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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Freedom_Has_No_Borders, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I'm new to the site (no, don't automatically stop reading!) and I was thinking of a low-key and simple way to spread an anti-scientology and pro-anon message. It would require no prior organization and little effort on the part of an individual.

    Leaving paper or cardboard signs in highly visible/public places with anti-scientology messages/logos or pro-anon messages/logos. Placing these signs near Scientology hang-outs would be ideal, but other areas could easily be used. Places like busy parking lots, subway stations, outside movie theaters, public squares, outside busy restaurants, on the side of a busy street, etc. Basically anyplace where a large number of people visit every day.

    Simply visit a location in off hours and hang the sign securely and in a visible place. It would also be best to place the sign in a hard to access place (maybe bring a ladder). Points will be given for the most creative place to hang a sign (photos or it didn't happen). Great care should be taken to ensure the sign is not placed on private property. At first when I was thinking about simple visual memes I thought of graffitti but quickly dismissed it as inappropriate defacement since it is difficult to remove. I'd imagine one would get in much less trouble putting up a sign.

    The biggest problem I can think of is whether or not this would be considering littering. Suggestions for signs and locations would be appreciated. If this idea received enough attention I could see 'sign-raids' in the future, where suddenly pro-anon signs appear overnight all over a city/town. I would love some feedback on this, positive or negative.
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    see for details
  3. I already know most of what I see on that website. Am I missing something that pertains to what I'm talking about?
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    In my community we post up large hand drawn art paper works of the guy fawkes mask sketched in charcoal and dry pastel, and with fixative (to prevent smudging) And have the usual links (esmb, xenu, clambake, wwp etc) with some random message scrawled across the bottom and on the borders, like "fight against fascism", "take on coercive media today" and such,we post many different sizes on community notice boards through out the area. I also pamphleteer scientology entry level publications in all public libraries around here and am actually looking at posting some "you found the cards" in other critical thinking type publications (to try and get more peeps active) in the same libraries as peeps have stopped loaning out the cult literature these days.
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  5. In Melbourne, the anons take to putting up posters around the CBD just before the actual protest takes place. One of the anons in Melbourne has a new idea for posterbombing, but only he'd have the details on that.
  6. Pamphleting books related to scientology is a fantastic idea (wish I had thought of it)
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    You should have stuck with your first instinct, just reversed. LURKMOAR.
  8. unfortunately (?) i don't live anywhere near a place where reverse graffitti would work
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