Simon Weisenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Sure, anonSoldier!
    I have an award for you right here:

  2. anonsoldier Member

    Thanks, but I believe Anonymous vicieux and NoNo deserve that far more than I do, and if I had a Purple Heart I'd be inclined to present it to them.

    Also, should have gotten a picture of the Volunteer Service Medal (an actual award) ;)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I don't think a listing as a co-chairman constitutes being called an attendee, they are probably the contributors (Jett posthumously through his parents) & petitioners that got this event to be done by the SWC.

    Which still doesn't excuse the Simon Wiesenthal Center for not properly researching Cruise and his cult plus investigating the consequences and potential for extreme embarrassment at some point for allowing such a poor choice such as Tom Cruise to be considered for a humanitarian award
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It is pretty Tacky.
  5. Holl Anon Member

    You miss the point entirely. The dinner is about raising loads of cash for the center and using Tom Cruise as the bait will certainly do this. The ceremony is not at all about Tom Cruise.. the person or Scientology freakoid. It's about his celebrity to rake in the dollars. The SMC cares less about the man's religion or lack of ethics.
  6. Anonymous Member

    No, I did see that also and that's why I talked about their lack of "investigating the consequences and potential for extreme embarrassment at some point for allowing such a poor choice such as Tom Cruise to be considered for a humanitarian award".

    What good is it if having Cruise as a humanitarian award winner for the money when once the cult is fully exposed for what it is and how complicit Cruise was (i.e. inurement) that they may as well have awarded it Mel Gibson for all the bad PR it will generate.
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  7. Holl Anon Member

    You're assuming alot. I doubt that is going to happen any time soon and it will have no detrimental effect on the SWC.
  8. Anonymous Member

    And you assume too little. More and more is getting exposed all the time about the cult i.e. the article about TC's slave labor enhanced buses & bike inurement. Plus a protest is being setup for this, something I doubt they've dealt with before at a SWC benefit and that sometimes stuff like this happens to get legs by a press that is less afraid of the cult anymore and loves absurdities like this.

    Maybe it wont happen but is it worth the chance, I don't think so. Otherwise maybe next year Louis Farrakhan will be next year's SWC Humanitarian award winner if celebrity is all they need and the potential for bad PR is not a concern.
  9. Holl Anon Member

    I don't assume anything. I deal in realities. You're free to protest the SWC all you want.. it won't phase them a bit. The SWC has often been protested before by pro-Palestinian groups. They'll set up a security perimeter like they always do when they have celebrity events. The article about TC's slave labor enhanced buses & bike inurement will be a faded memory to most people when this event happens and since it is being done to raise much-needed funds for the SWC, the host & guests will have no problem overlooking TC's personal issues for the evening.

    But, feel free to speculate.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The Simon Wisenthal Center (as the idealistic part of me wants to believe to be true...)
    Is supposed to be about ethics. It is a foundation based on a Humanistic cause. To learn from history, and to be watchdogs in the present to stop all of the elements which come together to make something like genocide even possible. That is why this, beyond the fluffy hollywood exterior and chummy Beverly Hills setting, is many flavors of wrong. Of all groups, these guys should see the indicators that what is propped up as glossy propaganda is a cover for some serious human rights violations, right here, right under their noses. If TC were merely an attendee, whatever...let it be open to whomever might be interested, but to prop him up with an honor is just beyond absurd.
    Which is why the only possible reasonable approach to absurdity is to counter it with absurdity, like "Springtime for Hitler".
    Very strange bedfellows we have here, that's all.
    How about they have Pee Wee Herman instead? haha. That would be so much better.
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  11. To beat a horse to death (that died already at ESMB) I only suggested at the very beginning of the OP at ESMB when these pics were posted by a member there WHY the Event Chairs were the same as in 2010? The online planner that had the event listed and all previous events for 10 years showed a pattern of never repeating the event chairs. Also, why was Jett's name on the committee list? With no note of "In Memorium" or such. Even later I asked why the RSVP was missing. I also asked WHY the online planner website had many broken links to theSWC and the hotel. There was not enough info at that time to 100% confirm that Born In Big Blue's pics were authentic. There was the possibility that they were bogus. There was also the possibility that BIBB may have been duped. Then he pm's me and asks me to call him. Then he asks me for a number for him to fax me the invite. Then he says he will not go across town to get the RSVP and fax it to me because I was not worth it. Then he posts repetedly as to why I have not called him or the SWC or the event organizer. All I ever said was "Wait for more proof so we do not end up looking like fools." This set off BIBB and his sockpuppet troll P Salerno who is still posting here and insulting and attacking me. All I ever said was "Hey, wait, maybe, maybe not, let's wait and prove it."
    Now more and more evidence is popping up all over the net that indeed T.C. has been nominated.
    I guess BIBB / P S does NOT like to be questioned. look at his replies to me here and at ESMB.
    this guy has problems.
  12. Then again, one should not assume that the SWC sits at the left or right hand of God. They have their own human rights failings.

