Site showing pictures of protesters!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. We've got and down. Keep going!

    Mac and Linux users: open multiple windows in and paste the python pyloris command into each of them. Assuming you saved on your home desktop, here's a command specifically targeting the protesters' pictures page on (though it will take the whole site down with it):

    cd ~/Desktop && python -l -r POST -s 500000 -g "/fa/pages/?cid=407"
    And here's one for

    cd ~/Desktop && python -l -r POST -s 500000
    If you want to prevent the server from noticing you're using pyloris, you can pretend to be using, say, uh, Chrome on Windows, by adding:

     -u "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/530.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/530.5" 
    to the command (starting with a space).

    Is this legal? Who cares? It's the right thing to do. People's lives are at stake here.
  2. Cloak n Run Member


    (If you get feared into the whelps that's minus 50dkp for NOT KNOWING WHERE THE FUCK TO BE)

    More terminal tabs!
    More sites!


    Ok, off to hit some more espresso
  4. Gerdab up again. Must be using a lot of resources. is up again. They must be using a lot of resources to keep it afloat. I noticed some of my pyloris instances make fewer connections, so keep going — it's faltering.

    Alternative browser identity string if you don't want to pose as Windows:

     -u "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/XX (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ZZ Mobile/WW Safari/YY"
  5. Vee Member

    Wont load for me. Is it down?
  6. Cloak n Run Member

    One minute it is next it isn't. I've lost count today already Vee ;)
  7. Vee Member

    Oh good to hear. Im new to the internets ;) :p
  8. Someone in Tehran is trying to reciprocate. My old Mac is humming along happily.
  9. m4nfred Member

    Can someone post the whole list of target pages plz?
  10. Vee Member

    If you want an idea of how your doing. Check your router for current open nat sessions. Will give you an idea if its working.
  11. Delphies Member

  12. m4nfred Member

    thx... lets go on :)
  13. back up

    looks like they switched IPs

    you know what to do
  14. If people can keep posting sites outside Iran, the more sysadmins we get in on this, the better. There's already been one hosting service found hosting the pics in two different places. That's two birds with one stone, and possibly more birds, if the admins are looking for these pics and killing wits with them.

    So, if you post a target site hosted outside Iran, please post the whois info as well, as I'm even posting links for this info to FB and whatnot. Getting little old aunts and church-goin grannies to harass the hell out of folks.

    I mean, they're going to write embittered letters to someone, might as well be someone hosting a site for registered terrorists (IRG)
  15. Restarting your pylorises seems to help

    It seems restarting your pylorises every now and then (in the Mac, type command-. then up-arrow then return) helps: when I do, collapses within a minute. Don't know why this would work, but if it does, I'm not complaining.
  16. What does it mean when network activity drops to zero, even though pyloris claims there are hundreds of open connections? I found this strange condition this morning when I checked my system monitor. I power cycled my modem, rebooted and restarted, now everything seems to be normal. I'm on Ubuntu if that matters.
  17. green-IRAN Member

    pls take it down, they suport

    شهاب نيوز - اغتشاشگران را معرفی کنید

    domain info:
    Majid Salimi +1.4165101366
    Gama Hosting
    136 Roywood Dr.
    North York,Ontario,CA M3A 2E1

    Record last updated at 2008-04-10 09:35:02
    Record created on 2007/12/12
    Record expired on 2009/12/12

    Domain servers in listed order:

    136 Roywood Dr.
    North York
    M3A 2E1

    name:(Majid Salimi)
    mail:() +1.4165101366
    Gama Hosting
    Technical Contactor:
    136 Roywood Dr.
    North York
    M3A 2E1
  18. ^^ Looks like all their pics link to Should be ineffectual as long as gerdab stays down?
  19. brat Member

    yeah is dependent on gerdab being up for the pics to show.
  20. brat Member

    send abuse emails...

    If anyone feels like helping in a more traditional sort of way - 2 of the sites on the list I posted are customers of Cogent Communications. I've sent in an email to their abuse department for each site. Here is the information if anyone would like to help. :D

    :: وبلاگ خبری تحلیلی کوهسرخ - اين اغتشاشگران را معرفی کنید ::
    بسیجیان خط شکن - اغتشاشگران را معرفی کنید
    بهترین وبلاگ پیامک|the best sms weblog - اغتشاش گران را شناسایی کنید
    PSINet, Inc. PSINETA (NET-38-0-0-0-1) -
    PSINet, Inc. COGENT-NB-0002 (NET-38-112-0-0-1) -

    اغتشاشگران را معرفی کنید
    PSINet, Inc. PSINETA (NET-38-0-0-0-1) -
    PSINet, Inc. COGENT-NB-0002 (NET-38-112-0-0-1) -
  21. brigid_fitch Member is back up!

