Should we raid NXIVM?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Should we raid NXIVM?

    Ex-NXIVM student: 'I think it's a cult' - Times Union

    There was another thread someone else made on this group, which I just found but seems to have been ignored. Some very interesting potential Co$ connections with this group. His language is strikingly similar or identicial to Hubbard's cult, having intensives and whatnot. They're also organized in pretty much the same manner and appear to be operating the same scheme. ""EMs" -- short for a NXIVM tool called exploration of meaning -- were one-on-one question-and-answer sessions in which a higher ranking NXIVM official queries a subordinate member, sometimes for a charge. The talks are supposed to help the less advanced student deal with a conflict. Friedman had received about 100. Her husband had found articles describing such sessions as manipulative.

    Indeed, Rick Ross, a New Jersey-based cult tracker sued by NXIVM for trade secrets violations because he exposed some of its techniques and posted critiques by a psychologist and a psychiatrist, said the EMs are similar to auditing done in Scientology. They can be manipulated depending on the questions asked, he claimed.

    The local press has them in their sights, and I've had much lulz many a morning reading those articles. Nothing like the smell of the media torching a cult in the morning, you know? I also found this Saratoga politics: Does NXIVM have plans for Saratoga Springs? which looks like perhaps one of us is already on it, perhaps in addition to

    tl;dr NXIVM is a cult with potentially many sci connections, but regardless it'd be fun to raid them thereby also creating higher visibility for the $cientology issue. We could get it reported that Anonymous is protesting NXIVM, and the media would then have to outline that "the group has previously led an assault against Scientology, citing similar problems" yadda yadda you get the picture.
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    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    Not the target.
    There are a million fucked up cults in this country.
    Not the target.
  3. abbyabby Member

    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    True, but not all cults are run by the smartest man in the world (according to the PR 240 IQ) and have heiress such as the Bronfman girl's from the Seagrams fortune to fund them.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    we're a lazer, not a shotgun.
    One thing at a time lads.
  5. xoixoi1 Member

    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    Hear hear. One target at a time.
  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    So many cults, so little time.
    Let's stick with bringing down COS.
    But of course you are free to work on whatever you want.

    One cult, two cults, three cults four
    It's up to you, if you want to do moar
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Should we raid NXIVM?

    ^^^^ Disturbing pic is disturbing.

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