Show them what they deserve

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Top Grunge, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Top Grunge Member

    Show them what they deserve

    This whole thing is because we called out Ollie, or OSA response to Germany, or something. Point is they violated laws to remove videos from youtube fraudulantly, with a team of many (to take down so many so fast). So let's show them that trying to silence critics makes us louder, with media. Blatant abuses of free speech here. This shows the world 'this is why'.

    Contact News sites that have been our friend in the past that are likely to run with it, feel free to add more newsites as you see fit, or with something like Gregg's master email list.


    keep growing the list, I gotta go!
  2. Flynn Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    -Village Voice
  3. Daywatch Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    oops did I say that
  4. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    Actually, we should fuckin' feed Ollie to the chans. They probably shut down their vids, too.
  5. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    If you have screencaps of this bullshit PLZZ compile it into a video NAO
    Let the wog world know of the shenanigans taking place!
  6. Fear Not Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    Would You Tube be able to trace it to make sure it is Oliver Schaper?
    I know it certainly looks like it, but would like to be sure it's not a ruse.

    Now I'm seeing DCMA complaints from:

    American Rights Counsel LLC
    Dr. Oliver Schaper
    The Schaper Company, Inc
    Media House Enterprises, Inc
  7. Re: Show them what they deserve

    The bottom three are definitely Oschaper, and judging by the Ollie-telltale illiterate use of counsel instead of council, my bet is the top one is too.

    Ever since his account was suspended last week, he's been hard at work doing the fraudulent copyright claim thing and trolling youtube under various guises.

    Of course, he could have had help with the last round, judging by the sheer volume of fraudulent copyright claims in such a short period of time.
  8. Re: Show them what they deserve

    Part of our revenge can be a shitload of fresh uploads, on youtube and on other videosharing websites. Don't forget about sites like vimeo, metacafe,, dailymotion etc

    A lot of the child labor news reports were taken down, this could be another reason to spread the story of both the censorship and the child labor to media outlets.
  9. mrfyde Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    The message that who ever (namely Ollie) was messing around with the tubes made things worse MUST BE MADE CLEAR. Granted they are having a bad week already with Cafe Coffee and Germany with tommy davis being compaired to a drug dealer and all but that is no excuse.

    They actually got off easy - the last time they took down XenuTV the video "Scientology crazy followers" got over 1million views. And then there was that Tom Cruise video that was like <POW!>
  10. The Shadow Member

    Re: Show them what they deserve

    You left out 'ContentFactory America, Inc'

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