Simple Ways to Avoid Iranian Cyber Security

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. The following article describes the means, and even one of the main locations, that the Iranians have been using to try and keep the protesters from organizing. Another festering wound left over from the days of the Shah.


    DEBKAfile - First round in Internet war goes to Iranian intelligence

    June 28, 2009

    Millions of sympathizers around the world looked forward to seeing Iran's protest movement using the Internet for the first online coup in history. Instead, the Iranian Islamic regime turned the tables: Its Internet police, arguably the largest in the world, pushed "control," "halt," "delete" and "send" buttons to activate a deadly weapon for suppressing the movement, as soon as it took to the streets to protest the June 12 election which was believed to have given Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a false victory.

    By Sunday, June 28, when the Guardian Council was to hand down its final verdict on their complaints, the street rallies had petered out.

    Part of the reason was their organizers' heavy reliance on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other social sites to orchestrate their protest movement. They did not at first appreciate that Iranian intelligence Internet experts, operating from secret headquarters established months ago, were using their communications to shoot them down.

    According to our sources, that headquarters is located at the telecom center on Sepah (Khomenei) Square in Tehran. It was built for the Shah in the 1970s by the Israel construction contractors Solel Boneh and designed by Israeli intelligence and telecommunications experts.

    The high-end apparatus, installed in late 2008 by the German Siemens AG and Finnish Nokia Corp. cell phone giant, gave Iranian intelligence the most advanced tools anywhere for controlling, inspecting, censoring and altering Internet and cell phone messaging. Those tools were being used weeks before the poll to identify penetrations by alien spy services, their local agents and dissident activists.

    This system is capable of conducting "deep packet inspection" of every type of text and video communication in all parts of Iran on three tracks:

    1. Like other advanced electronic spy systems in the world, this one uses such keywords as attack, weapons, cash, data, explosives, meeting, demonstration, resistance, protest, etc. to alert Iran within milliseconds to feeds of interest by computer or phone - mail, signals or visuals.

    In a flash, intelligence analysts get a fix on the sender and the electronic addressee which are then placed on a surveillance list for further monitoring. Once identified, the sender or receiver and their connections are closely shadowed by field agents.

    2. By "deep packet inspection," the secret controllers can cause delays in online data transfers, which surfers may attribute to glitches connected with their providers. The more targets under surveillance, the more online transfers are slowed down.

    Iranian sources report that the day after the presidential poll and resulting street outbreaks, Iran's Internet control and tracking supervisors took over the 10 leading service providers in the country. Their first action was to slow down incoming and outgoing cyber traffic from 1,500 to 54 kilobytes to make sure that not a single byte by Internet or cell phone to or from protest leaders escaped their notice.

    Tehran has vented its ire on Britain because it is accused of providing the organizers of the dissident movement with London telephone numbers to circumvent the deliberate slowdown of online traffic from inside the country. These numbers gave anti-government activists instant, direct links through Western Internet providers for getting their messages out to the world. Iran suspects they were laid on by British intelligence.

    Eventually, the British lines became jammed by overload.

    3. Iranian intelligence made cynical use of the large amount of electronic and personal data accumulated on anti-regime elements. Instead of detaining their prey at once, Iranian intelligence invaded their computers and cell phones to plant false leads for smoking unsuspecting activists out in the open and keeping them under inspection.

    Within a few days of their protest, Mir Hossein Mousavi and the bulk of his supporters, realizing their electronic campaign had been taken over by the regime to hunt them down, disappeared from the streets of Tehran.

    Wednesday, June 24, when the extent of the damage the Iranian Internet invasion had inflicted on American interests was brought home to him, US secretary of defense Robert Gates ordered a special cyber defense system set up to protect the US armed forces' 15,000 Web sites, which encompass seven million computers. Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, was put in charge of getting the new system up and running by the end of 2010.

