Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Even the Knesset is afraid... But I know about a little group in Tel Aviv. In Israel it's a big problem... But during one of my shifts in a moal in Haifa.... They left after I told them what they realy are... After 5 minuts they gone... & it was only me....
    I also have a blog on Tapuz.... & I am anti-scietologist... But even the psychatrists in Israel are afraid. But my doctor helps and active against it. You can watch the Hebrew version of CCHR. I show it to some doctors... I JOINED YOU TODAY...
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    OOOPPPSSSS I like Mel Gibson... A lot... BBBAAAA.... He is discusting... Sex symbol??? give me a breake.....
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    OOOOO you invited me.... So I came. One day Sorry will say to her dad - Dad I am sorry. Give yourself this name!!!!
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    Welcome, ET DUFFY.
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    Well, Tom Cruise's daughter's name is Suri. He claimed it was Hebrew [not sure what the hell it means in Hebrew].
    I guess in Hebrew it reads funny, since the same letter is used for O and U.

    And welcome of course.
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    awww, bozuri found herself a!

    (welcome duffyfag!)
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    Lonely....I'm so lonely....
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    Sometimes I wake up at night screaming with the pain of my loneliness.

    I have learned that that is not a good pick-up line.
    Back to the drawing board.
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    i c-c-c-c-an't do this thread anymore.
    puts it away in a box in remote storage in my mind.
  12. moarxenu Member

    Do you suppose Tom Cruise handed over a check for $150K to Rabbi Hier to buy this piece of Hitleriana as a tip for declaring him an authentic humanitarian?
  13. Anonymous Member

    hahaha, that would be too good to be true. It would have been even funnier had Tom Cruise bought it himself and then would have presented it to Rabbi Hier.
    I fail to see why they need this letter. Though I suppose better them owning it, rather than some neo-nazi.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Revisionists often claim that Hitler had nothing to do with the Holocaust, that it was his subordinates.
    Or they claim that he knew but that it was not his idea.
    Or they try to find some other way to diminish hitler's role in it.
    This letter proves he had killing jews in mind even before there was a nazi party, debunking the revisionists.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    OK, I see your point. However I think that Hitler's anti-semitism is clearly shown in the Mein Kampf, not sure this letter tells us anything new.

    When it comes to killing Jews - actually I think it that it was not Hitler's original plan. Sure, he was a raging anti-Semite, but he initially did not dare to start with the killing campaign. So tried to get rid of Jews by creating impossible conditions for them in Germany [no right to work, no right to go to school, no right to use the public transport]. However, when he saw that no other country would give the Jews a refuge [US was in the midst of the Great depression], his policies deteriorated and went from bad to worse.
  16. Anonymous Member

    "The final goal must be the removal of the Jews. To accomplish these goals, only a government of national power is capable and never a government of national weakness."

    Read more:,8599,2076346,00.html#ixzz1P24mZbPZ
  17. Anonymous Member

    I read the article. "Removal" can be interpreted in many ways. He really did begin his anti-Jewish campaign in Germany by removing the Jews from all universities, hospitals and public offices. Even in Israeli schools they teach the kids [we had a whole high-school year of Holocaust studies] that in the beginning Hitler was cautious not murder the Jews and his regime was giving the German Jews visas to leave Germany. The same goes for Austrian Jews - after the anschluss they were robbed of their possessions, but nevertheless most were allowed to leave.
    I think Hitler decided that he would be able to get away with complete annihilation of Jews much later than that. Probably after he invaded Russia and Ukraine.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts on this, I now agree that he might not have been promoting the murder of Jews when he wrote that letter.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Historians regard the Babi Yar massacre as the turning point in the German policy [August 1941]. Nazis entered Kiev in August 1941, and I think just a few weeks later, they shot all the city Jews, some say around 100,000. Many high-up SS commanders were present during the massacre and they noted that it was difficult on German soldiers shooting so many men, woman and children. That's why the gaz chambers began being developed. At first Germans just experimented with putting people in trucks and killing them with the exhaust pipes. But that had a difficult effect on the drivers that had to hear the victims scream. Hence Himler entrusted Rudoph Hoess to figure something out in Auschwitz.
    I read the entire autobiography that Hoess written while on death row. Although he is a shit writer and is a total hick, he had some interesting stories to tell. If you take his book, and read it in conjunction with that of Philip Mueller, who was a Slovak Jew who was part of the Zondercommando in Auschwitz, you get a pretty good picture of how the things have progressed.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Also it provides an essential perspective to those who see Scientology as "just a harmless religion" which would never implement its "quietly and without sorrow" KSW on a global scale. Once could say that Hitler's hatred of Jews started out less fanatical than Scientology's hatred of non-Scientologists - SP's in particular - and that given a chance it wouldn't be unlikely to see a T4-like program instituted. It's only the CoS's hilarious failure, and courageous people who speak out, and ome dumb luck, which have protected us from it.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes, the horrible plight of the St. Louis that really helped to convince Hitler that nobody cared about the Jews!
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    It's pretty well settled that TC didn't know what he was talking about, since 'Princess' in Hebrew is either Sarai or Sarah, not Suri. And in Persian/Farsi 'suri' (red/blaze) is generally a modifier to another word, such as "Chaharshanbeh Suri" (Red Wednesday), the last Wednesday before the Persian new year. It's also used to refer to a specific type of red rose.

    And as I said back in 2009, I don't have much use for TomKat but I suspect they, like many other parents, got snookered by one of the hundreds of "Baby Name" books that plays fast and loose with the meaning of names.

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    Tom raised in Syracuse, has child named Suri Cruise, doesn't take much of a leap.
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    Just a daily reminder to everyone in this thread, Tom Cruise is an award winning humanitarian, you are not.
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    FTFY Herro :)
  29. Anonymous Member

    Yes I am.
  30. Anonymous Member

    so winning the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights
    makes you a humanitarian
  31. Anonymous Member

    He's also guilty.
  32. Herro Member

    You comparing Simon Wisenthal to a dude that used helicopter gunships on civilian protesters? You'll never be an award winning humanitarian like Tom Cruise, recipient of the Simon Weisenthal Center Humanitarian Award.

    You can find out more information about Tom Cruise, recipient of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Humanitarian Award here and here.
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    No, but I'm sure yours does from having Tom Cruise so far up it!
  36. It's obvious that whyweprotest is anti-free speech. Since you keep deleting my truthful posts about the holohoax. Simon Wiesenthal is a fraud.
    Tom Smith
    This message by Tom Smith has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    I thought derail poster would also add "the hole does not exist".
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    Holy fucking thread necro.

  40. Herro

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