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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I just saw this @persiankiwi

    Can someone get him the information that a SIM is flash and stores SMS messages and they can be UNERASED with the right hardware. I have no doubt they have this capability. Whether they would do this or not, it is possible. You should configure the phone to not keep a copy of Sent SMS. And also configure it to store SMS on the phone if possible.

    If arrested, you should destroy you SIM card. Probably you can drop it and no one would notice, or you might be able to snap it in half. Stomping on it or crushing it may not work well.

    Anyone else care to comment?
  2. tiberiandusj Member

    bubble gum flavored sim cards for easy and tasty destruction.
  3. TheONE-IRAN Member

    You are missing the overall picture on how this works.

    Thinking about the process for SMS, I would consider it an unsecured method of communicating as the cell provider does have direct access to this information. SMS is passed on the control channel without end to end encryption. I would also assume in Iran that the government has a working relationship with the carriers and the ability to collect this information at will.

    In my opinion if you are sending important life or death information across SMS you are asking for severe problems.

    In any case if I had a choice on destroying data, physical destruction would be my preferred method.
  4. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but don't SIM cards have built in methods to prevent data access after so many attempts?

    Either way, the best way to get rid of any data is by physical destruction (for example, selling a computer hard drive that previously held personally identifiable information is never a good idea, even if it has been erased using different methods).
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Perhaps you are using a stolen phone or a disposable SIM card??! So yes, it is in the network logs, but you are only in trouble if you are caught with the SIM that has SMS evidence on it.. (Technically if you have the SIM on you, they can go find all your calls).

    The thing about the SMS is they can only monitor so much. There are millions of people, and I'm sure the text rate is very high. Are they going to pull the phone records for all arrested? Maybe, but for sure they can check what they have on them (ie. their SIM / phone history).
  6. Sms risks

    I also saw @persiankiwi remark that SMS messaging is back up in iran. S/he also advised later that it is wiser to remove the sim card, then use the phones to document brutality.

    i have had many thoughts on this matter as i worked, and am on break so have a few moments to convey what i think is extremely important:

    a) the only reason why a brutal, oppressive regime would allow their populace access to a simple, easy point-to-point communication method like this is if they are planning on monitoring it and pinpointing 'problem' people. to say otherwise is to trust that they are, after days of protesting, violence, arrests, censorship and misinformation spreading, simply granting the iranian people free license to say and do what they want, without fear that the government is watching, ready to strike once they have identified key offending people.

    b) the obvious conclusion is that ANY subversive SMS use is a serious threat. Assume that it IS being monitored and WILL be used against you. I advise minimal use at most. Much prefer that the technology be completely avoided at this time.

    c) as others have stated in other threads, there is a very high possibility that even after removing the SIM card, your phone is still unique and identifiable as yours. as also stated, this information can place you at the scenes of protests and demonstrations, to identify individuals for later capture and imprisonment/punishment.

    d) my thoughts, as my break ends: DO NOT USE SMS.

    i would appreciate any input on this subject by people with more knowledge than my logic-derived opinion. i have limited access to twitter at work, so if the concensus is that SMS is not safe, please advise #iranelection of this. we don't want to lose more people to imprisonment.
  7. TheONE-IRAN Member

    Fair points I Ran Hubbard.

    If someone was to disclose privileged identifiable information over SMS it would be compromised. I would operate on the basis that the government in Iran may have automated methods of parsing this information already in place.

    But to answer your original post, I believe absolute physical destruction is key.
  8. TheONE-IRAN Member

    lol your post beat mine. I am in 100% agreement.
  9. warn them!

    If you or anyone else agrees, please help make up for my lack to effective twitter access at this time. the iranian dissidents are in the moment. this is their country and their emotions run high. they have a better understanding of how their nation feels, and what is happening there, but those of us who are sitting here in other countries may have a cooler, more logical view of the situation.

    as sms service returns, the immdiate impulse may be to use it for protest related activities, as it is convenient and seemingly anonymous. however, it is anything but safe. many people may not realise what sort of monitoring and tracking is possible due to a mere average level of technical understanding regarding the system.

    They must be warned. inform the main trusted protesters like persiankiwi who many others are watching and following for news and advice. please, Tweet and retweet this to #iranelection and #gr88, alert them, warn them.
  10. Der Jger Member

    What has to happen for all of you Iranians is to revolt against your aggressors, those who would like to tie your will up. I am a Muslim, and we are in Allah's eye's free peoples of the world. Revolution is the only answer, raise up arms as one and crush the tyrants who oppose your will to be free.

    Der Jger - Deutschland
  11. reform Member

    SIM & mobile phone wisdom

    1. only have your mobile turned on when you are at home/work/dinner, not in transit or at any street photo op/rally. forget the battery and foil tricks -- just leave the mobile off from before you leave home/work. skip bluetooth too -- leave it all off. in this week, the person with a phone in hand is more a target than a one with a stone. your identifying information will be captured for later...

    2. if you must take video/pics at the scene/events, use a digital camera - smaller is best. my contact in iran prefers the MP9 digital pocket pen camera -- its cheapest direct from china. get a friend outside the country to carry them in in small quantity. if you can take the camera to a roof or fenced garden before filming, you will be 1 step further from danger.

    3. never use your SIM or mobile for anything that connects you to revolt. just make normal calls during normal situations. do not store your sent SMS's, do not subscribe to SMS alerts, do not attempt international calls from your mobile, do not destroy your SIM -- your replacement request will 'tag' you.

    4. keep you mobile and/or camera memory cards separate from the device when passing check points. give up the camera if forced, save the mobile and your content.

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