Site providing photos of protestors to militia/intelligence forces (Reddit repost)

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

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    This is unconfirmed, but as soon as I saw this post on I thought you guys should know. Perhaps a DoS is in order, anons?
  2. Again

    I read this too? Is this one being hosted by a US server? Call the US dept of state. Foreign spying using US networks is thier jurisdiction.
    Aren't hillary's staffer on this board? Ahem?
  3. There are a couple of other sites with the same pics

    Try to do something about and too... If you have linux, you might look into slowloris to hog their sockets without wasting much bandwidth.
  4. Nul.nul Member

    First two sites seem to be down but is still up FYI is also under

    OS: OpenWRT white Russian 0.9 (linux 2.4.30)
    ports open:
    80 & 443 - HTTP -Apache 2.2.8
    2082/2083/2086/2087/2095/2096 -HTTP - Cpanel HTTPd 11.24
    25 & 465 - SMTP - Exim SMTPd 4.69
    110 & 995 - PoP3 - Courier pop3d
    22 - ssh - Openssh 3.9p1
    3306 - MySQL
    143 & 993 - Imap - Courier Imapd (release 2008)

    This information is for educational purposes and I am not responsible for what the internet does.

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