Site showing pictures of protesters!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. frands cooed

    hey guys!
    we non computer savvy users, are all bombarding them with mails, subscribing them to various newsletters, etc.
    anything else we could do ?
  2. Srpska Member

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding Gerdab to be decidedly sluggish. Another push and we might take it down; and if you think it's more important to refrain from DDoSing and preserve the bandwidth, REMEMBER WHAT THIS SITE FUCKING DOES.

    If we can prevent even one person from being raped and beaten in Evin Prison, it will be worth it.
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Would it use up any more bandwidth if users could dump all images soon after loaded them, so they have to be re-sent - or is that too time consuming?
  4. Stacy Member

  5. Ray Murphy Member

  6. but i am getting a 500 error !!!
    is it normal ??
    is the site down ?
    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
  7. Ray Murphy Member

    Those two addresses are still working here
  8. You magnificent bastards -- what did you do to gerdab? I can't reach it. I was just about to run some scans on it too, but this is better still.
  9. Stacy Member

  10. Vee Member

    Still blocked for me in Australia
  11. FintanDunne Member

  12. Stacy Member

    Have you checked through a proxy?
  13. Vee Member

    Not yet at work. Will do so when I get home.
  14. FintanDunne Member

    If posts re this target were made in all AnonIran threads dealing
    with taking down protester pics --then posters in those threads
    will get a "reply posted" email and may come aboard.

    I would do but writing a story on this to publicize instead.

    Find the threads by searching AnonIran for "" for example.
  15. NEW IP HELP for tonight

    After 10 hours of attacks last night (which crashed my PC) the bastards completley banned my IP now. Can't connect to any of the sites I was hitting last night and I know they are still up... What is good way to get around it guys? Need a completley different subnet. Release and renew isn't doing the trick.
  16. if you want something to do . . .

    call mr. Mehran Emami, the manager for site, +982122461580

    and tell him 'allah akbar' for me.
    in fact, call him a bunch of times.
    he's still answering his phone

    sounds annoyed . . .

    only costs $.18 on skype.
  17. lol'ed out of my chair.

    He... is... PISSED!
  18. Total awesomeness
  19. Not answering anymore

    i think he's too busy taking all your all's calls. so pass on my 'allahu akbar', go ahead, say it a few times extra when you get him on the line.

    and if he doesn't answer, just keep calling - then the call's free.
  20. If you were here you would witness me bowing to the engineering prowess that is occurring. More, Plis.

    1) call mr. Mehran Emami, the manager for site, +982122461580
    2) Tell him: "ALLLLAAAAAAWAKBAR"
  21. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    Great job guys...I can't get through to him. I want to hear him pissed!!! :D Keep these good ideas coming, let's think outside the box.

    For those of us who aren't hackers, let's come up with some more ways of sending the message that it doesn't matter how far away we are from Iran, what language we speak, what they do, we will continue our support. And we're freaking obnoxious--we aren't going away.
  22. Vee Member

    Everyone at work is looking at me funny because I just burst out laughing :S
  23. OK, what gives? I get an "internal server error" from گرداب | even when using CoDeeN proxies (which let me change my IP address like changing my shirt) and yet everyone else says they can reach it just fine?
  24. try this: It's just you.
    here in greece it's up
  25. Vee Member

    He is still pissed.... Not a friendly chap.
  26. I added his number to our auto-dialer...

    tee hee :D

    Lets see if we can't make this faggot an hero.
  27. It says, they are looking for the people whose faces are circled. It also says that number 1 & 19 have been identified.
  28. I forgot to mention that the security apparatus of Iran are looking for these guys,who been protesting
  29. While I was signing info and up for some nice MLM programs, I went ahead and put his number down.

    He should be getting a call about exciting opportunities in 24-48 hours.

    Noticed when you do a whois, he doesn't seem to appear in the info anymore XD.
  30. can't even whois at all - it times out

    hmmm . .. you guys are so bad, you must have really got on his tits . ..

    whois won't bring up any entries at all. even the cia has more balls than they do . . .

    they're packing up their toys, and they're going home (to play with themselves, evidently)

    good thing we published all that information already.

    keep up the good work !!!!!!! (HE'S STILL ANSWERING HIS PHONE - what is wrong with him? must be an important phone number they don't want to change. such amateurs. which reminds me, i hope we win this thing soon, because we're forcing them to become pro's - so it won't be so easy next time . . . )

    time to start calling their tips lines . . . can anyone still get the number they are publishing for people to call to snitch on protesters? and if so, would you mind writing a transliterated version of how we could report ahmadinejad's family (mother, wife, children) as protesters in farsi? i'll have a terrible accent, but i'm sure they'll enjoy the joke as much as me . . .

    thanks . . .
  31. If you raidfags don't come away with having learned new stuff/tactics when this is all over, then Xenu help us but we're buggered. D:

    But when we get epic win, we will have moar iranian anons!

    Got to look for those phone numbers nao.

  32. Tynex Member

    Greate work guys!

    I'm so happy! they seems to be down for a long time now!
  33. Srpska Member

    At last, a new avenue presents itself.

    I hear Allah o akbar is the new Battletoads
  34. Srpska Member

    Up for me :(
  35. brat Member

    up for me too :(
  36. Vee Member

    Down at home. Internal server error from work. - Australia here
  37. Here's a mailbomber, you can use for and (and any others you choose). All programs are fully verified, working and AV Clean.

    To confirm, go to VirusTotal - Hash Search and paste the SHA1 hash listed beneath each file to view the file's scan report, or alternatively, download the program, and use VirusTotal - Malware Scan scan yourself (it uses 41 different well-known AntiVirus engines to carry it out).

    The program itself is dead simple to use. The only thing you will need to do, is create an anonymous email account at gmail to send from, and a .txt file using Notepad, with:

    running down the page, as many times as you want to send [make your page looooooong in other words. Copy-Paste is your friend!]

    For any gerdab related phone numbers you may receive, some landlines allow texts to be received (they hear an automated, talking voice). Alternatively, mobile phones are the obvious second choice.
    So as not to hijack this thread, any discussion on either of these, please create another thread, and link to it. Thanks.
  38. brat Member

    I'm not sure what, if any, help this might be... but gerdab's ISP is in Iran and here are the names, email addy & phone #s of those in charge...

    Mahdi Afrasyabi
    Chairman of the Board
    E-mail Address
    Phone Number +98( 21) 88050071-2
    Fax Number +98( 21) 88050070

    Majid Zahedivash
    Managing Director
    E-mail Address
    Phone Number +98( 21) 88050071-2
    Fax Number +98( 21) 88050070

    Mohammad Mahdi Zargar
    Chief Technical Officer
    E-mail Address
    Phone Number +98( 21) 88607029 , 88064834
    Fax Number +98 (21) 88064834

    Hokmollah Hekmati
    Commercial Manager
    E-mail Address
    Phone Number +98 (21 )88069356-7
    Fax Number +98 (21) 88069356

    Arash Iraji
    Public Relations Manager
    E-mail Address
    Phone Number +98( 21) 88050071-2
    Fax Number +98( 21) 88050070
  39. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    So I read somewhere that Iranian a-holes who think they can do whatever they want, and don't have morals like to hear their fax machines running...Especially when they recieve the message "die dictator scum"

    Also, it's getting boring calling the same man over and over. Such an angry man is no fun to talk to...maybe his friends would like to talk? maybe they are more fun? hehehehe Idk if they know about our very important message...let's call until they get it?

    Yeah, I think this is great many possibilities...
  40. Vee Member

    Some Lady is answering now.

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