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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anew, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So anyway, about your project:

    1) What is its purpose?

    2) Why is that a good thing?

    3) How do you plan to achieve it?

    so far you've told us some of 3, none of 2 and not much of 1.
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  3. anew Member

    #1 The purpose of “The Land” is to be available as a space for families and people to work, prosper together in a flexible environment, engage in projects that include or coincide with sustainable organic farming methods, and most importantly, helping others. We wish to work with all like minded people in an atmosphere of equality which encourages environmental stewardship, low-impact living that is fun but also family friendly, and adheres to a positive ethic that acknowledges the value of our neighbors and our community as a whole.
  4. anew Member

    #2 its a good thing because times are tuff people and family's are struggling and we want to help.

    we will help by providing food, shelter, labour, info transportation and any thing ells a supportive community can offer
  5. anew Member

    #3 we will do this by connecting people, land and resources. the people will collect resources and build infostructure on the land for the community to use.
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  7. anew Member

    so you are comparing this project to a computer game
  8. anew Member

    are most the people on this site still in high school?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yes. Even though I have PhD, I still have to go to that remedial algebra class i damn near flunked in 11th grade in order to satisfy my advanced high school diploma. Michelle said that my hair looked good today, and after Christmas, we're hitting the mall to spend our gift cards on some cute jeans at Anthropologie because the guys in Art class this year are so hot and an academic contest is scheduled for this upcoming Spring semester.
    I hope that we get Mr.Edward for Philosophy because he is such a good teacher.
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    Anew, the $4.99/min rate still applies here.
  12. anew Member

    bill me
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  14. anew Member

    whatever man just trying to reach people ..............thank god you guys don't represent anonymous because your coming of as narrow minded fucktards
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Not all of us are narrow minded fucktards. Good luck with your project man.
  16. anew Member

    thank you
  17. Anonymous Member

    And I hope you don't represent your own group because you are coming OFF as a cranky fucker who likes everyone to like him and his ideas.
  18. Anonymous Member

    That's not a very mature response to criticism from someone who purports to be a leader.
  19. Anonymous Member

    don't be hating just because your bus sucks ass, dude.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Thought it was a school bus, not a suckass bus, well who knew!
  21. Here is a GOOD example of how quickly people get the power bug in "intentional" communities!

    Using non-profits to suppy all your needs is NOT self sufficient, it is just a thin disguise for getting free money so you can do what you want.

    Tired of the "Off-Grid" fakery...we are living in it in Slab City...they started a non-profit to "buy" the land, then we have to apply for a "lease" for the same camp area that we have been living on (squatting) for the squatters are gonna evict the squaters...and people like the Annenberg Foundation are gonna pay for what they think are services, but reality is that most of the "poor" people here are just too lazy to work, or spend all their free checks on booze and drugs...then stand in line for free food, and soon, free trailers, solar and what else?

    If you object they will burn you out or block you from their off-grid FB pages, or start crowd sourcing against the objectors.

    One of the Board of Directors for the Slab City Community Group, Inc said "we finally found a way to make a lot of money out here" I HOPE you see the irony that Annonymus was trying to point out. And the hypocritical situation I am forced to live in. (BTW- my money comes from 30 years of work, raising a kid on my own with no child support...i'm no slacker here...I earned what I have got-not fancy, but I earned it, I did not get it from free-beeeees! If you want free-bees, then go around and clean up old wood from lots or people who want gazebo taken down, rather than expecting everyone else to give it to you!

    Or sell drugs like many do out here.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh guise stop bawwing about materials, resources, medicine, technology and the purpose. Let the guy just live his little beautiful dream while we enjoy life in which we don't have to go hunting for 3 rainy days to feed our families.
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    anew the problem is that the people in general struggled for centuries to be what you call self-insufficient and what I call organised enough to protect themselves from cold, hunger and those biting little (mosquitos) and fucking big (lions) bastards out there, so you won't get many people to just go back to the cave and hunt mammoths.
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  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Wait... Slab city is being developed by a NGO? When did that stRt because the last time I was there it wS same old same old except for the new women's book club
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Aand what services? There's no water power or bathrooms.
  26. Consensus Member

    So, uh, I didn't see this back when it was posted, but I spent a lot of time on this land over the past 3 years.

    I have a lot to say about it, if anyone's still around.
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