Sheila Huber speaks out

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Strong Strength, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    Moar vids plox??

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  2. Zhent Member

    I actually filmed Shelia a couple of years ago at a rand, where she did an excellent job of speaking her story directly to the scilons. It is somewhere on my Vimeo account if you want to go digging for moar Shelia video.
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  3. AnonLover Member

    Thx - that was an excellent vid. I was looking for it on youtube and began to think i had imagined it.
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  4. Zhent Member

    You actually did find it? At the moment I am too lazy to look, but I never uploaded it youtube, only vimeo.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Could you post a link please? I would like to see also.
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  6. AnonLover Member

    I'm still looking, but i was searching the tubes for it (forgot Zhent was he who did it) when the chifags released their initial GottaBrain vid :/
  7. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous delivers:

    16:36 to 26:17 (end)

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  8. AnonLover Member

    Any chance of a vidfag splicing out just the Sheila part for me? I'd like to compile a playlist on my youtube channel that combines this with her news media coverage & chitown interviews, for harpooning into various venues.

    I can upload to my tube channel if need be, but I no longer have vid editing tools readily loaded to extract the 10mins or so I'm interested in. TIA!
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  9. Part 3: Celebrity Stories
    This video section features Sheila recollecting some funny tales about her encounters with celebrities inside Scientology.

    Main sections:
    0:10 - Meeting Priscilla Presley
    1:45 - An ethics situation
    3:18 - "The Kid"
    4:01 - Eavesdropping
    6:16 - Grace in an awkward situation
    7:56 - Lisa Marie's marriage
    11:33 - Karen Black whips it out
    14:23 - Miscellaneous celebrity bits
    15:07 - AOLA's environment at the time
    17:43 - More miscellaneous celebrity bits
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I might be able to help if you don't mind the video quality taking a minor hit. Let me send you a PM with more info.
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  11. AnonLover Member

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  12. Part 4: The Anti-Child Sea Org
    This video section briefly covers the child care situation in the Advanced Org, the views of Scientology upper management about Sea Org kids, and the origins of the Sea Org's policy against having children, which was ultimately responsible for the coerced abortions within the organization.

    Main parts:
    0:10 - Working for the staff
    1:30 - The survey
    3:51 - Mounting pressure
    5:00 - An idea
    8:44 - A lightened load
    10:23 - Other orgs join in
    12:31 - The official order
    13:48 - Coercing abortions
    15:05 - Total child care failure
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  13. Herro Member


    (not hot, didn't watch)
  14. Anonymous Member

    However cruel the no-children in the seaorg policy is, at least it prevents harm from coming to more innocent children.

    People whose minds are too weak to escape from the seaorg, and who put the company's profits above their own basic well-being, and above the mental and physical health of their own babies, should not be having kids. Such people are not mature enough to take full parental responsibility. Add to that that people in the seaorg marry as teenagers, and they are definitely unprepared to take responsibility for a child.
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  15. Herro Member

    Don't they have that sea org cadets thing? Like sea org for kids? Is that separate from the rest of the sea org?
  16. Anonymous Member

    You clearly have not watched the video.
  17. Herro Member

    I think i made that clear when i said "not hot; didn't watch."
  18. Anonymous Member

    You clearly have not see Herro's avatar.
  19. Anonymous Member

    You're assuming that abortion doesn't harm innocent children.
  20. Anonymous Member

    You're right, abortion does not harm children.
  21. Herro Member

    ABORTION FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Enturbulette Member

    Please NO more apologies about the story being heavy or dark. It is what it is and has to be accurately told. People can take the truth and should not be coddled nor should anything be whitewashed.

    I am particularly impressed with the road to recovery after getting out. Calling in a favor as well as literally showing up on a doorstep and hoping for compassion shows such a resiliency after the mistreatment that was experienced. And being able to return and fit into a normal work situation to me is amazing after all the crazee. I think it is so very important for people inside to realize and understand they can make their way on the outside with this as an admirable example. Such a moving and important story of endurance and tenacity.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. AnonLover Member

    A full topical index (slightly copyedited), of everything we've gotten so far in this excellent video series from our ohhhh soooo awesome Chifags.

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  25. AnonLover Member

    <3 Note to SS: How about giving us some upcoming installment tease action... what's the next couple of titles gonna be?

    Also - Mwah!!! Methinks Part 4 is the best one yet and well worth the wait! Mai patience feels well rewarded ;)

    <3<3<3 U guise & GottaBrain too!
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  26. I'll go more than just titles, I'll give you descriptions too. (Spoiler alert - I wrote the following in a hidden text color to hide it in case anyone doesn't wanna know yet. Highlight the following text area to reveal the words.)

    Part 5: On the "Tech" - some personal thoughts about the completion of OT3 and its disturbing meanings & implications. Possibly a funny side story too.
    Part 6: The Sea Org Serial Killer - meeting some psycho who not only was accepted into the Sea Org, but was getting backslaps and kudos like crazy, right up until the bubble burst...
    Part 7: Disappearing Cash and the Fate of Al Crivello - how some sweet old man was scapegoated for the sudden disappearance of a mountain of AOLA's money, and what became of him.

    I think they're roughly 20 mins. each.
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  27. AnonLover Member

  28. L. Ron Hubbard: "Theta Clearing provides pregnancy termination will.....Now...a girl can take a couple beams of energy, just move out back of her head and take a couple beams of energy and terminate a pregnancy........nothing wild or forceful or upsetting or anything...........something like birth control sitting right there in Theta-Clearing."..........


    Clearly the 'tech' advanced from its original reports of LRH using his hands-on approach with a primitive coat-hanger type medical device in his own personal abortion fights with his pregnant wife.

