Senate passes Iran VOICE Act.

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Voters Union Member

    See the Burma Campaign UK for a second opinion on that:
    The Burma Campaign UK - The European Union and Burma - The Case for Targeted Sanctions

    Auyng San Suu Kyi also stated (a long time ago) that the sanctions generally don't hurt the ordinary people, and that she sees stricter sanctions as the way forward, but I don't know what her more recent opinion is.

    I'm happy to see development and new ideas regarding this issue.
  2. Machiavelli Member

    I don't think, you should compare Burma to Iran.

    Iran's Human Development Index rank is #84, Burma is #135. In Iran there is a middle class, there are 23 million internet users. You will be hardpressed to find a modern middle class in Burma and a civil uprising without a middle class is pretty difficult.
    Burma needs development probably even more than it needs a revolution.

    Iran has reached a point, where an open society could unlock serious growth pretty much instantaneously. And many Iranians are probably well aware of that.

    That said, suppression often goes hand in hand with strong centralised industries. Strong and diverse private industries mostly lead to either democracies or dictatorships, that are pretty liberal as long as their strategic interests are not touched.

    This means well targeted sanctions (oil industry, IRG-owned companies) are definitely positive, private companies should be left out as much as possible.

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