Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. ^^
    Nice one fatman - the sweeney documentary goes into this. A bit from that video would have been fine.

    The Ron's journal would be good. You know, the one where he talks exlicitely about the global conspiracy of bankers. Might be nice for a raid.
  2. Think he will take his buddy Farrakan with him ?
  3. anonsoldier Member

    It's been a few days now, no response from the center. Time to fire more direct poons to specific email addresses.
  4. Anonymous Member

    We should also use this time with Travolta and Cruise together to see if Travolta will find out What Miscavige calls him. Mark and Marty agreed that Miscavige said of Travolta, "Never trust a _____" I've always wanted to get the 2 of them together to find out what that blank of that "Out-Ethics Son of a bitch" was.
  5. Anonymous Member

    guess it's all about the benjamins.
  6. Y'all should be a little careful here. The ONLY info on this so called event is coming from an anonymous poster here and a poster over at ESMB that has only posted 12 times in one or two years.

    That Op at ESMB showed an invitation that had the chairs and committee from the SWC the same as last year, 2010. By looking at the "planner's" website it can be concluded that the main chairs are never the same, year-to-year. This "DOX" also lists Jett Travolta on the committee. He died in 2009. Maybe too late to remove him from the 2010 event but to keep him on the roster for over 2 years after his death?

    Also, the SWC website has ZERO information on this event or it's honoree. Even in it's upcoming calandar (which stops at the end of April). Nor does the Beverly Wilshire Hotel's website.

    Some kind of on-line planner shows the event but when looking for more details none can be found. The links of the event at the planner are dead ends or don't work.

    There is a link at Tommy Baby's fan website (owned by a woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the few cities in S.A. with a cult "mission"), but again, no DOX anywhere to support that.

    A member over at ESMB, posted today that they called the SWC and confirmed that event with some person, identity not given.

    This event is 6 weeks away! Far too little fanfare for such a potentially huge gala.

    Something is rotten somewhere.

    I would recommend putting this all on hold for a day or two or three and see what becomes of all the missing information before we all end up looking like fools at the hands of this cult's covert operations. The more confirmations by trusted or well known members the better. Methinks that will not happen because it can't. But that's just me.

    Besides, how long will it take to organize a raid? In figure the longer the betterv but when strapped for time, how long does a flash mega raid take to put together? Especially if we already have the head's-up?

    Just sayin'.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. Please do keep us posted and accurate.

    A little trip with google brought me this site, with some comments on this matter.:
    A commenter thought that perhaps TC made a big donation??

    Here's the Simon Wisenthal Center's Facebook page:
    Perhaps someone might to diplomatically message them and ask for a confirmation?

    And the website for the Center:
  8. Zorg , That's MY invitation and if you would actually call the center you would know it was legit you fucking liar. You try to help some people and this is the thanks. Call them. I offered to fax my invitation to this pile of shit but they don't want to hear about it...they would rather complain.

    Something is rotten all right....between your EARS.
  9. btw...You already look like a fool.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The butthurt is strong with this one.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, well...keep butthurting people and see how much info people will feel like feeding us. It's on us to verify the source. No need to rip the head off the messenger, faggots!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Could you please help us to confirm that this is actually going to happen as planned?
    Maybe a secondary confirmation from a representative at the Simon Wisenthal Center would clarify this matter.
    And then we can ...... whatever, from there.
  13. tippytoe Member

    Why don't you just 1) scan the invitation and 2) upload the image to imageshack, 3) post link here, 4) profit!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Actually that was the first thing he did was scan and post it but it is over at esmb:

    He could just post it over here or you can look there.
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  15. I called Janice Prager's office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center this afternoon at (310) 772-2426 this afternoon (morning in California time) and although I could not get through to Janet her secretary confirmed that Tom Cruise is this year's recipient of the Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Award!!!!!!

    Unfortunately this is not a joke!!

    This IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! These people are not thinking!!!!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    wow. Thanks for checking into that, Reality.

    Time to ask Dennis Prager what he has to say.
    (A lot of the conservative Jewish community listens to his show, and respects him. This could potentially cause a huge uproar.)
    If you really want to stoke a fire, one might even ask Alan Dershowitz for his opinion.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Herro Member

    You know, it is possible that Tom Cruise deserves this award. Just sayin.
  19. Anonymous Member

    honor him for what again?
    just 'cause he's Tom Cruise?
    The same Tom Cruise that pushed to get Applied Scholastics in every school in the US? Who lobbied in DC?
    And also was the global spokeshole for Applied Scholastics?
    the same Tom Cruise who pushed the NY Firefighters detox? I mean Purif
    The same Tom who poo-pooed Brooke Sheilds?
    The same Tom who has given the cult MILLIONS of dollars and continues to give them money?
    Whos is DM's BFF?
    You mean honor him for all those things?
    well by all means then!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Just sayin huh? Well why dont you just say why he would?
  21. Herro Member

    I don't know. But they don't give out awards for nothing. Has anyone thought to ask what he is being honored for?
  22. Anonymous Member

    it said the HUMANITARIAN Award
    give me a fucking break
  23. Anonymous Member

    It is from a Museum that supports and educates about religious tolerance. I just Googled it. Will Smith got it in 2009, but he actually does stuff for other people that aren't his family or CoS. Still haven't found exactly what
    the award is for. Goggle fu failing me.
  24. Anonymous Member

    If he made a big donation, just send him a nice thank you card and call it a day.
    All in all, TC has really earned himself an honor like this one:

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  25. So now you want to import your vicous bullshit over here to WWP?

    You have some real problems my friend.
  26. It's actually $1500 bucks a plate which would explain the award going to Cruise. Bait. Like someone already said. Its truly about the Benjamin's.

  27. TC2.jpg

    Now Zorg asks to see the RSVP because this just isn't good enough. This flier. I had it printed. The girls answering the phones at the Wiesenthal Center. On my payroll. All just to deceive the Great Zorg....".laughs fiendishly"
  28. Anonymous Member

    Fuckin' Hollywood retards.
    I want a refund.
  29. Anonymous Member

    That's a party you could not pay me to go to.
  30. anonsoldier Member

    I would go in full tux and mask. I'd be polite and proper and bring up the FBI probe in every conversation I could get into. But only if you paid me to go.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    OK, (lol ) That I would do. I'll be your date. I am broke though, so I couldn't afford a $2400 dinner.
  32. Tard.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Zorg, I don't understand. Do you not believe this to be true?
  34. anonsoldier Member

    I have better things to do with $2400, like give it to Child's Play without asking for anything in return. So, I can haz Humanitarian Award nao?
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Wait wait wait.
    How in the world is it that Jett Travolta's name is on that invitation as an attendee?
    I know he is exterior now, but really... Is this why you are calling bs on this, Zorg?
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