    Tuesday, June 23, a group of US senators led by the Republic presidential candidate John McCain and independent Joe Lieberman initiated legislation to fund a cyber defense system capable of combating Internet assaults like the one mounted by the Iranian government.


    I would highly advise that anyone using the internet in Iran study the following articles:

    Security through obscurity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Steganography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The protests are so huge, so overwhelming, that the regime cannot arrest everyone. They cannot control everyone. They just pick people at random, and make examples out of them, in an attempt to intimidate, and terrorize. There is no way that they can attack every single protester. They are weak, but they do everything they can to create a false illusion of power. That illusion is all they have. That lie is the only way they can try to control and suppress their masses.

    The people of Iran will be free. Their will is too strong, and their numbers too great, for the regime to do anything but slow down the landslide that is overtaking them. It is only a matter of time before they fall. The question is how many can we protect, and how many can we save from their random attacks, as this happens?
  2. echo-IRAN Member

    0.5/10 A lot of bull shit.
  3. Life is bullshit. And then you die.

    Fuck the ayatolla! He will fall. Iran will have freedom, and there is not a single thing anyone in the Iranian military can do about it. They may as well start switching sides now, because if they wait too long they're gonna get a rude awakening.

    It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.
  4. Lara Member

    what is, the article he quoted or the advice he gave about internet security?
  5. echo-IRAN Member

    A lot of bullshit so there is no point in reading it. I can give you advice if you want.
  6. Lara Member

    But which did you mean? The article, I can understand. But his comment was merely some friendly words about the Iranians' situation and those sympathetic to them. I can requote him.

    not sure what you are objecting to here.
  7. echo-IRAN Member

    Not objecting, but bullshit is bullshit.
  8. Agreed.
    About the only bit that's true is the title: "First round in Internet war goes to Iranian Intelligence," [and that may turn out to be something of a pyrrhic victory in the long run.]
  9. ...only speaking for myself, but the article at the top is pure b.s.

    I've no issue with the comment below.
  10. Lara Member

    see what he says at the beginning of his post:
    As far as I can tell, he is encouraging Iranians to use particular information from this, albeit pro-regime, article to remind themselves of the different methods they need to avoid. He does not condone the article, in fact his comment at the top suggests that he disapproves...

    just trying to think objectively.

    then again, since he is unregistered, he may just be using the opportunity to trick people like me into reading propaganda, although not tricking people like you. :(
  11. All the OP says is that the Iranians are using their own internet cops to track down and arrest protesters, and it explains in detail how they are doing it and describes one of the locations they are doing it from. Then it offers a suggestion about how to get around it.

    I don't know why anyone would think that is bullshit, or why they would discourage people from reading it. That seems kind of obvious and very suspicious, to me. Don't want people to know how to avoid being caught by you, hmmm? That is the only reason anyone would have a problem with the OP. I guess we know what the logon names a few of the government agents on this site use now, now don't we?
  12. echo-IRAN Member

    In cause you don't know, the guy who wrote the article is dumb, whatever he wants to say. You are pretty welcome to read it.
  13. Lara Member

    I somehow don't think you are actually reading the original post yet. I think you are still just reading the article that is quoted within the post, that the original post disapproves of. I would recommend reading in context.

    Not sure about you but I would also like to avoid being an uninformed commentator. So even if it is bad, I will still at least read it before I openly reject it.
  14. echo-IRAN Member

    Lara, it's called you hear what you want to hear. Article is full of make up nonsense. Enjoy.
  15. If that was all it said, then personally I wouldn't have used the phrase "bullshit". The fact is that the article contains a mixture of truth, half-truth, un-truth, pure fantasy, and important omissions. So it's not - at least to my way of thinking - helpful (however good the OP's intentions may have been.)

    Anyway, sleep beckons. Laters.
  16. Lara Member

    In case it needs to be spelled out clearly, I agree with you. :confused:;; I am not sure how you missed this point. Less cynicism would be appreciated, there is enough of that already, although if you're unable to for whatever reason that's ok.
  17. You know, I have been noticing that my computer has been giving me a lot of those glitches, especially when I am in myspace or facebook talking about just this subject. Guess those keywords the dictatorship is searching for are popping up, triggering the Iranian search bots.

