Showbiz 411: Jett Travolta Foundation: 10 Percent Goes to Scientology

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by mongrel, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. mongrel Member

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  2. AnonLover Member

    This amuses me.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't say how much went towards spray-paint
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  4. Anonymous Member

    what only 10%
  5. Anonymous Member

    The rest goes to staff Scientology training and auditing.
  6. Triumph Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Great research, Triumph. To be noted is the fact that the article about Travolta is by Roger Friedmann, who used to do Hollywood reporting for FoxNews. He has long been anti-cult. Show him the love in the comments section to the article before scilons get there.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Only 10%, this is cheap for scientology. ^^
  9. i'mglib Member

    $2500 goes to help buy off the local sheriff.

    Sounds familiar. Just like Sheriff Lee Baca in California, the guy who showed up at the LA idle org opening, and head of the sheriff's office that arrested Daniel Montalvo.
  10. Triumph Member

    Radar Online pick up the story
    Jett Travolta Foundation donates thousands to Scientology
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  11. lol
    i wonder how that's sitting with the dwarf?
  12. Triumph Member

  13. Herro Member

    Really? I thought you were smarter than that :(
  14. Triumph Member

    Daily Mail
    John Travolta donates thousands from late son's foundation to Scientology,' according to reports
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

  16. xenubarb Member

    oh gawd, do you EVER STFU? Gettin real tired of you and your stupid trolling.
  17. RightOn Member

    I thought the Heroe's Health Fund was just renamed recently?
    His "donation" (well other peoples donations that is) was dated 3/23/10
    Is it typical to list just the current name of an organization? Or should it be listed as the new name and include it's former name of the organization when the donation was made?
    Or does it matter? I think it is important that people know what the former name was. Since the title was ALL About the detox program.

    If I gave to this "fund" I would be miffed that the money went to some of the places it went!
    Ocala Police Youth Program? Detox program? Farm Safety 4 Kids? WTF is that anyways? Ocala's Sheriff's Foundation?
    What is the mission statement for his charity anyways?
    Talk about being deceitful!

    Hey John! it's just a continuation of the smoke and mirrors/dog and pony show you got going along with the rest of your fake ass life. hmmm?
    For the greater good? He makes me sick.
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  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. RightOn Member

    Mission statement from the Website:

    The Jett Travolta Foundation is a charitable organization recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Jett Travolta Foundation shall endeavor to use its resources specifically to assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavior learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.

    It may also use its resources, and make grants to (a) educate the public about the need for a clean environment; (b)provide relief and assistance to children who are victims of natural or man-made disasters; and (c) provide grief counseling relating to the loss of a family member or other tragedy.

    The Charitable Foundation may also use its resources, and make grants, for such other charitable, literary and educational purposes as the Charitable Foundation determines from time to time. The assets of the Charitable Foundation shall be held and administered by the Charitable Foundation exclusively for such purposes.

    Annual distributions of income and/or principal shall be paid, applied, used and/or distributed in furtherance of one or more of these purposes in such amounts and proportions as the Charitable Foundation shall determine.

    Check or money orders can be made out to: Jett Travolta Foundation, Inc.

    Jett Travolta Foundation, Inc.
    16161 Ventura Blvd. Suite C
    PMB 390
    Encino, CA 91436

    First it reads that it will use it's resources SPECIFICALLY to assist and provide relief to children..... ect...
    then it adds and also, and also... to cover their asses I suppose?

    But I'm sorry, where does it say it will give money to firefighters, cops and veterans to go through the Purif? And or give to the Heroe's Fund?
    Where does it say it will give money to the sheriff's office foundation?
    For a charity that is supposed to be all about kids, it certainly is giving a lot of moolah to "older folks" and folks who have nothing to do with the charity

    And what type of "grief counseling" are they offering and by whom? hmmmm
    So in other words, they give money to COS, and they can help children with grief?
    wow ok

    So is Travolta exploiting his son's death to collect money for COS?
    Yes or No? Your opinion?
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  20. Triumph Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if you wrote them and you asked them what would they suggest for greif counseling, learning impairmanets and other educational needs?
    Someone should try
  22. Herro Member

    I have never trolled once in my entire life.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jett Travolta Foundation Donating More Money to Scientology Organizations | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman, June 20, 2013

    It’s no surprise, and I’ve written about it before: but John Travolta and Kelly Preston are continuing to donate tax free money from the non profit charity they started for their late son to Scientology. Of course, this is a little strange since Scientology’s beliefs may be what cost Jett Travolta his life, in the end. For years until the day Jett died the Travoltas insisted Jett was not autistic but suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. He was not treated for autism as Scientology doesn’t allow treatment of mental or brain issues. Jett’s “manny” when he died wasn’t a trained nurse but a wedding photographer.

    Nevertheless, the Travoltas remain devoted to the cause. According to the website for the foundation,, contributions have been made in 2013 to several different places. But one of them is Scientology’s questionable group in Haiti that’s recruiting poor people. And the other is the group that performs bogus “detoxification.”

    Continued at
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