    He was a great humanitarian and all and so on and so forth.............
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  29. Gottabrain Member

    Thank you again, SS, for a terrific job getting these vids done and out. :)
    Oh look, Herro was here. :eek:

    I'd like to clarify one thing here, about asking the staff to put off pregnancies for a year:
    At the time, I thought I had beaten the system, that I'd gotten a jump on whatever horrible thing CMO had in mind by starting a one year pilot that was a completely voluntary. The staff were so confused by the idea of making their own decision on something important, but they adjusted to it soon enough. How wonderful it would have been if mgmt took this as evidence of how successful things would be if staff weren't abused and forced to do every which thing. It was, unfortunately, the last truly voluntary program to exist in the SO.

    Pilots were never interrupted, so I thought it would give us a safe year to try one last-ditch effort to restore some sanity into the child care scene on our own before mgmt took over. This was the first time ever that a pilot had been cut short.

    When it became an official order by ED INT afterward, I felt terrible that those that had waited to have children would no longer have the opportunity. But then again, I was glad that more kids weren't being born into the cult and raised there. The coerced abortions after I left hit me by surprise. How low can you go, Scientology?

    I thought about those children all the years I was out, wondered how they were doing, if they needed any help. It was so nice when was up as a website for them to tell their stories. I even found a few there that had been in my original nursery and they were doing okay. It was good they finally had a safe place to work through some of the experiences they had there.

    Thank you all for your kind comments on my resourcefulness. My baby was going to be safe, and I would have gone to the Catholic Church or Salvation Army or just about anywhere, but there was no way he was going to be on the streets or unsafe once we finally got out, after all that effort.

    And he's a terrific young man, too. He doesn't want anything to do with Scn, doesn't even want his name connected with it for those early years he was there. That's perfectly fine with me and I understand. After all, he was never there by choice. Clearly, if he'd been given the choice, he would never have been there at all.
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  30. Part 5: On the "Tech"
    This video section covers some of Sheila's experiences with Scientology teachings, including the lower-level training routines and top-secret OT3 information. She shares some funny stories and reflects on implications of the Scientology doctrine.

    Main parts:
    0:10 - Training Routine Zero
    0:58 - Altered mental states
    1:39 - Blinkless TR's
    2:44 - OT3 sci-fi
    4:20 - "It was really evil"
    5:27 - Anti-Christianity
    6:13 - Miscellaneous additions
    8:20 - Wanting to be done with OT3
    9:08 - Top secret content
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  31. AnonLover Member

    ~blown. away.

    May ceiling cat forever smile on you glorious bastards.
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  32. Gottabrain Member

    THANKS SS!!!! :) Nice vid and sound quality on this one.

    At the very beginning of the vid, I was talking about the people sent to Flag (Florida) to do the "TRs pilot", sitting on OT TRO and TRO for a year or so without getting a pass. That was in 1982.

    Funny, after loads of talk on ESMB I found people ran every which thing as "Body Thetans" on OT3. Reading it was such a letdown for me but the biggest eye-opener to the scam of Scientology. For years I looked forward to finding out the secret of OT3, but it proved nothing more than the fact L Ron was just a science fiction writer.

    I wonder how detrimental it could be to a person to run something from the imagination as if it is real. Seems many Scientologists were never able to separate reality from imagination afterwards.

    As a kid, I had a huge imagination. My favorite books were "Grimm's Fairy Tales", sci-fi and fantasy. I wanted it to be real. I wanted to save everyone, I had issues as a teenager and book fantasies had been my escape. I got stuck in the whole idealism of Clearing the Planet. But OT-3? Xenu and frozen beings stuck to each other? No. There are limits to gullibility. And by then, I was no longer a child.

    The "Silent Snow Secret Snow" episode by Rod Serling shows what happens when one gets stuck in their own make-believe world and shuts out the real world behind them and what happened to me. If you can understand that mindset, you can understand the mindset of a Scientologist, voodooist, astrologist or any other cultist. Coaxing a person out of that personal, private, escapism world is the key to recovery. When someone has gone way down the path of treating imagination as reality, like in OT3, some of them might be too far gone. That, more than anything else, scared me about OT3. I didn't want to do that to myself.
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  33. Zhent Member

    I still have the raw files in case you are interested...
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  34. Part 6: The Sea Org Serial Killer
    In this section, Sheila relates a disturbing and (in hindsight) funny story about how a serial killer was admitted into the Sea Org and was rapidly rising up the ladder until the bubble burst.

    Main parts:
    0:10 - The hot recruit
    2:11 - Letters out
    5:18 - Psycho goes on a date
    6:54 - Stats being investigated
    8:55 - A not-so-secret trick
    10:26 - Safe on the RPF
    12:05 - Psycho cleared for Int Base
    12:51 - Tracked down through the car
    13:53 - Police raid
    14:52 - Stealing habits discovered
    15:45 - Additional thoughts
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  35. Anonymous Member

    These stories are priceless. Much better than Norman Starky's stories on tubby.
  36. jensting Member

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  37. DeathHamster Member

    During the raid for Shay, I wonder if any panic shredding happened? (Helicopters, probably enough police to try to establish a parameter around the building, teams to go in and fetch him. CoS security was probably shitting themselves.)

    I do wonder what would have happened if he'd made it to Int. Eventually he would have been caught out-ethics for false stats or theft and sent to the RPF. An amusing thought, but it probably would have ended messy. (Or worse yet, someone like Miscavige could have found him useful.)
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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    What did you expect from someone named Mike O SH--
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  40. Scientology should have used Rick O'Shay to deflect this shitstorm........

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