Site showing pictures of protesters!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Cloak n Run Member

    PyLoris 1.8 released

    New version of PyLoris 1.8 now ready for download.

    PyLoris | Get PyLoris at

    This version only for use if your Python is 2.6 - 3.x

    Lasers at ready ;)

    BTW I posted international laws in regards to writing to ThePlanet to assist in complaint letter. Photos we trying to stop CENTRAL in cases against those who Amnesty International have concerns for torture, overcrowding in prisons, unfair trials, confessions under duress. A company like that just ain't gonna enjoy reading about legalities and their role in assisting. Iran clearly don't give a monkey's but a US company crossing the International law boundaries is very much different. Use it or not.. your choice.

    Basiji Hunter if you haven't already could you please mention the ydonaldson account as my email has not bounced back. I believe the op on that issue actually spoke to someone on the phone as they had an account with them.

    PyLoris would be even more awesome if we had a user interface that was as easy to setup as GR88's java app. Great job bro ;) Keep tweeting our requirements people and eventually we're bound to hit the jackpot.
  2. Sure - I did email Ydonaldson also - I am hoping the same email address format woud work for the CEO and the executives (first name initial, last name) - that is what I am using. I agree, they are not going to enjoy the negative association with such a nasty regime. Please spread the news - let's put the pressure on the ISP and hosting company's outside of Iran so we can concentrate our attacks on the sites within... Let's keep the pressure guys...
    P.S. I think I should get an account here as I spend all my days in this forum!!!!
  3. The planet emails are legit

    just confirming - I got out of office replies from some, so the email format (first is correct.
  4. I am still able to access this site from w/eu!!!

    Whats going on? They are showing the picture of the protesters. Why cant we bring this site down????
  5. Srpska Member

    I have a nasty feeling they are blocking our Slow Lorises. Not sure what can be done about this - anyone? (Would a simple IP refresh solve it?)
  6. Cloak n Run Member

    Why is it not going down?

    I've been aware of few people having trouble with their IP being blocked by gerdab. Others speak of the necessity of stopping each Terminal window and starting again (usually with a quick copy/paste). Effectively a reset.

    (correct me if I'm wrong)
    All of these methods (slowloris, pyloris, cyberwarforiran -all operate on variations of slowloris & nedasites/gr88's app -works on JAVA DDoS) work in isolation and only SO FAR. They require loads of us doing it for several reasons:

    1) larger bandwidth attacks being isolated and banned by gerdab etc
    2) flooding your own bandwidth making your connection unusable
    3) morally the coder doesn't want an app/code that can instantly shut down a site just from one or two copies to guard from misuse.
    4) the constant changing of servers moving altering the dimensions of what we face
  7. Cloak n Run Member

    So how are people becoming aware of there being nothing going on?

    Are you watching bandwidth usage, the Pyloris status or something else like intuition?
  8. Oy people!

    We need help urgently. We can't let these dangerous sites stay up anymore. Innocent peoples lives depending on it. I think a few of those protesters have been caught already.
  9. Vee Member

    A *loris attack is only going to make the site unaccessible while the attacks running consume all of Apache's sockets. Once free sockets become available again the site will start accepting connections.

    Short of keeping the box saturated with connections, the only way to down these sites would be to root the box and take control of it.
  10. brat Member

  11. Thanks for asking -- I could use any help you could offer to understand it. I've been keeping an eye on Ubuntu's system monitor so I can see CPU usage, mem usage, and network activity (kbytes sent/received). Well, after a while all the network activity just stops dead, zero sent and zero received, even though pyloris reports open connections and other folks report that gerdab is still up.

    I've taken my super-smart router out of the loop in case it's anti-DDOS has some feature that's defeating me. Could use advice on anything else to try.
  12. Cloak n Run Member

    I've been blocked from hitting now. Pyloris is clearly too effective. Very concerning though that we're being dropped at quite a rapid rate. Soon enough there'll not be enough connections from us to keep this zombie down.

    Regroup, rethink.. ie HELP!!!
  13. Cloak n Run Member

  14. Strange thing is that I have hundreds, no, thousands of open connections to, but the damn thing won't come down. So maybe I am not IP blocked anymore, but they somehow divert my attacks (a honeypot?). Or there are too few of us attacking. In any case, let's not give up! Of course, really hacking the site would be best. Take it over. Show the truth on it.

    I saw a funny hashtag on Twitter: #hackmedinejad :)
  15. Just so you know....

    It was down about 5 minutes ago but is back up.
  16. If you have been IP blocked

    Many cable/DSL IP's can be changed...
  17. It's back down again, seems they can't KEEP it up.
  18. axo1dt.jpg.gif
  19. A common problem among totalitarians... it's what makes them so angry and frustrated.

    Don't stop now. They are on the way to destruction!
  20. Very nice. Now put that picture on every page at!
  21. do it now.
  22. iknowpersian Member

    try hard bros

    Hi friends,
    thanks for your effort to take down that damn site...
    BUT, I should mention that the site ( is running but some real geeks...
    you should try hard to take it down...
    they are IT admins and hackers behind the site and...its a hard work to take it down.

    and, I have to mention that twitter, facebook and many many many other social network and news sites are currently blocked in iran...

    I'm iranian and if you need any translation from farsi to english, I can gladly help you :)

    Thanks :X
  23. Vee Member

    Can you tell me what this site is? Looks like its all in farsi - free dereferer service
  24. iknowpersian Member

    It's website of Saazmane Dar-ol-Quran al-Karim (Arabic! means: House of Quran Organization)!
    It seems that its an organization o distribute and teach Holy Quran (Muslims Holy Book) to people.
    Visitors can learn Quran, see Quranic Images, read Quranic News and so on on this site.

    It have nothing related to iran's election! ;)

    sorry for my bad bad english!
  25. iknowpersian Member

    GUYS...please send an email to and let them know about this website which is publishing protesters photos...
    This should be against TOS...

    Please be QUICK! thanks
  26. Meanwhile, it's best to attack following subsites :

  27. Vee Member

    Ty for the translation. Don't want people attacking any old site.
  28. brat Member

    :( is up again
  29. iknowpersian Member

    uw :)

  30. Advice to Iranian Government officials

    You know that you are supporting evil and hurting innocent people, this is a crime against Islam. If you continue to support evil or do not try to find out what is the real truth then in your heart you will know the cosequences of this.

    ISLAM = Truth
  31. +1 for lulz
    that's what she said

  32. Srpska Member

    Do we know who managed to hack (rather than just deactivate) Gerdab earlier? And how?
  33. Vee Member

    Did anyone get a screenshot of it?
  34. Srpska Member

    I don't think so, although someone posted a complicated and rather silly-looking image that had allegedly been used in the hack.
  35. Link please!
  36. Cloak n Run Member

    How would TOR integration with Pyloris sound?
  37. Srpska Member

  38. Both links posted are down again.


    Certainly the hacker can get in again and possibly change things enough were that can't get control back for a long time.....

    If someone hacks again and loads the images again, we would LOVE to see a screen shot of it. :)
  39. And just in case some people haven't thought about this....if the site is able to be taken over, please just post the images and not change it to look like the site says anything against the current regime or for the protests.

    Remember in Iran that can get people killed unlike in some other countries, namely the US.

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