Senate passes Iran VOICE Act.

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. As much as I'm averse to US intervention and as much as the names Joe Lieberman and John McCain don't inspire confidence, I can't find anything in the following that I can object to. It all seems quite positive.

    From Nico
  2. Twister Member

    hmm.... wonder if this is why Austin Heap is in DC today... his last tweet "Tweeting from the Speaker's balcony = win!"

    In any event, I agree with the poster's sentiments 100%.

    I am glad to see something like this happening. Thank you for posting this!
  3. JohnDoe Moderator

    Wow wow and wow again, this is great and exactly what is needed. Hope they've been in touch with Austin Heap - who needs Paypal now!!!!;)
  4. JohnDoe Moderator

    Ha! I see we were thinking the same thing at the same time:D
  5. EPIC WIN!

    I approve of this "meddling." :D
  6. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Any technology developed with US govt funds will be made available to the US govt.
  7. Wonderful news. Made my day!
  8. OK, I actually have to take a time-out and cry from relief now. Whew! Gasp! Way-to-go! Thank you God!
  9. This is giddiness:

    You see Amidinmadman was right the west is interfering.
  10. This is FANTASTIC. thank you so much for posting this.
  11. JohnDoe Moderator

    Or is it the US saying "Ah well you've blamed us all along, now we'll give you something to blame us for":D

    Oh it's just sooooo good, if you're going to interfere then hey this is the way to do it!!!!! Give the people the tools they need to do their own work. Well done the US gov.

    Now Europe, we're waiting . . . . . . .
  12. I'm here in Canada. I phoned my MP this aft, asking him to announce a challenge to the Prime Minister: give the ultimatum to Total, Vitol, and Trafigura -- either invest in Canadian oil/gas or invest in Iranian oil/gas, but don't expect to do both. The Prime Minister has already blasted the regime on several occasions. Fingers crossed.
  13. Visionary Member

    This is good news, The only things I wonder are how long it will be before any of this takes effect and if they are actually going to use the money the way they are supposed to. (we all know how money put into things like this can be misplaced or put in personal accounts or just left to sit there without actually being used)
  14. a desert Member

    Good luck with that. Hopefully they'll choose Canada?
  15. Time to revive the "Blame Canada!" meme.
  16. Shhh-IRAN Member

    The Iran Voice Act is an amendment to a much larger and complex defense appropriations (budget) bill for 2010. Although the Senate unanimously approved the amendment, they added it to the bigger bill, so there may need to be negotiations with the House of Representatives on the Act (as part of the larger bill) before it goes into effect. (I'm not quite sure where the larger appropriations bill is at in the legislative process.)

    The text of the amendments can be found here (first 2 sections on the page, there may be more text somewhere there): Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

    Supportive US citizens should now be contacting their Representatives in the House to urge including the Voice Act in the final appropriations bill that results from the Senate/House negotiations.

    The US government's fiscal year runs from Oct 1 to Sept 30, so the Act will not go into effect until Oct 1, 2009 at the earliest, I think.

    HOWEVER, it sends some very strong and important signals, especially that it was passed unanimously in the Senate. Contacting US Representatives to support it (and hurry up about it) is something US citizens, in particular, can start doing now and it wouldn't hurt at all for non-US citizens also to be writing to Representatives. Here is a list of them:

    Representative Offices - United States House of Representatives, 111th Congress, 1st Session

    It is good news that Austin Heap was in the Speaker of the House's office today tweeting.
  17. The bad thing about Canadians it that they look just like Amercians. You could have one living next door to you and you would never know it. They have been slowly invading America. BEWARE OF THE CANADIAN MENACE!
  18. Shhh-IRAN Member

    They always give themselves away, eh? ;)
  19. the hat has firmly sewn itself onto the head.

  20. watsongs2012 Member

    America weighs in!! This is fantastic.
  21. watsongs2012 Member

  22. Our home on native land!
  23. How many of you wiseguys have contacted your MPs about the oil/gas divestment? Or if you are envious south-of-49ers, have you contacted your Senators about the Iran Voice Act?

    As for you Native Sons, have you contacted your bands for a statement on Iran?
  24. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Need to contact Representatives in the US, Bugs.

