SF Raid Report

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  1. SF Raid Report

    Obviously, raid isn't done yet. But I left early (around 3:30)


    Had a good 40-ish people there at peak. No media coverage that I saw. We were divided into two main groups. The first group (smallest) was directly in front of the Scion building (Oh they LOVED that- as usual). Apparently there was some kind of event going on, so there was a lot of traffic in and out. They had clearly been warned not to talk to us, however. Which...fair enough. We played some fun Fair Game and OTIII highlights over and over on the radio and yelled facts about Scientology to traffic- traffic responded well. Definitely handed out solid number of brochures.

    The second group was out on a street corner- it was by far the largest group. Music, caek, etc. One incredibly stupid and immature fight broke out between two members who clearly need to stay the hell away from raids. They left quickly- no police involvement thank god. But otherwise people were awesome- high energy. Lots of great response from cars driving (and honking!) by.

    Still, numbers are obviously very much down since last year. Anon needs some new gimmicks to keep us in the spotlight. CoS obviously figured out that the more they fought back, the more favors they were doing for us (a totally new phenomenon for them!)

    But that's for discussion later. For now....Happy Fucking Birthday Anon! Good job!

    No pics or vids from me, but I'm sure they'll start trickling in!
  2. moarxenu Member

    Re: SF Raid Report

    Raid Report #2, no pix yet:

    Post-raid report: Sanfagcisco, February 14, 2009

    I arrived at 1:00 PM and there were about 20 fags there doing our usual Anon singing, dancing, and trolling Scientology About 30 other fags were raiding another event. I didn't see any scilons. We got a lot of honks.

    The flags were there for the first time in a couple of months cuz the keeper had been sick. It was great to see the White Rose Anon, Project Chanology Mudkip, and US flags back in action.. Chanology flag drew the most attention. I woman I spoke with said she loved mudkips, and asked why we had a mudkip flag, and what is Chanology. So I explained about image boards and what we are up to. Another guy knew about image boards and 4chan. He beamed when I told him how the oldfags went to war to dismantle the cult.

    I saw one woman through the window of a car reading the flag and mouthing the words, "Pro-ject Chan-o-lo-gy." lol. Another guy who works across the street from teh org told me he loves to see us being lively and having a great time trolling Scinetology.

    I have found my groove as a raider. I sling a flag over my shoulder hand out fliers and talk to people. A lot of people know about Scientology from South Park, but don't know about the Sea Org abuses. I had a long talk with an Iranian guy who works nearby. I told him Iranians in LA were becoming Scientologists. He was shocked and enturbulated. I gave him mah email for moar information.

    In the mid-afternoon we were excited to have a visit from twenty zombies staggering around with wounds and blood. In the Fall, about a hundred zombies had joined us at our raid.

    The great Dr. Lilly von Marcab was there and told me the story of an epic trolling op on MySpace. An anon posed as a scilon and got thousands of scilons revved up and then blew the op open for lulz and epic win.

    Nao, the thirty other fags were at an event by KFOG, the Bay Area's biggest and most beloved rock station. In May they have the KFog Kaboom concert with fireworks at the foot of the Bay Bridge that crosses from San Francisco to Berkeley. It draws 350,000 people. Today they were having a smaller event on the Embarcadero, a corniche a few blocks from teh org which runs along the bay, which drew at least several thousands of people.

    At 6:00 pm fags are returning to the same area for the Valentine's Day pillow fight in the same area. That's it for nao.

    Anon delivers.
    Anon will prevail.
  3. tendervittles Member

    Re: SF Raid Report

    Yep, but it was Faecesbook, not MySpazz!

    here's a couple of the pixies!



  4. webkilla Member

    Re: SF Raid Report

    good numbers - good trolling - what else can a simple anon ask for?
  5. AnonLenore Member

    Re: SF Raid Report


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