[Sep 24, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Durham_Anon1, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    I will be late for the protest because of this event, which I will be attending for a short period of time, then will head down afterwards. Any anons showing up, don't budge, I will be there soon.: [IMG]
  2. Intelligence Member

    I'll be at a different City ORG Protest on this date, but I am coming to Toronto
    on 15th/16th October. Do you Anons know what date your October Protest
    will be? I might be able to adjust my dates for October.

    Look forward to seeing you Anons:):):)

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  3. TorontosRoot Member

    Shucks! I might not be able to [gasp]attend this one[/gasp], cause of a gig that is happening on the same day as the image I embedded (which isn't showing up for unknown reasons again) is also what I was going to attend. I might forget the morning thing and head straight down, then i'll have to part with you guys by around 1:40pm in order to rush to the gig in parkdale (Queen-Lansdowne area), I feel screwed over cause of lack of the lulz, but when things happen, you must make sacrifices :( If I cannot attend, I will make a post saying so. so I won't be holding up hopes. I dislike it when I have stuff happening on the dates we have lulz @ the org.

    EDIT: Turns out i'll skip the 11am event, i'll be having some lulz up to 1:30pm. So that'll likely be an hour of it, wait, until 1:45pm. So I CAN attend fully and then, i'll have to rush over to the gig. I feel more relief now :eek:
  4. Durham_Anon1 Member

  5. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Lol last minute cancelations becoming way too common here. Any confirmed Anons still showing? Just so I'm not foreveralone on the curb of the org.
  6. Burn0nym0u5 Member

    Expect me brothers!

    BTW. There is something also being organised for Oct 15. Details soon.
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  7. Durham_Anon1 Member

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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    When I do arrive, it'll be close to 12pm. My time will be cut shout at 1:45/50pm due to a parkdale event that I must attend. At least I won't miss this one. Missing it would cut out the heart of my protesting vOVER9000 engine.
  9. Durham_Anon1 Member

    I hope to get another raid going close to Halloween if this one gets a better turnout.
  10. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Good question came up on Chanology thread. Are we doing this rain or shine? It poured today and I'm afraid if it repeats tomorrow will people still show? Gonna keep checking here tomorrow morning to see if everyone is still a go.
  11. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Tweeted today
  12. Burn0nym0u5 Member

    I'll be there rain or shine. I have some good spray for anyone who wants to protect posters from rain.
    As of now, it's calling for 20% rain in the morning/afternoon.

    /TorontosRoot: Anon organising @OccupyToronto

    Fuck. Got to be up in 3 hours...
  13. Burn0nym0u5 Member

    Oh yeah... just remembered. I can't bring my video camera. Anyone else care to document?
  14. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Weather looks ok so far. May need to leave my BB but I'll be bringing my iphone to record. I'll keep in touch with everyone on here. For who I've talked to no one wants to stay if it rains so we'll see what happens.
  15. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Grabbing the 10:50 train, see you all there
  16. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Police were already called when I showed up. There was some enturbulating in front of the org that didn't sit well.
  17. please do tell...
  18. Anonymous Member

    hope everyone is OK :)
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  19. Durham_Anon1 Member

    All is good. I hadn't arrived yet when the "incident" took place but from what I hear an anon tried to walk into the org, but they were also protesting right in front of the entrance lol. When I showed up they were talking to the police. I got everyone to relocate in front of the coffee shop, the officer came back over and was pretty much just telling us that we can't protest in front of their entrance and yell stuff at the scilons. He just said he doesn't want to have to come back again. I assured him he wouldn't need to as we would be staying here. We had no more incidents, a real good turnout and I can honestly say we left with empty bags. We handed out ALL our pamphlets and had a lot of public support.
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  20. Durham_Anon1 Member

    One lulzy moment was when Adam was talking to (I'm assuming) someone who worked at Ryerson. He apparently had a brief encounter with Co$ in the 80's. He listened to Adams story walked towards the org and came back smiling. He walked into the building and flipped them the bird and told them to go fuck themselves lol.
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  21. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Great ajob today Anons, special thanks to Adam for attending. I'd also like to thank all the Anons I rallied on Chanology 2.0. They had the harpoons manned before i even arrived.
  22. Durham_Anon1 Member

    And of course thanks for the WWP /b/ros for support on this event and offering support and advice.
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  23. Durham_Anon1 Member

    No tickets, fines, arrests or lawsuits. It was a great day :)
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Durham_Anon1 Member

    "great ajob! it's ame mario!"
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