Site showing pictures of protesters!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. What makes you so sure it's hacked?
    I would love to see those sites down or pics changed, but I see the same all week long:
    My guess is that it will be up again in minutes, unfortunately.
  2. Well.....

    In reading back a couple of pages I saw this:

    So I assume the site was hacked.
  3. Up again. Take it down. Now. More people needed!

    Gerdab is up again. Take it down! We need more people running slow/pyloris non-stop.

    This will be the fourth night I leave my Macbook on the living room floor, at an angle for better cooling, with two dozen pyloris windows open. I'm always glad when, in the morning, I find that no fire broke out. The damn thing gets very hot and bothered bombarding that damned website.
  4. Did you read this carefully?

    Respecting your devotion.
  5. Stacy Member

  6. Vee Member

    I think TOR can only open 25 - 30 sockets. This software needs much more. I tested piping it down tor onto my test apache server and It crashed Proxychains.
  7. brat Member

  8. Dammit -- IP banned from Switching to bachehayeghalem for now.

    My attack string looks like this: Please let me know if any tweaks are recommended for this site.

    python -l -r POST -s 500000 -g "/linkdump/011440.php" بچه های قلم
  9. OK, well obviously that last squiggly part (which looked fine in preview) was
    w w w . b a c h e h a y e g h a l a m . i r
  10. Update on:
    w w w. b a c h e h a y e g h a l a m . i r /linkdump/011440.php

    It returned 3 different errors in the past few hours, the latest being 404.
  11. Vee Member

  12. I don't know. I only know I had 8 instances of pyloris running against it last night for a total of >4000 open connections. And then it turned 3 shades of green and went tits up. How much one thing has to do with the other, I cannot say. Perhaps a 4th of July miracle from the fireworks fairy.
  13. Excellent. Especially pleased with the shades of green. But I don't get the tits bit.
  14. Stacy Member

    I don't think it was actually "geen" but I'm not sure.

    There is a saying here "turning green" that means someone is sick, failing health.

    I would assume the "three shades of green" means very, very sick, close to dying. Then the "tits up" would mean on it's back, like when a bug does die, it turns over on it's back. If you see a bug on their back, they are almost always dead.

    So I think what he was saying is that it looked like it was having trouble and then it went down or died.

    We forget we are talking to people from different countries sometimes I think and everyone doesn't get our expressions of speech.
  15. Thanks Stacy... but to be honest I was just joking. Green, after all, is the colour of the revolution in Iran, and the comment about the titties was, well, just a comment about the titties :)

    Still, I do appreciate your trying to help -- no irony there.
  16. Stacy Member

    Ah...ok. I grew up with exchange students in my house at 2 different times and they often had a hard time understanding our expressions since English was not their first language.

    Since we are dealing with people from different countries here it wouldn't surprise me if people didn't understand. :)
  17. Ray Murphy Member

    With all the jargon in use, it's not easy for many people to speak in standard English. I remember an occasion about 10 years ago when a woman on talk-back radio had me captivated each time she rang in, but I couldn't figure out why, but eventually it dawned on me that she was simply talking properly without any jargon or cliches.
  18. Stacy Member

    That is possible to do? :D

    My grandparents were from the country and there was a lot that I would hear from them that made perfect sense to me, but not to others. lol
  19. brat Member

  20. Stacy Member

    Ok, I KNOW there are some hackers out there that have the expertise to take this site down for long periods of time, if not take control over it.

    Someone has to know someone that knows someone, etc at the very least. Where do you find a hacker like that? I mean, you can't put an ad in the paper.

    Now there used to be a usenet group that wrote viruses, I would think there would be people there that could help. The only problem is someone that can earn their trust needs to be in contact with those people. Serious hackers are going to be leary of who they communicate with.

    Anybody got someone they can start with that might know someone that knows someone?
  21. We need nerds. Geeks. Whizkids. Real ones. And they don't even have to care about politics, as long as they agree that locking up, torturing and executing people on account of their ideas is a no-no.

    Call your nerdy friends. Your geeky enemies. Tell them we need to bring down. Every minute those pictures are there for people to see, someone may recognize a protester and call the cops.

    Wake your whizkid little brother and put him to work.
  22. We wrote the same thing at the same time, Stacy! Hi there!
  23. Ray Murphy Member

    It would be the same for children who were brought up in Yorkshire, UK when parents told them to "put wood in ole" i.e. close the door, or in Australia - "close the sieve" i.e. close the outside door that has mesh on it like a sieve.

