Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Hi XXXX,
    Hope all is well, I got an invitation today for a National Tribute Dinner at the Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise on may 5,2011. Not sure if anon likes to harass him outside of Scientology, but there it is. John Travolta and Kelly Preston will be there, along with JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Jerry Bruckheimer,and more. I won't- dinner is $1500 each!

    A message I received today. Sorry if this was already posted
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  2. Anonymous Member

    is that for real?
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  7. Smurf Member

    Money. And lots of it. The Wiesenthal Center depends on contributions like any other non-profit. The Wiesenthal Center has an advantage in that there are alot of well-heeled Jewish professionals in Los Angeles. The only reason these celebs accept these awards is because it is a huge boost to their egos. There is absolutely no reason why the Center should be honoring Tom Cruise, other than the fact he is an A-List star with alot of friends in the showbiz industry that he can depend on attending the events with lots of $$$ in hand to donate to the Center.

    I've known of charities in the past that have created awards just to lure the celebs there (after paying all there expenses, including wining & dining them) and afterwards you never hear of the award again.

    Two years ago, actress Charlize Theron presented Will Smith with a Humanitarian Award. Smith/Charlize Theron/Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual National Tribute/PCbgo03YpIH
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I know another actor for this price:

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Smurf, it is just so shameful of them to be so very blind. so shameful.
    They cannot honor a true humanitarian?
    Are there any true humanitarians anymore, or is it all hubis and money?
    This just hits such a chord with me that i dunno if i should cry or punch the wall.
    /emoting. The media really lets us down, and these are bright, intelligent folks, supposedly.

    Steven Spielberg, of all people.....are you listening?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I vote for Paul Haggis.
    he gets my award.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Springtime for Hitler must be the theme this year:
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  12. Smurf Member

    I'm very surprised that Spielberg (the well-deserved recipient of numerous awards from the Center who also consulted with him on filming 'Schindler's List') would attend a dinner honoring Cruise given the fallout that occurred between them when Cruise used a worldwide promotional tour for 'War of the Worlds' to instead publicize & market his cult. But these stars have short memories when it comes to $$$$ and publicity.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The Way to Happiness????

  14. Anonymous Member

    i'm just dumbfounded. Remember what happened with Sumner Redstone? Later he made amends with the TC, but with all of the very tangible and fact based revelations that have come out since then, surely he of all people could wield some influence with the Simon Wisenthal Center.

    old article for reference:
  15. Anonymous Member

    I'm gonna send 'em some cchr lit-especially the part about teh Psyches causing the holocaust.
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  16. anonsoldier Member

    This calls for massive poons to the center. I won't be able to call the states until mid April, but as soon as i can I'm giving them a piece of my mind on how he's a total school for a dangerous cult that doesn't deserve the center's recognition for a damn thing. I bet TC has never even visited the center once in all the time he's lived in LA.
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ITT: Chanologists losing their naivete cherry.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    send them this video as well.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    It hurts, Johnny.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Ok. Here we go...

    Janice Prager (listed as the contact for the Simon Wisenthal Center) is the wife of Dennis Prager, a well known radio personality.

    Here is the LA station which carries his radio program:

    Dennis Prager, (whom i grew up listening to, and read many of his books) is well versed in holding in-depth conversations regarding matters concerning morality and ethics, and could be a very very interesting person to discuss this particular matter with.
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I know.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    might also be interesting to see what Bill Handel has to say about this.
    haven't listened to his show in years, but he used to call it, "Handel on the Law", as he is a lawyer.
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Interesting. I wonder indeed, if these Pragers are not related to one Alan Prager, longtime SO member, who works (or worked if since been transferred or jailed in the Hole) in the Hollywood Guraranty Building in L.A... ?
  25. anonsoldier Member

    Poon fired to the center. Lets see if I get a response.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Cruise honored FOR WHAT?
    Being one of the the bigger COS celebrity douchebags?
    His past "feats"?
    Like being the global Ambassador for Applied Scholastics and promoting the NY Firefighter's Detox after 911?
    Meeting people (Ron Paige) in Washington to lobby to have Applied Scholastics put in every US school?
    Calling out Brook Sheilds for post partum depression?
    Calling Matt Lauerer glib?
    Jumping on Oprah's couch?
    Ruining Katie Holmes?
    His Scientology promo film and the other one where he saltues DM and says?
    "I care so very, very, very much. So are we going to clean this place up?"
    Sounds like the Weisenthal Center uses the same tactics as COS to raise money.
    Putting out puffed up PR crap to get money. SHAME ON THEM!
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  27. DeathHamster Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard on Jews:

    "Ostensibly there is little antisemitism in Hubbard's works, but on the rare mention of Jews, he upholds common antisemitic myths. What's more, he subscribed to the Spotlight newspaper published by Willis Carto, "perhaps the most influential professional anti-Semite in the United States" (-Anti-Defamation League).

    Hubbard suggests the worldwide conspiracy against him and Scientology can be tracked back to the "Jewish bankers" who are funding his arch enemy, the World Federation of Mental Health. "

    "Now it's of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. …and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish Bankers."
    L. Ron Hubbard, Aides Conference, "Covert Operations", 2 November 1969

    Another fairly common antisemitic notion that Hubbard embraces is that an obsession with sex is a natural characteristic of the Jewish "race".

    Furthermore, [Sigmund Freud] had a racial fixation on sex, a fixation sufficiently pronounced to cause it to infect contagiously all modern European stock.

    L. Ron Hubbard, PAB No. 92, "A Critique of Psychoanalysis", 10 July 1956
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  29. Anonymous Member

    From the time research reports were being published about the harm of smoking until it became a widely known and accepted fact, it took decades.

    Although the Scientology enterprise has been exposed in the media as being a criminal organization, it will take time before this knowledge becomes as widespread as it should.
    Especially when it comes to front groups and celebrities.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    I pointed out that Cruise is not the hero German he played in a movie. He didn't try to kill Hitler, it was acting. But that was not the thrust of the post.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I pooned this and did receive an auto-response that they'd gotten my message.
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  34. Scatman Member

    Got put into the voice mail labyrinth. Honor Cruise for what? I demand answers.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Ive developed a tolerance for tolerance.
  37. Mafiawog Member

    Does anyone know the MoT's stance on comparing things to the Nazis or the Holocaust? If they're one of the groups or has prominent individuals on the MoT board of directors who are asking that people not use the Holocaust as a totool of comparison, that would be good. Find any and all incidents of TC using the nazis/Holocaust to further Scn objectives, start amassing info, send some sort of letter or video or something to the MoT, media, whoever it makes sense to send it to.

    Remember this is about TC specifically! While it may be tempting to bring in Hubbard quotes or other Scn-only information, it looks like desperation and, more importantly (especially with the MoT), screams of prejudice and other crap which would make it easier for people to dismiss the information while giving TC some sympathy.

    So.... start digging? I know JT once spoke at some big human rights thing where he compared the Scn's "plight" to the Jews, I'm sure TC has said the same sort of thing...

    Or just ignore this entirely. Lack of sleep=sometimes dumb ideas sound good. Typed on phone, forgive typos.
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  38. thefatman Member

    Or you could just mention how Tom's favourite anti-psychiatry bullshit group, the CCHR, thinks that the Holocaust was created by psychiatry.
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  39. thefatman Member

    Or you could just mention how Tom's favourite anti-psychiatry bullshit group, the CCHR, thinks that the Holocaust was created by psychiatry.
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