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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what to say.
  3. Anonymous Member

    How about you say " who has he victimized" old guy isn't new at this. You don't just wake up one day and say you know what I like hurting and raping helpless children. I hope he finds a shank in his gut.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I hope someone gives his wig a good home. It's been domesticated now and would never survive in the wild.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Incarceration into the General Population?

    Bets on how long it will survive.

    I'd give it 2 weeks, tops.
  6. genoramix Member

    minority report and the thought police any1?. 20years is way too much, I mean, i have been thinking since my childhood of robbing a bank, and i know i will never do it.. THis guy is not innocent, because he supports CP, however he is also sick and should be locked up in a mental institution for some time, and when released, a lifelong probation with not a single fuckup allowed. That would be more appropriate imho
  7. Anonymous Member

    I got 10 Internets he won't survive 24 hours if the prison population finds out ahead of time.

    Shit happens, you know.
  8. Copy/Paste Member

  9. SOJOA Member

    This story sort of reminds me of the movie The Cell and 8mm combined. So fucked up.

    So now this sick fuck is going to be housed and feed on the tax payers dime for 20 years. How cheap is a bullet?
  10. Anonymous Member

    20 years is not 'way too much'. Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Those kids blindfolded and tortured were real children, he supported the people who did that. He encouraged that behavior in chats. He admitted he molested boys. He was part of the market for dead child porn, encouraging that behavior by willingness to pay.
    Shank-in-guts I hope, keeping him locked up is the second option IMHO.
  11. Anonymous Member

    lol at 'thought police' when he committed the crimes. He is a fucking active child molester.
  12. Howard Hunt Member

  13. System Member

    rip his fingernails out and drip acid on the wounds one idea for him
  14. Anonymous Member

    Gasoline all over this sick fuck + Match = Cancer Cured.
  15. Jimbob Member

    Fuck that.. dying is the easy way out... Id throw him in a cell unprotected with some of the worst prison rapists in the country. Then I would pay them daily to rape, torture and torment him but make sure the fuck lives.. keep him healthy but in constant pain and fear.. let him be the prey until the day he dies of natural causes. To put it simple, show him the horrors of hell before he gets there. :D
  16. Anonymous Member

    The guy deserves to wear a necktie.

    This one:

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  17. Anonymous Member

    ITT: People with no sense of irony.
  18. Jimbob Member

    Oh but that would be so boring lol
  19. Anonymous Member


    Let him sit there and wallow in his own knowledge of what he has done. Removed from his environment and his "porn", he will start to realize what he has done. The very best torture is the one he will administer in his own mind.
  20. fefe Member

  21. ur just 2 edgy, herro
  22. Anonymous Member

    That ain't Herro. Herro could do better trolls than fefe le asswipe.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I hope to God in heaven and all that is good and decent that you dont have or are in charge of any children.
  24. FloGold Moderator

    welcome to the hell I go through everyday working with other anons in trying to stop child sexual abuse. the only thing we as conscientious kind hearted adults can do is educate, disseminate info and console victims.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I don't think they let 11 year olds baby sit so I'm guessing no.
  26. Howard Hunt Member

    Why does he troll fail threads that are about rape and child rape ? I dont see him anywhere else, but i'm not every where.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Because fefe is butthurt that WWP has these sections. He's one of the German Anons that got their jimmies rustled when WWP introduced the OWS section years ago and still holds a grudge about it. He's like a Nazi: Believes the only pure WWP is one without additional sections and wants to gas anybody that disagrees with them. Sad truth is they are seriously narrow minded and believe they are "true anon" when they fail to see the irony in what they do. They will say any action against them is either "censorship" or "racist" just to play a stupid troll game that even a blind man can see is bullshit.

    Best remedy is to ignore him as he has openly admitted that is his intent. So even his work in the AvS section is now drawn into question. Eventually he'll fuck up and get banned. Usually happens with these kinds of people.
  28. FloGold Moderator

    its ok guys. inane aimless butthurt trolling is nothing compared to the resistance we faced from the heartless monsters who stood to lose profit from us intervening in their godless operations of child sexual abuse. I know fefe's mind is in some way in the correct place. I dunno wtf is going on with his heart tho.
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  29. Howard Hunt Member

    Alrighty then, i think i got it.
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  30. Copy/Paste Member

    They feed off stuff like this as well. I once was troll like, so I should know.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I'd be more worried about the ones getting off on describing torture.
  32. Jimbob Member

    Works with normal people. But not everyone has a concience.

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