Sept.4th: Osaka, "Comic Treasure" Post Game Report

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Trev6, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Trev6 Member

    Not much to report this time. Comic Treasure was a much smaller event than the Tokyo Comic Market, typically aimed at people who were too far away or didn't have the time to attend that event.

    Seeing as it was our debut at this event, I wasn't expecting much interest at all. Some friends from Comiket were kind enough to drop by and pick up a few copies, and around eight or ten strangers picked up a set of comics, with that many people again casually flipping through them. One person actually stopped and asked some questions about Scientology, wanting to know more about it as a cult, and we told a few facts before he went on his way.

    Originally I wanted to troll around the cosplay area with my GF mask, but I'm still a bit uneasy about it after media stupidity has made the mask more symbolic of AnonOps and Antisec than anything else. So I opted to keep it low key this time, and do the mask in Winter Comiket once things have cooled down a bit.

    Japanese comic is done, English version upcoming. The book will be up in both languages in PDF format on, just as soon as somebody can find out where Vir ran off to. :p

    PS: Also, not that many pictures to provide, since it's just us at the table. Already posted them in the other thread, but here they are again.


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  2. LocalSP Member

    Any time you can get the word out it's a good thing.
  3. BlooAnon Member

    I look forward to part 2!
  4. moarxenu Member

    Vir is still alive?
  5. Trev6 Member

    Fucking hope so. Been trying to reach him for forever, no dice.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Vir is Legend and so are Japananons
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. greebly Member

    Well done trev6
  9. amaX Member

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