  18. Howard Hunt Member

    These people are guilty of crimes against humanity and nature. All involved. And I don't understand how we put people in prison for life on drug charges, and these perverts out in 10 to 20.
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  19. Boris Korczak Member

    Really? These God-fearing, church-going, big hearted fellow Americans supporting children porn?
    Some, we hear, go to Thailand where they can have sex with kids for $10.00. Is that a charity work American way?
    They are guilty of crimes and should be prosecuted to the full extend and spend their lives behind bars.
    Will sombody tell me it's not true!!!
    I risked my life for this country and now I am sorry I have.
    Stay safe.

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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    On a personal note Boris, I thank you for your service. Evil is world-wide and so is the pedophile ring working this arena.
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  21. FloGold Moderator

    I know BK, makes me sick to the gut.
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  22. Silent333Eyes Member

    The use of Bitcoins might be a concern though since it cannot be tracked. THere must be a way!
  23. Silent333Eyes Member

    Interesting you mention deep web. I recently came across TOR. I have known there was a different type of internet or..well..hidden I guess. However the Tor Program mentions that it is not 100% so maybe there is a way to get to the end of all of this. There is always a trail, no matter how long or bounced around.
  24. EveStropping Member

    I don't think finding out more about this would be difficult assuming you have the stomache for it which I do not. It's my feeling that once the "customer" starts searching for something specific he'll be directed to a site but only when he's paid upfront. Following the money is the right way to go but where do you start with that? Do you start searching the deep web as a potential customer or do you get a referral of sorts?
    Somewhere along the line there will be inroads but what worries me is the route you have to take in order to find the money trail. Even if the money trail is found, are we to assume that whoever is handling the money is also handling direct access to the live feed of abuse to? Since this is big business and the providers of these services are not to be underestimated in any way it's likely that each part of it is handled by different people. This would enable greater secrecy and security for both the provider and users. Sorry but the only way I can really discuss this is to put it in the context of a business transaction, it sickens me to personalise it.
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to cut their balls off and scoop out their eyes with a red hot spoon.
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We will never be able to run secret OPs on this, but lurking works. Eventually shit falls in your lap if you look and follow.
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  26. FloGold Moderator

    As some one that was involved, albeit slightly, in #OpDarkNet which sought out to combat CP and exploitation on the dark net, I can tell you that even tho it is not impossible it is very difficult and involves a very high degree of hacking that most of us here including myself do not posses, to deal with CP on the DarkNet.
    Maybe after I am done getting my computer science degree in college i can give it a go again.
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  27. Killua Member

    The problem with Tor is that it's fucking genius. For the people that don't know what it is, it's a browser (adaptation of FireFox) that is so heavily encrypted and anonymized that IF you use it correctly, it is absolutely impossible to trace. However, if you do stupid things, like not keep it up to date, download things, run outside scripts, that sort of thing, then they can be exploited/traced, some of the time. But, some people get even smarter, and use a paid proxy like BTGuard or IPredator, and then. Well. It's very difficult. Tor was developed by the U.S. Navy as a way for top-secret messages to be passed around and stuff like that. So, it's heavy shit. If you wanted to get into the deep web though, I would recommend going to something like the Hidden Wiki, since they usually index most stuff that's out there. I don't know how to act/become a potential customer, and I don't want to know. Shit be creepy.

    Oh, and for BTC... there would be a way to track it, for a while at any rate. Say you have a known pedo, who's buying using TOR. He needs a way to get those coins, and most people just log on to a website like MTGox, and buy there. Those services use wire transfers and credit cards, but can also use things like mail in cash and prepaid cards. So, yes, there is a trail. But it's designed from the ground up to be very, very, very hard to trace, nigh impossible. The whole moving actual BTC around though, that's completely encrypted. Look into the basic theory behind the BitCoin, Wikipedia is helpful here. It's a brilliant system, and I admire Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever he/she/they are) for coming up with it.
  28. FloGold Moderator

    we can always go after the credit card companies and tell them what their services are being used for. the same with skype. im sure the advertisers on skype will not like it one bit if they knew their adds are being displayed next to a cam feed of a child being raped.
  29. Killua Member

    I think they know, though, and they may be working on it. Credit card companies have a shitton of red tape to mess with, so I'd go for Skype first. We'd probably have to approach Skype (and services like it) and say, you have a problem, and it's going to be fixed. You can work with us, or not. But if we did that, there would need to be a definite plan...
  30. Anonymous Member

    I bought stock in Target so I could complain as a shareholder about their ads on Facebook pages of pedophiles. Not sure if Skype is publicly traded?

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