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Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by Anonymous, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. rickybobby Member

    I was honored to hold your sign, sir!
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. rickybobby Member

    Oooooooo jealous of your big button. Can I use it too??????????
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  4. WMAnon Member

    Blue wigs forever!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You mean that guy in Wing Commander was wearing a wig? No way!
  6. rickybobby Member

    Someone told me you are a fellow blue wig femanon.... true?
  7. WMAnon Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    ah, the upstart West Coast Blue Wig Girl meets the establishment East Coast Blue Wig Girl. Will sparks fly? Do fish swim?
    Stay tuned
  9. A.O.T.F Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    BWG haz definate sign making skills. see

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  11. WMAnon Member

    Those signs were awesome. What ended up happening to them?
  12. WMAnon Member

    Actually, there have been quite a few of us. I think it was Toronto that had one for a while, and one of the GB groups, and maybe Minn? Less of a rivalry and more of a Sisterhood of the Blue Wigs
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I thought you took yours. I gave some to lostasea, maybe yours was in that bunch. I'm still waiting to see pics of them at a raid.
  14. AnonyDeath65 Member

    Look great :) I love the "YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED US." Great signs!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    It's spring break for me this month and I got all kinds of projects to do.

    Anon with Fro and Strong Strength sent me some images.


    more to come..
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  16. Anonymous Member

    It was tips from rickybobby and Anon with Fro that gave me the idea for the goggle design. With the padding it makes it softer and pulls the mask away from my face to hide the nose. And makes more room for my glasses underneath. It is comfortable with the flat masks velcro'd to the top of the goggles.

    edit: The mask was comfortable, but I couldn't see very well out the little eye holes. I ended up not using the goggles.

    My Xander face
    View attachment ztj7e1.jpg

    Maybe I'll change my name to StrongFro!

    Did anyone get the Me and Bobby McGee reference? Too subtle?
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  17. rickybobby Member

    Hey! I like that---

    Sisterhood of the Blue Wigs.

    Expect Us.
  18. rickybobby Member

    I have a question... If we set up a table with an e-meter so we could let people play with it, and perhaps give out copies of the stress test and explain how the scam works, is there anything they could do about it? What about setting up a Chanology "educational" table, so people can see what a bowl of crap this is? What if we got to the bus station and set up our table first?
  19. WMAnon Member

    Technically I think there's something about the e-meter ruling that makes setting up your own stress test table problematic, but there's nothing in the world stopping you from handing out educational materials right in front of theirs. Local ordinances might have things about setting up tables, check with your permitfag.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Sparks flew.
    All hail Blue Wig Girls
  21. OMG i LOVE THIS!! hahahahaha!!!!!
  22. tinfoilhatter Member

    Those beatings are not free, you should put the cost of one of their bullshit courses on the sign too. it should read :

    Only $1500+tax
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  24. One-page pdf file of the image I just posted, which was a screenshot of said pdf document.
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The image didn't post. Do you want help?

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