    Senators already did the right thing!
  25. D-oh! My bad! :eek:
  26. Well well well, this IS an interesing turn of events,

    I'm not surprised about who's idea it was, but a unanimous approval?

    That's something to be impressed about.
  27. Shhh-IRAN Member

  28. akuma_river Member

    Looking up my Reps as we speak...but they are republicans so who knows which way they will go. I'm used to getting no's from them.

    Ugh, I forgot...I'm in Ron Paul's district. He's the sole dissenter who voted against the Resolution supporting Iran.
  29. Ray Murphy Member

    Ok, the protestors have been heard.
    What else do we want?
    Put in your order here :)

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  30. Sorry dude, I'm with Ganji on this one: [ame=]YouTube - Akbar Ganji at NYC Hunger Strike 4 Iran - jul 23 09[/ame]

    Sanctions hurt Iranians. We must fight the repressive regime by every means but we shouldn't support actions that will hurt Iranians.
  31. Exactly right. See Free Burma Coalition Mission for similar conclusions by those working for a free Burma.
    • "Isolation is the regime's default condition. It is what fuels the present system. Burma might not become a democracy overnight, but it will certainly improve with more outside interaction. Would Indonesia be better off if no one had visited during its 30 years of military rule?"

      Thant Myint-U, author of "River of Lost Foot Steps", on the boycott of Burma/Myanmar

    • "For 26 years Myanmar experienced impoverishment in the name of socialism; it now appears there is to be impoverishment in the name of democracy, (thanks in part to the misguided Western sanctions against our country)."

      Dr. Khin Zaw Win, former Prisoner of Conscience (jail time 1994-2005)

    • "If you go to Rangoon, you'll see sanctions hurt the wrong people."

      Razali Ismail, Former UN Special Envoy to Burma, BBC World Service, 9 Jan 2006.

    • "In retrospect, I feel like the effort we put into getting ordinances and sanctions passed became a goal in and of itself, and we forgot about its true purpose: to help the underprivileged of Burma."

      A Burmese "Free Burma" campaign veteran, 28 Sept. '05
  32. I'd also like to remind that it was recently reported that the IRG nets billions every year in black market imports. These guys always seem to be able to find ways around the sanctions. The people suffer having to buy overpriced goods from their oppressors!
  33. atmasabr Member

    I am surprised to see such unanimity on something that is US intervention. From what little I can tell, the history of US appropriations to benefit free speech in Iran (and Iranian groups that seek more liberalization in Iran) has been that they have been opposed by many in the State department and by interests who believe they have been counterproductive and that the Iranian government used them as an excuse for more severe crackdowns.

    It's also been a history of the US Congress passing these bills again and again, with the executive branch being so-so at spending the money, so I wouldn't read too much into it. For the Obama administration to actually spend the money in a meaningful way would in my view be putting a policy of regime change into action. Especially now.

    I doubt the current administration will do that.

    You know, I was told recently that the Iranian government has a lot of spies in the State department and everywhere in our halls of power.
  34. JohnDoe Moderator

    Agreed. Political sanctions not economic sanctions are the only ones which are fair to impose.
    Economic sanctions only harm the ordinary people.
  35. So far the request is about giving the oil/gas multinationals an ultimatum; it isn't about sanctions per se.

    The oil/gas warnings put pressure on Russia and India who in turn put pressure on the regime.
  36. EPG Member

    This of course has its pros and cons, its cons being that it now gives Iran's gov't a solid excuse to call the green movement an act of "foreign (American) instigation" ran by foreign media....but being that they already have forced confession shows on state tv forcing people to "confess" that they were influenced by foreign media such as VOA and BBC, I suppose its pros are much greater than its cons.
  37. EPG Member

    It is already happening lol

    US Senate votes to interfere in Iran affairs
  38. The regime doesn't need an excuse. It just makes things up and then Bagdad Bob broadcasts it from Jabrwoquistan. We shouldn't let their mental disconnect stop us from acting freely and responsibly.
  39. Oh balderdash, poppycock, and jabberwocky! The US did not vote to interfere. It voted to support Iranians to evade censorship and to report on human rights violations.

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