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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by kato86, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. kato86 Member

    According Mousavi's own twitter feed the following websites are fake.

    These websites claim to be by Mousavi, and ask users to SMS message a specified number to receive 'updates'. At the very least, they're spreading disinformation. At worst, they're a government sting operation to collect the mobile numbers and contact information of unknowing Mousavi supporters.

    I call on Anonymous to do all within its power to shut down these sites.
  2. Geraldanthro Member


    We need confirmation.
    Cannot act without conclusive proof.


  3. kato86 Member

    Here is a link to Mousavi's twitter feed:

    MirHossein Mousavi (mousavi1388) on Twitter

    Check any major media site for confirmation that this is indeed Mousavi's own twitter feed. Next, if you don't speak persian use to go read those websites I mention. I think that's confirmation enough.

    Correction: It's not Mousavi's own twitter feed but that of a longtime supporter. Read item #4 on this NY Times link.
  4. Sol Mann Member

    Still unconfirmed.

  5. seems pretty confirmed to me also the stuff on those websites seems pretty bullshitty to me
  6. whois record is surprising - Texas. someone wanna call that number? shows the same name - Ali Behzadian Nejad - but a location in Tehran. Apparently hosted in US also.

    (Asked about

    created: 26-Mar-2009
    last-changed: 25-Apr-2009
    registration-expiration: 26-Mar-2010
    registrant-firstname: Hassan
    registrant-lastname: Behzadian Nejad
    registrant-street1: 11623 Rustic Rock DR
    registrant-pcode: 78750
    registrant-state: TX
    registrant-city: Austin
    registrant-ccode: US
    registrant-phone: 1.5117611125
  7. I tried to call the number, but it doesn't seem to work.
  8. there is a rumor here that these sites are fake. but as long as one of them is filtered and the other one has no misguiding information, I can't say they're fake.
    anyone can check if these sites are security threat or not? (codes,spywares,...?)
  9. Registrant Search: "Hassan Behzadian Nejad" owns about 74 other domains
    Email Search: is associated with about 1,802,459 domains is associated with about 26 domains
    Registrar History: 1 registrar
    NS History: 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.
    IP History: 2 changes on 3 unique name servers over 0 years.
    Whois History: 7 records have been archived since 2009-01-18.

    says here he has about 26 domains so god knows how many scam sites are up.
  10. baghalizer Member

  11. These sites are fake. Do not use them. It has been said that they are attempting to spread misinformation and gather information on protesters for retaliation.
  12. Disregard that. Newfag here.
  13. Vir

    Delisting requests have been sent to relevant abuse departments.
  14. The gateway for this site


    outer|switch|broadband router|WAP|specialized

    Running (JUST GUESSING) : Cisco IOS 12.X|11.X (97%), Cisco CatOS (93%)

    A fairly unsurprising list of services running.

    I am not a CCIE maybe someone else is, maybe it gets hit by a rock. I hear it's nuts over there, anything might happen.
  15. May only be accepting connections from IPs allocated to Iran's telecom now. 403'd
  16. is still 403'd if it's only accepting traffic from Iranian IPs then the only way to take it down might be with the gateway at iirc. Anyone have that ssh nuke from The Matrix movies?
  17. I'am not a faker and our site is not a fake site


    I am administrator of

    My site is not a fake site!
    Please read my blog post @ and inform 1and1

    best wishes
  18. Vee Member

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