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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anew, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. anew Member


    We are a group of individuals traveling to promote an alternative lifestyle and to build a network of like-minded individuals in order to help people establish complete self-suffiency within their communities. We are seeking people of all trades; including: art, music, sciences, technology, mechanics, medicals, transportation, construction, and more.

    Our immediate plans are to leave Ashville in mid-December. We are going to the Shut Up & Grow It land for a few days to do minor maintenence; then, we're heading west on a Free Food/Music tour in order to recruit people, promote the network of non-profits and promote art; while offering transportation of people and cargo for infrastructure.
    We are also seeking lands across the country that can act as drop-off spots for various goods which will be picked up by our crew and put to good use ......or used there.

    If you're good at ANYTHING and want help by using your natural talents and hobbies to help you to help us to help everyone, PLEASE get in contact with us.

    We are especially looking for people with too much free time on their hands who would like to join our traveling crew and help organize this massive collaboration of people and resources.
  2. Anonymous Member

    anew, you'd be well advised to start a new thread instead of necro-ing this old one.

    Sounds awful. I enjoy using things which need the resources of a civilisation (rather than a small village) to produce them.

    Things like medicines, high technology, etc.

    But if you want to re-create the stone age then be my guest. I don't see the merit in it. If you post in a new thread, you might want to address the question of why you think this is a good idea.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    "build a network of like-minded individuals in order to help people establish complete self-suffiency", and they can't even fix their roto-tiller.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like you are starting up a cult!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sexual abuse will soon follow lol
  6. anew Member

    we grow lots of food and feed lots of people.........what do you do?
  7. anew Member

    this has nothing to do with going back to the stone age the fuck do you think i posted this
  8. Anonymous Member

    You're building a commune? Where?
    What ideas do you share in common?
  9. Pique Member

    Hey there anew. Welcome to the forum. Would you like a thread dedicated to your project?

    Edit: Hope so, because you got one.
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  10. anew Member

  11. anew Member

    and im not building a commune im working on building up lands with infrastructure to support activist and charities. some of these lands mite be considered intentional community's.
  12. Anonymous Member

    intentional community's what?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Who, or what, owns the land in Lafayette Tennessee?
  14. anew Member

    the land is owned by three people right now
  15. anew Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    What exactly are the rules of this new community? What happens when someone changes their mind, doesn't want to keep following the rules, but doesn't want to leave?

    What makes it different than any other small farming community?
  17. Anonymous Member

    i thmell...
  18. Anonymous Member

    oh do shut up and let the adults ask some questions
  19. Anonymous Member

    What happens if the owners start arguing and one of them wants to leave?
    What happens if all three owners decide one day that they want to kick everyone else off?
  20. Anonymous Member

    I'd suggest changing the name of it.... calling it "Shut up..." is kind of a turn off, imo.
    But, good luck.
  21. Anonymous Member


    This sounds way too Jim Jones (i.e. Jonestown) to me........or more like a 60's revival for hippies.

    But the name is kind of hip.....

    Hey aren't from this group are you???? I heard they're looking for fresh new members ......kinda goes along with your new name........hehehe.....


    Is it true you don't allow dogs?

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  22. anew Member

    dogs are allowed as long as they have a responsible person....... I like the shut up part its like don't talk about it be about it. the people that own the land don't live there its run on consensus there has bin rules but they are what the people there at that time agree on. although people can live at the land as long as the people there are ok with it ...... simply living on the land is not the mane purpose. the land is there mainly for a place for people to help others.
  23. Anonymous Member

    It sounds to me like the community depends on the continued goodwill of the landowners. They pretty much are the benevolent dictators of the community and have total power over who is allowed there and who is not. They can make up any rules they like. But if the owners have a disagreement and cannot arrive at a consensus in a dispute, things could get ugly fast.

    As an adult I don't want to live under any dictatorship, no matter how benevolent the dictators' intentions are. All people, no matter how wise and good intentioned, can sometimes get emotional and make mistakes.

    This will likely end as a failure unless the land becomes cooperatively owned by the people living there, and there is some means provided for self-rule, for resolving internal disputes, for fairly sharing resources, for deciding when to kick someone out, and for allowing the community to change the rules as they see fit.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Hippie commune
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I'm good at eating cheetos, wheezing, playing vidya games and complaining about things.

    These are my natural talents, and I am here to help. *wheeeeze*

  26. Anonymous Member

    Computer software, computer hardware.

    Is that morally inferior to small-scale farming?

    Thanks for letting me know, I'll stop paying other people to grow my food right now!

    But seriously - what is the point of this project?
  27. Anonymous Member

    But you say you're aiming for "complete self-sufficiency".

    So you'll have no computers and no medicines. Also no machinery and no fuel. Because you can't make any of those things with the resources of a small village.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Meaning...if those three people get hit by a bus their heirs could give you an eviction notice as soon as the estate is probated. Solve the land ownership problem or be condemned to have that eventuality hanging over your heads forever.
  29. Anonymous Member

    It's so EASY to JOIN!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I still want to hear what the point is.

    OP: Why?
  31. Anonymous Member

    He has a dream
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. RightOn Member

    still can't get past the title
    sounds like a pron title
  34. Anonymous Member

    No I think it was What We Produce, the farmers forum.

    Or it could have been Westside Weed Production, the forum or....other.

    (check out the cartoon plant on the shut up and grow it site, looks sus to me)
  35. 00anon00 Member

    Sounds like a good idea for a commune, best of luck!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Profits to go to the people, just a few people, ok just the one!
  37. anew Member

    self-suffiency within their communities. we will be using computers medicine and machinery .....we will try to be working as efficiently as posable.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Except for technology, medicine, energy, etc. Will you be making your own eyeglasses and tampons?

    When you say "complete self-sufficiency" do you actually mean "self-sufficiency in food"?

    Why is that (in your view) a good thing?
  39. anew Member

    if people merged there resource to be self self sufficient or communally sufficient and then worked together in profit share business's and used some of the money to help others do the same. since no one is skimming of the top and not as much is needed do to being sufficient there should be a lot of money to help others if this idea where to spread we the people would give them less and less of are energy and money if this where to happen they would lose there power and the people would be free...........they need us we don't need them

  40. Anonymous Member

    Doctors, dentists, their equipment and materials...

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