Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by NoScope, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    That's the downside of anonymous and allowing others to be anonymous - ya always get some loudmouth jerkoff who hides behind the mask. In my experience these kind of folks are wimps in RL and can be safely ignored.

    Go away troll.
  2. Aeromie Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    As far as going to one of the "seminar" things I've been there. It is the most fucked up thing you will ever have done you in a sober state. They spend half an hour just making sure you know where the walls and the floor are. I went before the first raid (about 3 days before) and upon hearing about what happened on the local news I started to support. Thought I'd share with you the info that I have.
  3. Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    That was me.
    Because I am just tired of all of yall not doing sh*t and talking big.
    This isn't a game.
    End the cult. That's the point.
    NOT be chatty cathy's that don't actually do anything.
    I am not trying to discourage you. But inspire.
    You can do something. Back up your words. Make a difference. and this isn't to just you.

    NoScope informed me you were at a raid last week with him.
    So I rebuke partially what I said about just two people.
    The message is still clear. We need to do less chat and more activism.
  4. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Yes, I was there with noscope. I didn't see you there so, as far as I'm concerned, you lack the high ground to adopt the attitude you are showing.

    And before you go off on me for being new and not knowing how much you have participated in the past you should think about what I sent you in PM. That is, beating volunteers about the head and shoulders with a heavy stick is a demotivator.

    Some would say "what have you done lately?"
  5. Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    This isn't worth the argument.
  6. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Who's arguing? Not me. All I've done is point out a few things. I didn't come in here and insult the entire DFW contingent.


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