Senator - Anonymous Meeting in Ottawa, Canada

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member


    Senator Scientology Web Page Coverage:

    What an awesome, awesome time we had in Ottawa. Incredible, amazing, and funny. I'm sure some of the creative and surprising words and phrases the Senator's Senior Advisor and Aide expressed during our meeting, would not be repeated in the Parliament Question Period,..., LOL.

    We didn't go there to just tell a story of abuses, discrimination, exploitation, practicing medicine without a license, and many other absurd, destructive Scientology Doctrines and practices; we left them with a wee pile of documented evidence, with much more to follow :)

    This is huge. Ramifications to the COS, ABLE Canada, Executives from Narconon Canada, and Narconon International are going to feel the squeeze. There is more to come within 2-3 weeks, both Federal and Provincial, with Global and Canada wide intel and input. Anonymous is a well oiled machine and DM will soon eat his words concerning being victorious.

    ie17io.jpg [/media]
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  2. peterstorm Member

    A thing of beauty.
  3. Intelligence Member

    Got your message. Ok, let's do it. I'll be ready to Rock N' Roll as soon
    as I get some sleep,..., LOL.

    "Kick it up Another Notch, eh",..., Turn on your encrypted secure line.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It was an awesome time indeed! David you rock :)

  5. Intelligence Member

    Indeed we did. The trip was twice as long as planned,..., ROFLMAO!!! DUH!

    Send me that mask pic and I'll post it here or YOU DO EEEEET :)

    Seriously, we both did well and their "choice of words" said it all.

    Turn on your encrypted com line.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Orson Member

    Fucking win. Good Job David.

    Edit: and the Anons who helped!
  8. Intelligence Member

    We released several photos, but this one dropped their jaw a little. Can't post
    the other pics yet. And more are on their way.

    CBC TV Radio Canada Interviewing Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Media Handler, Andre Ahern,
    my immediate Supervisor at NN TR.
    Police car is off to the right; I'm inside the building; and we had photographer
    in the distance shooting photos. Another 35mm getting developed right now.

    Panick, flap time at NNTR. Look how fast/often a NN TR Executive was sending
    me email Coms. CRAZY!
  9. Anonymous Member




    AnonQC Anonyme

    Whistle blower David Love and #Anonymous were invited to the Canadian Senate to discuss Scientology on Friday. / href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank data-display-url="…" data-expanded-url=""> #wwp
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  10. timthephoto Member

    "religions are not our department" we hear that line from so many governments and i can understand why they fear to make a move, but there is less fear when dealing with extremist groups. no mosque in the west is immune to police raids when extremism is suspected.

    i think it may be good to write up presentations describing the scientology organisation as "a well heeled extremist group which funds itself via fraud and protects that fraud operation by urban terror campaigns against anyone speaking up about it "

    1. Extremism - CCHR NFWL etc
    2. The fraud - and how this is practiced
    3. Protecting the fraud racket

    presentations need to be in multiple formats like video/powerpoint and pdf...
    powerpoint stuff in short/medium/long
    and really we should push the extremisim thing, scientology is after all - lunartic
  11. Intelligence Member


    Nail on the head :) ,....., and we're doing it.
  12. Zak McKracken Member

    David Love unmasked:

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  13. Zak McKracken Member


    I think I hate you for posting this.
  14. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I Love You Too :) :) :)

    And that's only 50% of what some people must take.
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Legion Member

    what is that amyways? can't see very well
  17. Zak McKracken Member

  18. thefatman Member

    This. This. This. And fucking this.

    Also, Mr. Love, if you're ever in Australia, I'll shout you a beer :) You're a bloody legend.
  19. Intelligence Member

    It's a photo leaked out of Narconon Sauna - 2,600mg of NIACIN and other vitamin suppliments.
  20. Zak McKracken Member


    The "i hate you" was because you only posted a tiny thumbnail (too small for any of us to know WTF it was).
    I assumed you had done that on purpose, to keep certain lurking trolls guessing :)
    Its all good, either way.
  21. Intelligence Member

    By Mark Blumberg (August 16, 2009) -

    This is going to be fun,..., NOT!

    I frequently see that people are confused by the distinction between a structured arrangement
    (such as an agency agreement, contractor agreement, joint venture agreement or cooperative
    partnership agreement) that provides for “direction and control” of the use of funds or resources
    versus an organization that acts as merely a conduit for funds raised in Canada. In Registered

    Charities Newsletter 20, CRA defined “Acting as a conduit” as “forwarding money to
    organizations that are not qualified donees.” CRA elaborated as follows:

    Q. Can a charity be set up to support an organization in another country?
    A. A registered charity cannot be a conduit. That is, it cannot hand over its money or
    other resources to another organization that is not a qualified donee. It may not

    issue official receipts for income tax purposes for gifts it receives, and then simply
    forward those monies to an organization that is not a "qualified donee". A charity

    that acts in this way may be de-registered, and an applicant that proposes to operate
    in this way will not be registered. This is the case whether or not the proposed
    beneficiary resides in Canada.

