Should we separate (but still challenge) Ephebophilia and Hebephilia from Pedophilia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PickANumber, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. PickANumber Member

    I should begin my saying that no matter what you call it, I am supporting the fight against it.

    The terms are basically separated by the age groups for which a creep lusts.

    I'm thinking that specific labels help people describe what is happening.

    I would imagine more creeps are Ephebophiles than pedophiles. When the victim is 15 or 16 or 17, I suspect law enforcement sometimes looks the other way by wrongly assuming the crime isn't like the creep was with a five year old (as a pedophile would be). Example: Roman Polanski and how too many elite people still love him.

    Should be draw awareness to the labels so that creeps cannot hide behind an excuse of liking the child not of the pedo variety?
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    They choose different victims. They are all pedophiles. "Creepy" doesn't describe it. "Criminal" is better. Or "rapist" Not "creepy".
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don't "Challenge" we help "arrest" and help "convict"
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  5. When a person takes advantage of a vulnerability be it a psycho-social-emotional immaturity or any other such as age or authority they become a predator, period. Predator-prey. The predator never thinks of the wellbeing of its prey, only the immediate need. There will always be a spectrum of disorder in any deviant or sub-deviant behavior. But do not forget that wherever a deviant falls on a scale it is still in the classification of deviant. When discussing sexual predators consent is never an argument because the relationship has begun already BECAUSE there is little possibility of the prey having even playing ground, ie the ability to defend. These people are deviant because the foundation of their behavior begins with taking advantage and violating the freedoms of the victim. It is currently being discussed to include ephebophilia in DSM-V. I will personally continue to fight for greater ease in prosecuting these creeps. In the meantime, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Look hard enough and you can find more than one prosecutable offense. So this is what we do now. Be relentless in our pursuit of prosecution. Good always prevails.
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Agreed. Separating the victims into categories leads to making one category "less of a crime" than others. IMHO the only people who are pushing for these distinctions are pedophiles or enablers.
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  7. Random guy Member

    You need to separate between paedophilia as a legal therm and as a medical term. Medically it makes sense to separate them, legally I'm not sure if it is a good idea.
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  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Suggesting violence will get you banned. Please refrain.
  9. John Duff Member

    As long as a person who reached puberty does this stuff with someone who didn't, I'd consider this a bad thing.

    In the other cases, I'd consider that it's not my problem as a human being anymore. It's not my job to decide who has the right to mate with whom.
    If both people are able to reproduce and are willing to do it, viewing this as pedophilia becomes more a cultural issue (in the other cases it's either rape, or pedophilia) :
    1. A 80 years old man has sex with a 21 years old girl. Is it OK ? Approved by our society
    2. A 30 years old man has sex with a 17 years old girl. Is it OK ? Not approved by our society
    3. Two 15 years old people have sex together. Is it OK ? Meh, but we let it go
    4. A 15 years old boy gets laid with a 40 years old woman. Is it still pedophilia ? Even if it was the boy's decision ? Approved by our society (dat cougar ! dat lucky boy!) (Do we even consider that 15 years old people can make a real decision ? Short answer : no, you're considered dumb until you reach your 18 years. Is it fair ? Short answer : no, some people are mature at 15, some still aren't at 80)
    5. A 15 years old girl gets laid with a 40 years old man. Not approved by our society (dat rapist ! dat poor girl !)
    6. What if a 18 years old girl has sex with a 17 years old boy ? Meh, but we let it go
    7. Take these examples and switch boys and girls. Which of them are not OK anymore ?
    8. What if it was the young person's decision to have sex ?
    Not everybody feels the same about these categories.
    Some people don't see any difference.
    Some others are OK with one or more category, but not the others etc.
    In some countries, it's legal. In other coutries, it's not.

    Between the age of puberty, the age of legal majority, the sex of the people involved, the country's laws, things get really complicated (and partial, see examples 4 and 5).
    What a complicated mess.

    The only thing that I'm sure about all this is the first sentence of this post.
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The problem with teenagers is as you describe. I don't know the answer but IMHO ages 14-17 should be lawful and left alone.
    The question of female pedophiles and male victims: if you think this is ok then you haven't observed the life of one of these children. You should- they don't get the fumbling exciting experience of exploring sex with an equal. They also don't get the emotional context of sex with an equal.they leave that relationship altered - they have a very hard time having a relationship ( not just sex) with an equal. If they stay in that relationship they are never an equal and they miss the independence that children learn. Read ' lolita' and change the sexes in your mind. That girl learns to lose to him in tennis- think of what that means in life.

    f it were a male 40 year old and a male 15 year old you could see the problem.
    Laws differ, situations differ, it can appear be unclear . The problem with pedophiles and consent- male pedophiles with female victims usually take the time to manipulate/ groom them and so the girl thinks it was her choice. Male pedophiles with boy victims are more likely to be violent, but even with grooming the boy thinks it was his choice.
    It's not clear. ThTs why we have trials.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Biology says there's a difference between prepubescent and postpubescent. Social mores and artificial laws say there's still no difference until some arbitrary -- and varying by location -- age. What to do about the age in between the natural transition and the societal transition is a bit tricky, as John Duff illuminated. There is room for debate, IMO.
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This is why we have trials. Because you're right, you have to look at circumstances.the idea that we use pedophile terms - not me.
  13. As a mother of a 15 yr old n 13 yr old son I was well aware that my 15 yr old was being groomed by a sick 50 yr old. I personally let him know the only thing I will request is a jury of my peers. Sick & twisted. Unacceptable behaviour. Also I signed petion for chemical castration for those who would leave it up to the courys after the child is ruined. Again I know what I would do. And I would not hesitate.
  14. meep meep Member

    Children aren't ruined when they are raped. The rest I agree.

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