Site showing pictures of protesters!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Srpska Member

    It occurs to me that this is exactly the sort of thing /b/ gets a hard-on over - what do people think of the idea of involving the legion just for the sheer numbers?
  2. Vee Member

    Whats /b/?
  3. /b/ is the most wonderful assortment of people on the internets. I personally would never say anything against them. But I hear that Gerdab's administrator called them all fur-fags.
  4. For anybody who has been IP banned -- if you have a router, you might want google "MAC cloning" and your particular brand. That's how I got back in the fight.

    I see that in test mode, Slow Loris perl edition is now recommending a 2 second (!!) value for "-timeout" against They're trying harder to screen us out, but I see my packets are still coming and going so the fight goes on.

    Anyone catch news of that recent protest in Tehran? It was basically a flash mob -- arresting leaders does no good once a critical mass of people has the internet in their pockets. It's a new era in protest movements. Folks were wearing surgical looking face masks.

    Keep up the fight. Our efforts are as relevant now as ever.
  5. seems to be breaking down

    for the last five minutes it is mostly down ( using - and wget with a random ip and a random / old user agent string ) . . . so i guess, don't let up - unless they are doing something on their side, it looks like all our efforts are adding up to something . . .
  6. brat Member

    just saw that myself.. that its down & for everyone. :D
  7. brat Member

    ffs, the bastards are back. :mad:
  8. D: we need to find ways that kill zombies! Permanently!
  9. We need a Zerg rush! Kekekekekeke!!!!
  10. Alpharius Member

    Stupid Comp-Controlled Zerg...

    Seriously though, there are more things to life than unleashing violent mutant freaks with masses of claws, tentacles, and snarling teeth-filled mouthes


    ...wait... nvm...
  11. gr88iran Member

  12. Gerdab

    My Ddos is running now on gerdab
  13. 13lack Member

    Anonymous would like to join.
  14. mtlycru06 Member

    im using and refreshing every 10 seconds!! hopefully this helps!!:p
  15. mtlycru06 Member

  16. mrcruzi Member

    Hey guys.can anyone please do something about this website at
    They are asking people if they can recognise the face of the protestors,so they can arrest them.There is actually one person who he said he recognize one of the protestors face & he can help them to get him.can someone do something about this web belongs to" sepah" which is one of the biggest governmental army.If anyone need translation as well m here to help.thnx.
  17. templar93418 Member

  18. Margeuvi Member

    its up to 28 now

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