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  1. I've a gaggle of new docs and contracts someone just sent me from Hollander/Silkin. Needing to find best method of posting. Interesting legal data here though. Forthcoming.
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  2. The Internet Member

    Excellent! I've been wanting to dig into WISE a little more. I actually started a thread a few days ago on Googling "Management by Statistics," as a way to sniff out WISE companies. But I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed.

    First step, I think, is to get the old WISE directories into some kind of table, with columns for business name, officer/owners, street, state, zip, country, type of business, then some yes/no columns for WISE directory publication years. I've seen 1999, 2001, 2004, I think, just off the top of my head. This will help to separate the newer from the older WISE guys, and also will help identify businesses that don't appear in the directories we currently have.

    I'd like to see a pie chart of business types. I'm guessing WISE has a lot of chiropractors and dentists, and a growing number of non-MD health care providers.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Any ideas on how to get our hands on a current WISE directory?
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Chwythwr send a direct message to Super Power Ethna

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