    Read this:
    February 12, 2010
    Simon Weisenthal Centre to build ‘tolerance museum’ on Arab graveyard
    Sheera Frenkel in Jerusalem
    The tombs are crumbling and overturned in the ancient Muslim cemetery of Mamilla but they do not mean any less to those whose relatives are buried here.
    Dyala Husseini-Dajani and her husband, who belong to two of the oldest Arab families in Jerusalem, point to the areas where their ancestors are buried. Soon, she fears, there will be nothing left of the burial plot — established in the centre of Jerusalem more than 400 years ago — as the entire area is earmarked for demolition to make way for a new “Museum of Tolerance”, a £160 million complex sponsored by the US-based Simon Weisenthal Centre. “How can they not see the irony of this so-called Museum of Tolerance?” Mrs Husseini-Dajani asked. <snip>
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for taking the time to patiently explain this to me. As I said above somewhere, I think it was smart to make sure that there was a factual confirmation before moving ahead with speculation. So, I guess we can then conclude that this is true...? And as odd as a made for television cheezy movie. Cheers.
  14. Anonymous Member

    :) Bulk---Outstanding-Volunteer-W-5365002.jpg
  15. Anonymous Member

    volunteer service medal -
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  16. Anonymous Member

    All three of you deserve those awards!

    As for Tom Cruise and his obviously purchased simon wiesenthal center humanitarian award they can just go to hell for all the absurdity that contains!!!

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center should be shamed out of existance for such a ridiculous move!!!!
  17. Yeah Zorg great work really.
  18. TYVM

    I had another idea: to email any Jewish personality in Hollyweird and fill them in on what's going on. If that doesn't create a wave then inform the Palestinian Groups, any Civil Liberties group, any other group anywhere. I'm sure a multi-critic protest would have an exponential effect on this event.

    Just sayin'.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Zorg, go to the "big fish" first.
    --->people with clout. more clout, less work.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Thank You, Sweetheart.
    we all get a piece of that honor. ;-)
  21. THAT is the trick. WHO to contact. The mostes for the leastes.

    Any ideas?
  22. Anonymous Member

    There's different angles to approach this from. There were some suggestions made earlier in this thread, bounce off it your head and see what you think... Sumner Redstone (big time hollywood exec), Radio personality Dennis Prager (wife is chair. his show is on the air on a major radio network and will have a broad reach, just to float this out there for people to discuss) , Alan Dershowitz is an interesting one, because he has earned himself some major respect. those are some ....
  23. DeathHamster Member

    I think Jett Travolta will be unable to make it.
  24. Anonymous Member

    If you want to add some spin to this situation i would publicly go after Steven Spielberg and David Geffen.
    With enough "heat" they may find themselves too busy to attend.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Naw, they can just dig him up whenever they need to and bring him along!
  26. Anonymous Member

    just stating the obvious, if you choose to contact some people outside of this WWP realm, please do so in an intelligent, thoughtful, respectful, humble way.... ok, now i will stfu my lecture. bye.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    As far as I've heard people have been doing just that but there's no problem in stating the obvious just to be sure.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Zorg, there's an easier way to state this:

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  29. moarxenu Member

    If this event is really going to honor TC are LA anons planning to raid on May 5?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Can we give Pee Wee Herman an honor?
  31. Anonymous Member

    and get Borat to show up!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    It's Tax Season.
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  33. Smurf Member

    I also spoke with Janice Prager today and talked with her a bit about the growing outcry over this absurdity and how the Simon Wiesenthal Center will be viewed by many as compromising their integrity in order to raise money. I also encouraged Janice to check out some links on what's happening at Scientology's very own concentration camps, Gold Base & Twin Peaks. Certainly, they don't rise to the tragic level of Nazi concentration camps, but individual rights are being ignored and people are being abused.. in the name of religion.. and that the SWC Board of Directors would be very foolish in turning a blind eye to this.

    I also advised Janice that many victims of Scientology and its disconnection policy are Jewish and I suspect a large segment of the Jewish community, which the SWC relies on for support, will question the SWC's support of Tom Cruise given his well-known personal relationship with David Miscavige. Ms. Prager was unaware of the New Yorker article nor stories of physical abuse attributed to Scientology leaders.

    She seemed genuinely disturbed at the notion of a large community protest outside the SWC condeming their acknowldgement of Tom Cruise. That said, there's strength in numbers. Pressure needs to be exerted on the SWC on a daily basis with written protests to the Jewish media, especially the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which is very keen on public interest stories dealing in human rights abuses.

    ** Janice Prager, National Director of Development at 800-900-9036, fax 310-772-7651, or email:

    ** ... &b=6212365 (at bottom of page, Contact Us)

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  34. Smurf, you are just too fucking cool! Nice work!
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  35. Cool. One of the infamous Anon Caeks. I like it!
  36. Anonymous Member


    thanks, honey!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I just launched a pretty decent harpoon, I must say.

    Something I should note though...

    I don't think we actually want to have Tom Cruise removed as the honoree, in reality. If he is removed, the story dies, no press, no harpoons, nothing.

    If he stays, we could have a pretty decent story that might even get picked up by some media.

    I'm not sure what this means, because it's definitely good to launch harpoons. I don't think we should ask for him to be removed though. Just sayin'.
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  38. I was so respectful and calm. Got an auto response. Interesting- it took a long time for the website to load. Must be a lot of traffic right now.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I haven't been paying attention to the mediaz, but if you want to pass it along to a shit stirrer, go to the mediawhore Harvey Levin at TMZ.
  40. Smurf Member

    The supervising producer at TMZ is a friend of mine... she is well aware of what's going on with the SWC.
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