    And blaming the FBI for the outages. From Google Translate:

    Blocked the website for more than 80 Iranian government by America;
    Free flow of information to support American-style
    The following incidents after the bitter presidential election in the country occurred in America that the government always claims to support free flow of information and freedom of expression is the action that clumsily any rules of international law is not one of origin server sites Iranian site with more than 80 issues of social, economic, cultural and feed on it was, without previous warning and command of the FBI be available outside.

    Grabbed an old CPU from a friend on Monday and am now running slowloris. The site's slow, but still up & still identifying protesters.
  22. Restart your pyloris every hour or so

    It really seems to work this way: I came home after a few hours, and was up. Restarted my pyloris instances (7 of them) and moments later was down again.

  23. brat Member

    gerdab is up!

    as of 1:40pm EST

    and they have a new page of pictures. :mad:

    quote: After the publication of photos identifying a number of operators who seem the main causes of this movement, there was chaos on whirlpool site. They are afraid of this and hire a number of American and Canadian hackers to prevent publication of pictures with disturbance attacks to the web site and email to whirlpool. :cool:
  24. is like a zombie from a B movie is like a zombie from a B movie. You kill it a hundred times, and it gets up again. Let's überkill it! I can't do this alone, my peers. Give a hand!
  25. Srpska Member

    Let's have some more reporting to the US and CAN ISPs
  26. Good idea -- go ahead and do it, please! I just opened another 10 pyloris windows, and for now, the beast is floored again. But my CPU will burn a hole in my tabletop if I go on like this.
  27. Srpska Member

    I award you many internets for that. Pyloris is so far superior to Winloris it's unbelievable :(

    I will run some whois checks tonight, hopefully.
  28. green-IRAN Member

    I find more

    If do it wrong pls let me know!

    worst than gerdab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    بچه های قلم » به روايت لينك » (تکرار) ویژه / آخرین تصاویر آشوب‌گران و اغتشاش‌گران منتشر شد.

    they are all

    ابزورد - گرداب از مردم براي شناسايي اغتشاش گران كمك خواست

    ۩۞۩ حامیان دکتر محمود احمدی نژاد ۩۞۩ - مردم در شناسایی اغتشاشگران یاری کنند

    اغتشاشگران را شناسایی کنید!!

    ×××حامیان دکتر محمود احمدی نژاد××× - مردم در شناسایی اغتشاشگران یاری کنند

    عکس و اخبار آشوب و اغتشاش در تهران - اغتشاشگران را شناسایی کنید

    تصاوير اغتشاشگران/ ببينيد و آنها را شناسايي كنيد - سایت خبری تحلیلی خبرنویس

    Fars News Agency : Ԑ ʐ

    Server Error

    .:: چگاسه؛ پایگاه خبری تحلیلی استان بوشهر ::. .:: عکس: اغتشاشگران را شناسايي كنيد ::.

    اغتشاشگران را شناسايي کنيد - جمهوريت:اخبار داغ ، مقاله ، مصاحبه ، عکس ، کاريکاتور و طنز سياسي

    مرکز اسناد انقلاب اسلامی - تصاویر اغتشاشگران/ شناسایی كنید

    .:: Sook news Agency ::. .:: عكس / اغتشاشگران اخير را شناسايي كنيد (1) ::.
  29. Attacking it now, using pyloris:

    python -l -s 5000 -g "/linkdump/011440.php" -u "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/XX (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ZZ Mobile/WW Safari/YY" -r POST
    It goes down, but comes back again. Rinse and repeat!
  30. brat Member

    I have the whois info posted for a bunch on pgs 19/20. No point in doing it twice :) I also posted abuse info for 2 sites (that are also listed in pgs 19/20) that are both customers of Cogent a few posts above! I sent emails on those, but I'm sure if the abuse dept was flooded for the same accts by multiple people, it'd help move along any banning. :p
  31. I can't keep running all these pyloris processes... will have to cut back to just a handful of them at night. Please take over some of the work, if you aren't doing so already. It's easy; instructions are found elsewhere in this thread.
  32. f

    good work people! still dead.
  33. green-IRAN Member

    Thank all of you for helping!
  34. m4nfred Member

    good nicht everybody. i will get some sleep now....
    but my computer will kepp working^^.

    it's a pleasure to work together with you guys, hope to meet ya tomorrow.

    ...keep bombing those zombies...
  35. Can anyone tell me whether running multiple instances of Slowloris in Windows:

    (a) means Slowloris works as it should

    (b) is moar effective than running a single copy (if they're all "aimed" at the same address)

    Thanks in advance.
  36. Srpska Member

    Seconding this; also bumping my own question about whether it's wise/unwise/pointless to click Fire multiple times.
  37. If whoever wrote the software (nice work btw :) ) happens to read this, (and is thinking of creating a v0.2,) please could you embed some kind of simple progress report into the control panel). I reckon' this would keep a lot of people using it for longer.


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