Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Most of us would throw them to any wolves that would have them. They have both been banned from WWP for being the egofags that they are.

    Neither of them have actual jobs or any other visible means of support other than sponging off donations for protesting. Their lawsuits are their own personal fail, AO's so much that he can't seem to keep a lawyer. Support them if you want that is your choice. AGP has a donation link on his website which I am sure you can google but I'll be damned if I am going to post the link here.
  2. Anonymous Member

    By the way - it was double offensive to take Larry King to that shitty exhibition. Larry King, apart from being Jewish, has also been struggling with depression all his life. It's very arrogant of Tom Cruise to take King to this exhibition and tell him that the very people who's been helping King to deal with his depression, are actually not helping him at all, and were in fact behind the Holocaust. Tom Cruise is lucky that Larry King always goes very soft on his guests and celebrities [which is irritating in its own right].
    Somebody else would have kicked Cruise in the balls in a similar situation [Jon Stewart] or would have said something very offensively sarcastic to him [Woody Allen].
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  3. Anonymous Member

    OK, I really know nothing about them, never met or spoken to them, and you might as well be right in your assessment of them.
    But AGP's pictures of the fence with spikes are fabulous. I've been using them with the media people. Those pictures are very graphic and get the job done. So at least for that, AGP has my gratitude.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    i am dissapoint in the SWC.
    that is all.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I've got some personal experience with this organization and they are full of fail. Rabbi Heir is an asshole and fame whore of the first degree. He's no spiritual leader and often throws tantrums to get his way.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    It's way late, but I'm calling DOX or GTFO on this one. Produce.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The true irony is that Slavery was actually a mostly MUSLIM trade.
    those guys sold out their own brothers.
  8. Anonymous Member

    By the way- people don't realize that the Simon Wiesenthal organization has nothing to do with Simon Wiesenthal the man. They just named their organization after him. I always have to quallify my posts in here by staying that I'm Jewish and yet I really really dislike the SWC people. They took a monopoly over the topic of the Holocaust, whcih seems to be their argument to everything.
  9. Triumph Member

    the secret relationship between backs and Jews volume one and two

    the NOI published their revisionist racist take on the subject in 1991,, blaming the Jews for slavery,the slave trade.

    Farrakhan endorses ever racist word uttered in this piece of garbage

    its a distortion of facts... beyond comparison..and it proves nothing
    to simply place the blame on the Jews for slavery and the slave trade... is a gross distortion of history and the truth...

    anyone that would take what was written in these volumes for face value is a shit bag....

    Henry Gates, head of the department of Afro-American studies at Harvard University, referred to the book as "the Bible of new anti-Semitism"
  10. Anonymous Member

    perhaps the Weisenthal Center would like to know that Farrakhan is now with Scientology and would enjoy reading a copy
  11. Anonymous Member

    Hey Triump,
    As always, thanks for the info. I sent all the information in re Nation of Islam and Scientology you gave me to an Israeli journalist, who actually works for one of the conservative US newspapers. He sounded interested. I'm not counting on him to do much about it [becuase he's already reneged once on a promise to do a radio show on SWC award to Cruise], but I'm hoping that he's got friends.
    I'm also meeting next week with some dude that claims to be a free lance journalist working for all sorts of Jewish papers. I'll give him your stuff. Again - I haven't seen anything of substance that this guy has written, but I never underestimate how mad Jews get when they hear about this Farrakhan book. I am hoping that at least I'll have his ear and it could be helpful in the future.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Before you give any stranger info, make sure they are who they say they are.
    Do a bit of research for your own safety and protection.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    good advice
    dig first, and ask questions
  14. Anonymous Member

    No, no, don't worry about it. I can't give too much information about myself on this thread, but I know the man in my professional capacity. I met him at an invitation only fund raising of the Jewish community. He is legit, i.e not OSA or Scientologist. Though I suspect he will be useless, despite the fact that last week he went to supposedly report from AIPAC.
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  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    It is slightly more complex than that:
  16. Herro Member