    So since my IP is now probably on the list that is on your servers in "the telecom center on Sepah (Khomenei) Square in Tehran", I would like to tell you now, fuck yourself. Search it. Track it. Try to find me from the IP and any other information your search bots have recorded. I don't give a fuck. Again, you can fuck yourself. It is obvious that you enjoy having your lips firmly planted on the Shah Khameini's ass, I hope you enjoy the sensation when that ass catches on fire and you burn with it.

    There are so many people against you, you will never get them all. Your servers are probably completely full already with the information you have been recording, and I bet you're scrambling to find more space to hold the information. Good luck. You are going to fail anyway. Iran will be free, and you all will face justice for your treason. you are traitors to your people, and lapdogs to a tyrant. Enjoy your last days groveling at his feet.
  18. They live as dogs, and they die as dogs.
  19. Difficult to know who is who, and who is hiding behind what nick, specially if they are registered. Personally I am from Scandinavia, so I am lucky to not be among those who accuse eachother for spreading misinformation.

    I appreciate the information given by the OP. At least I see his post as "good and useful brainstorming". I simply do not understand why "echo" (one previous poster in this thread) has such a need to attack the OP and call his post for "bullshit".

    "echo" has probably been throwing too many stones lately. So much that I am starting to see a pattern of negativity. A couple of days away from this forum, and a away from stone throwing will probably give him some needed rest and do him well.

    The OP give a very good description of Iranian intelligence methods, as they are very similar worldwide, because they are all based on the human psycology, and human psycology is basicly no different in Iran than in other parts of the world.

    The OP also point out the iranian intelligents weakness, that is they can not monitor EVERYONE, they can not attack EVERYONE, and they can not stop EVERYONE, they can only target as small group of activists, and do their terror in hope of it will scare off the others they don't have enough manpower or resources to take down.

    To the Iranian protesters: The OP here give valuable information about methods. Information about possible "locations" I would personally not value so much, as indicators yes, but not hard fact. So protestors, do your work in LARGE NUMBERS, HUGE CROWDS, _EVERYONE_ take pictures, _EVERYONE_ post on blogs, _EVERYONE_ send information abroad and in between each other, _EVERYONE_ use proxys, _EVERYONE_ join any activity or method that is needed to get your freedom. Remember they can only target and stop some of you, NOT ALL OF YOU.

    To the OP: 8/10 :)
  20. echo-IRAN Member

    Well, the word is red herrings. There are too much of it to catch so I declare that it's bullshit, most of it. It can easily be proven if you don't agree. Once you make things up it's propaganda, and it works badly with people who live in free countries. Though it might works for those who can't tell between Washington Post and Washington Times, one being owned by the officially crowned King of America, and who doesn't know one First Lady recommended Jonestown.

    The [edit: not truth, my mistake] false info in the article is about 8/10, any challenges? The message is that the Internet is doomed in Iran, you might just as well give up on it. And the Iranian govt are so good at it that they are going to doom the rest of the world.
  21. Data overload

    Very good observation. The tactic could be called "overloading the archives". Yes, the data can be searched for keywords, but eventually humans must take over and take some action, and the evil ones simply cannot target everyone on the planet.
  22. echo-IRAN Member

    To the Scandinavia. May be you are the only one who doesn't feel that your intelligence is being insulted by the too obvious things you quoted? I don't claim to understand the Iranians' state of mind, but I would thing anybody will be insulted.
  23. echo-IRAN Member

    Make it two.
  24. "insulting this and insulting that", "you insult me", "I feel insulted".

