[Sep 10, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Manchester, UK, M3 4BG)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. SwordofTruth Member

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  2. True Leveller Member

    do people think this will be an okay sign:


    or maybe "google search:" would be clearer? or are people not that retarded?
  3. Christfag Member

    Sounds epic, except I don't even know what train I'm getting, and I'm with 2 girls (and they're sisters, it's that hot) so I should be ok. As long as I'm not walking 16 miles.
  4. True Leveller Member

    pro tip: google maps and google street view are a life saver. The post code of where we meet is M3 3WR
  5. strobe Member

    ^ Yeah, it's much easier to get to the meet-up on Deansgate from Manc Victoria:

    Sadly, I think more people would know what to do given the word 'google' than the word 'search'. I think google alone should be fine.
  6. Profanity Member

    Camerafag and I can meet you at Victoria, if you like. Which time is best for you to meet up? 10.47am or 11.06am?
  7. Skinnies Member

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  8. strobe Member

    So basically, you're going to be late. :p
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  9. Christfag Member

    Sure, I'll be there earlier, so I can meet you whenever. EDIT: 10:35 to be more exact.
  10. Christfag Member

    When you have friends you don't need this "google maps".
  11. FRIEND!!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous is not your
  13. SwordofTruth Member

  14. theprofitlrh Member

    Yes it's hot, as long as they're not your sisters.
  15. Profanity Member

    Given that the Piccadillyfags don't leave until 11am, I'll probably still be early. :p

    Jesus, we'll be around the main entrance with masks likely in hand.
  16. EightMachine Member

  17. Fuckeye Member


    I'm calling it now: Gonna oversleep.
  18. Profanity Member

    I'm probably not going to sleep at all. Tempted to play Minecraft until the alarm goes off.
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  19. strobe Member

    O rly.
  20. True Leveller Member

    no point: 1.8 on monday :3
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  21. Christfag Member

    Right, so what time are you guys coming at?

    Shit, I forgot to make a sign D:
  22. strobe Member

    As it happens, due to fuck-ups beyond my control, I'll not get to picadilly till about ten to eleven now.
  23. Profanity Member


    His train thought it was ginger and stopped to have a little cry.
  24. strobe Member

    So should I be waiting for anyone else at picadilly? If not I'll be moving off in a couple of minutes
  25. cfanon Member

    Me and prof are at Victoria now
  26. cfanon Member

    Christfag where abouts are you?
  27. Profanity Member

    I told Skull you'd be at Piccadilly, but he didn't listen.

    Christfag, we're here and I just remembered there are four entrances. PM number plz?
  28. cfanon Member

    Gonna leave in 5 if chriatfag doesn't turn up or message.

    Scratch that, leaving now.
  29. Christfag Member

    Took a wrong train.
  30. cfanon Member

    Can you make your way here? If not pm your number to someone and we'll meet you
  31. Fuckeye Member

    Oops. Overslept. A lot. Again.

    I suck at this getting up on time thing lately.
  32. You play mine craft??
  33. Anonymous Member

    Fags, when are we raiding in septemberbeberberber???
  34. Skinnies Member

    Reading previous posts help.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Sorry was typo, i meant when are we in October??
  36. Fuckeye Member

    Second Saturday.
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  37. Christfag Member

    When/where do we find the photos?
  38. Fuckeye Member

    Post game thread, as and when posted. Will likely be linked from here.
  39. True Leveller Member

    where did u vanish to christfag?? and post game thread will be up later this evening with pics within the next few days (from novu anyway don't even bother waiting for camera fags -____-)
  40. Christfag Member

    My friend had to go, I did wave and shout, but I was across the street, sorry. :/

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