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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I am a first nations person from canada. I am involved with the #idlenomore movement, livestreaming events and so on. For us, trying to use social media to try and help coordinate a movement and so on is new. We are following the lead of occupy and anonymous and having some success with it. As you guys know with any movement there is going to be opposition and one of the people opposing us hard right now is a First Nations senator from here in canada. He is a guy known for misusing funds, sexual harassment, etc his wiki will tell you all about him.

    Anyway, he is being very vocal on twitter opposing the movement. We could use some help dealing with this guy. I'm not sure how you guys do things, suggest targets or ops. We could really use anon's support in this movement. Thank you thank you for everything you guys do with WBC and the rest. Keep it up.
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    I guess i should add his name is Patrick Brazeau twitter: @The Brazman lol
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    Welcome new person.

    WWP does not support or condone illegal activities so you won't find a personal army here for your request about the Senator. This site is all about legal activism only.

    But I had a look at some of the Idle No More online presence, eg
    Interesting project. I'm impressed that dissenting opinion is not stifled. If you were to start a thread in Off Topic, or the Canadian forum, you may find some interest from among the site's user base. Good luck with aboriginal self-determination.
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    What's "First Nations"?

    (I'm not from north america)
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    Indigenous peoples.
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    I know that there are some people at WWP who have strong opinions in favor of Native American rights. I am.

    If Brazeau is vocal on twitter against #idlenomorethe solution is not to attack him personally. That is what the Scientology corporation would do, and it would just make idlenomore look like thugs. The solution is for idlenomore as a group to find reasoned logical arguments to defend itself and respond to the criticisms. Respond as loudly and as publicly as possible, posting to twitter, to relevant websites, and sending out news releases.

    If any of his criticisms are valid, which is not impossible, then regardless of who they came from, then idlenomore should acknowledge those valid points and find a way to change so as to become better and stronger.
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    This is good advice.

    Then legal avenues? If he's a Senator then presumably there's a code of behaviour and a complaints system that you could use?

    That's something we could assist with, if you'd like.

    Wasn't us. Was some other Anons whose methods many here disagree with. WBC are massive dicks, but the more free speech they have the better. That way everyone knows what massive arseholes they are.

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    Wait....his Twitter handle is "The Brazman"?
    lmao :D

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