Ship to Shore: November 10th 1968 Apollo tape found - The Andy Daly Podcast

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    Recorded live, November 10th, 1968 aboard the Sea Org Flagship, The Royal Scotsman, this is Ship To Shore with “The Commodore,” L. Ron Hubbard. LRH is joined by some of his most trusted advisors like Marion Grapes, Heidi Corporate and Jules McManon, for important updates about the goings on in the church. We learn about everyone’s past lives, and how a treasure hunt through time has been going. Then, they all play a rousing game of “Stump The Clear”, and Martin Margotdale, skeptic and magician, tires to debate The Commodore. Finally, the group puts on a radio play of one of L. Ron’s greatest works. NOTE: This pilot is not for suppressive persons!


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