    This distinction is important because, with few exceptions, Canadian taxpayers who donate to
    foreign charities directly do not receive any tax benefit for the donation. Consequently, some
    Canadians try to get around this by setting up a Canadian affiliate which issues the tax receipts
    and then gifts over the funds to the foreign charity instead of using the funds on its own
    activities. Canadian registered charities are not allowed to “gift” funds or resources to foreign
    charities and others who are not qualified donees.

    That said, a charity may not simply hand over its money or other resources to another organization that is not a qualified donee. A registered charity that does so can have its registration revoked. An applicant that intends to operate in this way will not be registered by CRA as a registered charity.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Ok,..., OK,..., OK :)

  23. eddieVroom Member

    Oh, that...

    For a moment I though we had pics of heroin or whatever being traded through NarCONon.

    Wishful thinking.
  24. Intelligence Member

    I need a Tax Lawyer to review some Narconon - Scientology flow of funds,
    within Canada and Foreign transfer. An Auditor perhaps? Mmmm :)

    Civil, Registered Charities Tax Law is not my bag.
  25. Intelligence Member

    We did have! There were bags of Heroin, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine,..., lots of illegal drugs.

    Some of it was from being confiscated from new intakes.

    Then the drugs were used in a "Reach and Withdraw Drill" for patients/students who had
    completed their program. Some of the drugs ended up in the wrong hands. We have some
    dox and staff/patient statements.

    This project has been put aside for a little while; just for now.

    Thanks for reminding me :)
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Christ, that pill pic made my liver run away and hide!

    Awesome work Mr. Love et al! You guys ROCK! *needle on meter-of-awe pinned on excellent!*
  27. Intelligence Member

    I have some inside video and voice files I should retrieve and get at soon. Very funny indeed.

    Two Executives rolling back and forth on the floor of a moving van and yelling
    out rediculous things. They were aware of being recorded.

    Some of the stuff is not funny at all; quite insulting and discrimintating.

    Looking forward to new Court Hearing Dates.
  28. Intelligence Member

    Unreal eh'! Some people take twice that much!

    We had people rushed to Hospital Emergency in severe pain and one near death.

    This IS being investigated right now,..., big time. VERY Serious stuff indeed. We are finally
    connected to people who can things done.
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  29. eddieVroom Member

    Kewl! And, stupid question and all, but has anyone ever tested those capsules to see what's really in them? Hooked on Hubbard? lol I mean if you're upstat, you're upstat, right? Blind Eyes will be turned per LRH Policy as I recall.

    I remember a story in the news some years ago about chinese imported St. John's Wort actually containing Xanax...
  30. none given Member

    Caanaadaa actually considers it'self relevant? Naturally this illusion is caused by being physically near the US: 300 million people who all have shoes and nukes and all the things evolved humans have.
    Don't get me wrong; I encourage Caanaadaa's efforts to shed their fur and join modern Homo Sapiens.
    I always thought calling you "Bigfootland" was kinda rude.

    Protip: bipedalism is a must and not eating out of dumpsters would also be nice.
  31. Intelligence Member

    We can't shed our fur here; at least not in the Quebec or other Canada Northern locations. I would
    freeze solid as an Igloo House:)

    When I moved here from Western Canada to Quebec, it was 12 dgrees above in Vancouver. I had no
    coat and stepped off the plane in Quebec at minus 28 degrees and snowing hard. And it gets much
    colder than that; especially with wind chill.

    The year befor I arrived, they was a record combined snow fall of 15.5 FEET HIGH! Can you southern
    sun-bathers imagine. I am a warm-sunny-mild weather Irishman; NOT an Abominal Snowman :)
  32. eddieVroom Member

    If you want to troll the canucks effectively, I think you have to start with the team from Disneyland winning the Stanley Cup, then work up to the Stanley Screwdriver and the Stanley Garage Door Opener...
  33. Anonymous Member

    Holy falcon punch, Batman! You're over 9000 times awesome, Dave! Great work.

    Hear this whistle? It's the sound of the hammer falling on NarCONon/ScienLOLogy
  34. Intelligence Member

  35. none given Member

    I didn't want to be cruel.
  36. Anonymous Member

    I have no idea
  37. jensting Member

    Are they using extra-strength vitamin pills? In France, there was some brouhaha about the matter that some of the dosis levels could only be reached with difficulty without prescription (i.e. the pills you can get without a prescription have like a 1/1000 of the Narconon required dosis), so you either have to eat 1000 little pills or you get a stronger pill which is then prescription medicine, and before you know it, you have the organisation condemned for illegal practise of medicine for selling too strong vitamins (as happened in France recently). Tut tut!

    Best regards

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  38. Wow David I am so impressed! Truly you are tenacious and now you have delivered.
  39. amaX Member

    Job well done! I LOVE it! <3
  40. xenubarb Member

    The proper term, if the Simpsons have taught us anything and they have, is "maple sucking puck slappers." Get it right.

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