    If people could grow up and stop hiding behind "feeling so insulted", then human kind and humanity would probably have progressed to higher levels. This insulted-crap is probably the most important factor to hold back human evolution.
  25. echo-IRAN Member

    Scientology insulted the Internet. The Iranian govt insulted the people's vote.
  26. It is not possible to insult anyone unless the person or group you target have the habit of "feeling insulted". Scientology do what they do, "the internet feel insulted". Iranian government did not respect the peoples vote, "the people feel insulted".

    It is a well known fact, that once you stop giving power to your "feelings of being insulted", then you free up power to TAKE CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION.

    Once you stop falling into the trap of "feeling insulted", then your opponent can no longer use "insults" to passify you. Thus your opponent has one less weapon to use.
  27. echo-IRAN Member

    so what are you trying to say? disrespect not= insult? The article disrespect my intelligence and most people would feel the same way except, perhaps, two.
  28. Ray Murphy Member

    Where did this ridiculous notion come from - or are you just trying to practice verbal gymnastics?
  29. I don't know what the argument in this thread is about.

    As for overloading their servers, that is an excellent idea. Is there anyway to make the IP numbers of a massive amount of computers look like they are from Iran, and then have those computers start all start sending the evil keywords the Iranian government traitors look for? Fill their servers up with so much complete garbage that they will never be able to sort through it all.
  30. echo-IRAN Member

    That is not an idea. That's old news from Iran. And No.
  31. Do you have any details, or positive feed back to add, or can you just say one word: "bullshit". Why is it bullshit? Explain. Why won't it work. Explain. Same thing as asking people to confirm. Confirm. Why all the negative comments, with nothing to back them up?
  32. echo-IRAN Member

    I explained that 80% is bullshit. I can explain one at a time if you ask me.

    That is not an idea. That's old news from Iran. And No.

    Is that clear enough for you?

    You know it's very negative to spam the communications in times of war for nothing? This board may not be important but you never knows.
  33. Yes, explain it one at a time. Isn't that what was asked? You have said you would at least twice now, but you have not. Go for it. Explain. You have been asked.

    If anyone is spamming, it is you with vague comments about "bullshit" and no explanations.
  34. echo-IRAN Member

    I mean if you challenge me about one thing from the OP spam article, I can try to explain whether if it's in the 80% of bullshits. Like this already explains a few points:

    That is not an idea. That's old news from Iran. And No.
  35. So again, a vague claim of "bullshit" with absolutely no explanation as to why.

    This needs to be done. We need a list of the words they do deep packet inspections for, and a shitload of Iranian IPs set up. Then these fuckers need to be flooded with deep packets that their software detects and logs, so their computer storage space becomes completely full with nothing but bullshit information. They'll never be able to catch real, innocent, Iranians, because their means of detecting them on the internet will be clogged up.

    Do you think this is bullshit echo? Why. Explain. Otherwise, I call complete bullshit on you. You must feel a threat from this topic. That is what it looks like from the way you are talking. Prove me wrong.
  36. echo-IRAN Member

    This is not one thing. There are one to two bullshits in each sentence, which is amazing.
  37. You can't even write in English correctly. Could you be more obvious.

    Have fun sorting through all the useless information.
  38. echo-IRAN Member

    Is that a racist remark or what? Or one of those pain in the ass English major at 30K per year?
  39. Yeah, it sure is racist trying to help Iranians save themselves from a bunch of cowardly government dogs. I guess everyone who posted here is a Zionist dog, huh? Those one line arguments may work for the ayatollah's brainwashed school girls who call themselves his military, but they don't work for anyone else.
  40. Don't worry. I am writing a program that will generate random comments with words in them that I think are the words they look for, and then blast them out saying they are coming from locations in Iran. I'm not a very good programmer, though, so if anyone could help or write their own programs, that would really help. I'm sure there a lot of concerned people out there who are much, much better at this than me.

    The goal is to create a massive red herring for them, and tie them all up following useless leads. We also want to fill their memory space on their servers, so they don't have room to log information about real people.

    Any help at all, as well as specific, honest criticism, would really be appreciated.

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