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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Did a search today in the website which publishes Dutch courtcases. I came across one from February 2012 which is noteworthy enough for a mention here.

    It's concerns a court battle between a divorced mom and dad over the schooling of their child. Mom sent the kid to a Scientology primary school and dad took her to court over it. Although the article doens't name the school, it is clear it concerns the now-defunct Lafayette school.

    Dad said he had not given his permission and wanted the kid to transfer back to his old school. He didn't like that the kid had to travel two hours each day to his new school, nor the Scientology connection, nor the very negative School Inspection report back from 1999.

    The judge ruled that the mom was in the wrong to send her kid to the Scientology school without his dad's permission as it should have been a joint decision. He also ruled that it wouldn't be in the interested of the kid by now to transfer him back to his old school. So probably he stayed at the Lafayette school until it closed down in June 2012, so just four months after the court battle.

    Although the court records are not clear in this respect, it kinda appears as if mom got fully ensnared in Scientology and found out her former husband was an SP all along. You see, mom was 'dead agenting' dad quite a bit in court. Although this is normal in custody battles, it also seems they were on quite good terms before she transferred the kid to the Scientology school.

    Another interesting titbit is this sentence:
    This translates to:

    So it appears someone is peddling Hubbard's nonsense under his own name. Wonder who it is, but I doubt us Dutchfags will be able to figure that one out.

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    I like the way you didn't over-sell this as "interesting". But it is quite interesting.
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    OP. Turns out it's Methode de Haan, some other alternative schooling method which is not Scientology related. It's used in the new Scientology school in Amsterdam as well:
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