    Can we word filter "Tom Cruise" to "Simon Weisenthal Center Humanitarian Award Recipient Tom Cruise"?
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  17. How about "Alleged Humanitarian Tom Cruise".
  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Have you noticed that Tom Cruise officially retreated from Facebook since May 19? Soon after he received the award on May 5 (?).
  20. Anonymous Member

    He had a facebook page? I didn't know that.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I didn't either. I googled facebook tom cruise and his deleted page is still in the cache.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Sigh. /thread.
  23. Anonymous Member

    The google cache date was May 27. Just less than 1 mil fans. It was the day DC shoes' facebook was raided, a mini demo one.
  24. Anonymous Member

    In all honesty - who gives a crap. I get the sense that his house of cards will collapse real soon. Katie will walk out. Might speak out. The FBI investigation is likely to come up with daming evidence against him [how long is it taking them?!], and his agents/publisists told him to shut up about Scientology at each public event. The SWC specifically told him not the mention Scientology at the ceremony. Something will happen real soon, you'll see.
  25. LocalSP Member

    One can only hope Bozuri, one can only hope.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    I think it's absolutely spectacular what has been achieved since 2007. For me the starting point of war against Scientology is the John Sweeney documentary when wide audiences saw what a creep Tommy Davis was. Then provided A LOT of help to the anti-Scientology movement. Would you have imagined Marty or Mike speaking out in 2007-2008? That organization is going down. It will take time, they still have money, but they are slowly but surely will find themselves at the junkyard of cults. I moonies still exist today, but nobody really hears about them and they barely have any members. Same goes for the Children of God. Scientology will find itself in the same place.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I don't have any documents on it, but I heard it from Paulette Cooper who spoke to some of the rabbis.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Maybe they also told him not to say psychiatrists were responsible for the Holocaust. The rabbis should ask him to share the history of psychiatry with them.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    He already shared it with Larry King - a proud Jew and a psychiatric patient.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I wonder why Larry King didn't do more than just say he disagreed with Scientology about psychiatry when he commented on the tour of their psychiatry museum with Tom Cruise.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Uh, Larry Kind is a shit reporter. His entire reporting style has always been too soft in order for his guests to like him. He's always been afraid of creating a controversy. He even once asked Kirstey Alley "your faith has the best record of getting people of drugs, why didn't they help you with your food addiction". I couldn't believe that he just said the following words "your faith" [while describing Scientology], "the best record" [about Narconon].
  33. Anonymous Member

    Yes, I've always perceived him as a weasely opportunist.
  34. Anonymous Member

    That's probably a very good definition of him. Because he is a shit journalist.
  35. ET DUFFY Member

    As a Israeli & scond generatoin of holocost sourvivers I protest. Tom & all his friends are total idiots.... the site like cchr org is a good exmple. one of thier colleges is near my home Dror college you can see there the symbol of Dianetics... in Haifa....
  36. ET DUFFY Member

    Fuck!!!!! From all the people to choose him???
  37. Anonymous Member

    Et Duffy - are you an anon? Are you active in Israel? I'm Israeli, but live abroad. I'm trying to rally all the Israelis that protest Scientology. I don't do protests myself, but I need help in writing letters to the media/members of the Knesset. There are a couple of more of us here, but we're very disjointed.מרכז-ויזנטל-וטום-קרוז-cruise-wiesenthal-in-hebrew.79743/

    I'd like to have Hebrew threads on WWP. Do you know if any other people that might interested in joining? I haven't seen any anti-scientology forums on Israeli websites [apart from a couple of blogs on Tapuz].
  38. Anonymous Member

    I emailed Yair Lapid, I spoke to Benny Avni of Reshet Bet about it. We emailed Professor Beit Hallahmi and we spoke to Debra Lipstadt. Even Paulette Cooper gave a statement against this award. Nothing helped.
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  39. ET DUFFY Member

    He should come to YAD VASEM in Jerusalem... & read what my grandmother wrote on her witness page. Almost all her family died there.... TC what is the color of shoose do you like? I want to give it to you on your face Nazi idiot!!!!
  40. Anonymous Member

    Well, Tom Cruise is not a nazi, let's not get crazy. He is a Holocaust revisionist [as Debra Lipstadt said] and a cultist enabler.
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