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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anew, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying it's a Marxist thing?

    "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"?

    If you're not doing any economically productive labour (i.e. you're not making anything anyone wants to buy) then how do you pay for seedcorn, machines, fuel, medical care, etc? Because it seems to me that you want people to give you money.

    I can't see that starting up a small-holding is something that is worth people donating for. Why wouldn't I give my money to a real charity that helps people in need?
  2. anew Member

    the land is run on consensus it is not yet payed for so cant be put in a trust yet
  3. anew Member

    it is not a Marxist thing we work with nonprofit charity's groups like free food kitchens and disaster relief. providing food and resources. ..... you can give a charity money to buy food for the hungry or you can give us money and we will provide free food for charity s year after year can give a man a fish or you can teach him how to fish
  4. anew Member

    if you are doing good and helping others then who is to say who is doing more good
  5. Anonymous Member

    Congratulations for striving to tread with a smaller footprint. Best of luck with your venture though I encourage you to resolve the land ownership problem or it will almost certainly rip apart the idea in the longer term.
  6. Anonymous Member

    The right way to do it is to have the land owned as a co-operative. People who want to join buy shares of the co-op. People who want to leave can sell their shares. Nobody becomes the dear leader and decisions are made through a democratic process.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Aristotle argues that the good life is self-sufficient, but communally self-sufficient
  8. Anonymous Member

    But you're not a registered charity - are you?

    So how can anyone donate to you and know that the money is going to a good cause?

    It's not good enough to say "we'll raise the money first and I'll keep it safe in my own bank account until we register as a charity" - which is what you seem to be saying.

    Which "nonprofit charity's groups" do you work with, and what evidence do you have of this?

    Could I see your audited accounts please?

    Who is on your governing board, and how are they elected?

    There are plenty of existing "teach a man to fish" charities - how is yours different? And I thought you said that you handed out free food - is that really a "teach a man to fish" activity?

    Indeed. You seemed to be implying that farming is ipso facto morally superior to other work. Perhaps I misinterpreted your post.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Two great phrases:

    "Why does God need a starship?"
    "Why does a group that want's to be independent need external donations?"
  10. Anonymous Member

    Both very good questions, although the second would be better without the misplaced apostrophe.

    /grammar nazi
  11. anew Member

  12. anew Member

    to get started
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    You're on our forum, you tell us. Cuz if you don't know by now what we do, you are probably in the wrong place. You might want What Is The Plan...they used to be down the hall, but now they're in the janitor's closet in the basement.

    Anyway, "give us free stuff for our music and political tour."
    Yeah, never heard THAT before. Fuckin hippies.
  15. anew Member

    Look I know and appreciate what you do I wasn't asking you for any thing im just trying to share. You know we are all in this together.
  16. anew Member

    we work out side the system for the most part and don't like all the paperwork and bull shit they make you go through .......did you know most registered charity's make a lot of money but only spend less then half on there cause we on the other hand don't get payed and spend 100% of what we make on the cause.......we work with the people that know me trust me and any body is welcome to come work or travel with us and see first hand what we do and how we operate.
  17. Anonymous Member

    The reason for the paperwork is to provide a layer of independent oversight to distinguish the real charities from the charity scams. It's a necessary cost because without it there is no way to tell the difference.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Not nearly good enough.


    Oh, you edgy rebel, you.

    I'll keep on donating to OXFAM and the Red Cross, with their phoney corporate bullshit 'accountability' and 'audited accounts'.
  19. anew Member

    really red cross? way to make rich people richer. you should look into it
  20. Anonymous Member

    For this thread, we are going to be charging $4.99 / min. advice for how to solve all your dilemmas.
    Please refer yourself to the "donate" button first, and then consult an independent anonymous to volunteer to be charitable to you in this thread. thanks.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    dox please.
  22. anew Member

  23. anew Member

    not sure what dox is
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Documentation. Proof.

    What you've cited just now is more like proof that you're wrong.
  27. Anonymous Member

    'dox' means documented reliable evidence such as original sources, court documents, news articles, etc.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    anew, the efficiency of charities is a totally legitimate and sensible concern.

    I'd like to look you guys up on Charity Navigator, to see your rating.

    What name are you registered under?

    What's that, I can't look you up because you're not a proper charity? then I'm not giving you any money.
  30. anew Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    92% efficiency, she seems to do a good job. Maybe she's worth the money.

    How's your efficiency?
  32. anew Member

    i have bin funding this thing out of my own pocket besides about 300 that was donated
  33. anew Member

    92% efficiency..........what dose that even mean?
  34. anew Member

    what kind of person collects money from people that want to help other people and then pays themselves for doing it.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Someone who needs to eat, pay rent and support their family, perhaps.

    I don't see why people who work in charities shouldn't be paid reasonable salaries.
  37. anew Member

    there's people suffering in africa if you give me money i will send them some white rice and flower. and then buy me a house for being such a good person
  38. Anonymous Member

    uh huh. If charity workers aren't paid then the only people who can work for charities will be dilettantes.

    This project you're planning - it benefits you directly.

    It's a jolly road trip, which you want other people to pay for.

    It's a smallholding business, which you want other people to pay for.

    You've not shown that it benefits anyone else, or wider society, in any meaningful way.
  39. anew Member

    ya ok reasonable ......but i think anything over 50,000 is greedy as fuck especially sens that money was collected from people who where under the impression there money would go towards helping people that really need it. not buying a new car
  40. anew Member

    have you looked at the sits?

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