Should we write letters to other scientific/skeptic orgs?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonAnonodd, Feb 6, 2008.


Should we write letters to scientific/skeptic organizations?

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  1. Should we write letters to other scientific/skeptic orgs?

    The very name of scientology lends credibility to the organization just because it contains some variation of the word "science." I was thinking, if we got some reputable scientific organizations, to petition them to make an official statement like "scientology != science, we are scientists we say so." A few places I have thought about writing to include the James Randi Education foundation (Skeptic's organization).

    Another (perhaps less likely) place could be the American Chemical Society Office of Legislation and Government Affairs:

    This place usually deals with the government's policy on science education, but I think they might take umbrage to scientology's tax evasion techniques.

    Also, as evidenced by this thread: organization

    a psychiatry organization might have a thing or two to say about scientiology and the harm it might have done to members like Lisa McPherson.

    Let me know if any of you think this is a good idea. I think getting a reputable organization to back your claims that scientology, either the organization or belief structure, is a load of crap, can do some good. On the other hand, if no one thinks they will really do anything, I won't waste my time writing letters to them, and I'll just stick with writing to senator/congress.
  2. Anon414141 Member

    Wikipedia's "Be Bold" policy applies here. If you think it will help the anti-cos movement, then just do it, no need to ask permission.
  3. I also thought it would be worth it to spread the word to get more than one. The "we are legion" idea should also apply.
  4. Very yes. Getting anyone in the scientific community in on this would be fantastic.

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