Shohre and Channel 1 Destroying the cause

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Dear All,

    I just saw a clip of Shohre screaming about the fact that Googosh did not show up in demonstration.
    This was very disturbing for me as it clearly portrayed the role of Iranian Satellite channels in
    keeping the Iranian people stupid and causing tensions between them.

    The screaming escapade of a jealous singer, Shohre, was given full air time and the TV interviewer
    even promoted this. We Iranians need to be united in one movement and any person
    creating a split and tensions is promoting the cause of a corrupt government and not the
    Iranian people.

    I suggest that the Channel 1 interviewer apologizes to the Iranian people because his TV channel promoted the personal vengeance attack of one singer. I know many Iranian singers personally, through family ties, and I know that they are not at all interested in isolating or attacking Googoosh.

    Googoosh has spent a large part of her life in Iran and lived through Hell during her forced residence in Iran. She was locked in her house and completely isolated for many years while this screaming
    singer was living freely in the West.

    Googoosh decided to protest in her own way and did not choose a public venue. I am sure this was
    because of respect towards the young people demonstrating in Iran. She did not want to steal their
    limelight nor did she want to give the Iranian government the excuse to suppress Iran's people by claiming that this revolution was fabricated by Western governments.

    Googoosh will always remain close to the hearts of Iranians and I respect her personal decisions
    on how she lives her life. This tirade in Channel 1 was embarrassing to say the least and an
    affront to anyone with a little intelligence. Please stop this kind of programming as it is cheap.

    I would be grateful if Channel 1 apologizes to the Iranian people. I also suggest that the interviewer
    should play an intermediary role and invite all singers, including Googoosh, to a neutral
    venue with no commercial ties. It should not just be a Channel 1 venue but rather a venue broadcast by all persian channels.

    I dare Channel 1 to post this comment on their TV. It will be posted in all TV channels in case they
    don't adhere to proper journalism and TV ethics.

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