    In Australia many years ago we had a movie that sent up (i.e. ridiculed) our slang. It was set on a construction site where this Italian brickie (bricklayer) asked what it meant when his mate had said "Thesunzabastard". He was told it meant that the sun was a bastard today, or in proper English "it's bloody hot".

    I had a similar experience when I first started work. This _Austrian_ bloke who had only recently arrived in Australia was telling me how he was gradually becoming familiar with the slang but still had trouble with the "big word". It turned out that the big word "Howyagoinmayjavagoodweegend" was "How are you going mate, did you have a good weekend"
  24. brat Member

    there is a "hackers lounge" on yahoo - though it appears most of those in there are either a) lacking a conscience or b) full of sh*t. I'm in there seeing if there is anyone who might not be a &/or b.
  25. Stacy Member

    good deal, maybe you will find someone.
  26. brat Member

    that was useless. maybe someone else would have more luck.
  27. You really need to trawl the darker recesses of IRC.

    Failing that, here are links to some fairly active forums that'll give you a toehold:


    Remote Exploit


    Hack This Site (HTS)

    However, please think about what you're doing too. I know your intentions are good, but you're also entering into a different area legally. It's not the kind of online sitdown protest that the DOS attacks could be reasonably characterised as - and whilst I'm not saying it's immoral - 'cos I don't think it is, I am saying be aware of the difference.

    I've got professional commitments that mean it's not up for debate in the first place, but that notwithstanding, I think you'd be being very foolish to encourage people to take part in illegal activity. Letting them know what's going on, so that they can make their own choices is obviously a different matter, but direct encouragement would be a mistake IMO.
  28. Srpska Member

    I agree with all this.

    Attention kids: If you just go in to one of these forums and say "sup guise, i need some leet hax to make the world a better place" you can kiss your ass goodbye.

    Remember all that srs bznss about how the $cilons would stalk you and use their thetan magic to identify your face and then proceed to ruin your life? Well, I'd say a similar degree of caution is appropriate here, although in a different way. When dealing with actual hackers, as opposed to /b/tards and script kiddies, you really do need to keep your wits about you and don't do anything stupid that will endanger you or - more importantly - this forum.

    I recommend HTS as a starting point, because in my view it's marginally closer to the surface than the others.
  29. brat Member

    I completely agree... I didn't announce anything in the room, just tried to chat and see where peoples heads were at. Nor am I/was I going to tell someone to hack a site, more tell them about the situation in Iran and have them do some reading on their own, make their own decision based on their conscience, just as I'm sure most people here did. I don't have the skillz to pretend I am a h4x0r (besides basic knowledge of leet spelling & a bit more than basic knowledge of the interwebs :D) to try and "fit in". Most of those in yahoo are lacking in knowledge even more than I or into things that have no gray area, are only black hat. Was just hoping for once yahoo would have something good to offer :eek: clearly I overestimated them!
  30. brat Member

    bugger :(

    gerdab is up.
  31. Srpska Member

    OK, I posted this in the other Gerdab thread, but I'm reposting it here to see if anyone can help: Using Nedasites, I'm finding myself unable to connect any of my lazors with Some have suggested they are banning IP addresses, but I have gone through four or five IPs and it has made not the slightest difference. Any suggestions?
  32. Not a suggstion, but which software are you using? [Nedasites, I can see that it's not happening, but with Slowloris I've no way of knowing. Is that true for you also?]

    I'm gonna post in the Nedasites thread and see if anyone's still able to use it for Gerdab.
  33. Tynex Member

    I think we should do what we can to stop them ..

    I think we should do what we can to stop them identifying freedom seekers Protesters! they are very vornable!

    Iranian authorities are doing Crime in the name of God!

    I have nothing aginst them doing propaganda, BUT not identifying people to torture, and false accusations, like crime against nations security ...
  34. brat Member

    gerdab up

    ugh. not only is it still up but the fuckers added MORE pics to the 2nd list and made that list top on the home page. :mad:
  35. Srpska Member

    Yes, that's the same for me. The Slowloris GUI doesn't, like, do anything to tell you whether it's hitting or not.
  36. Vee Member

    Vmware player + linux appliance + pyloris = profit.
  37. Srpska Member

    I guess the only option is moar Nedasites and Loris.
  38. Shit. I had hoped the regime would be abandoning this tactic by now, not expanding upon it.

    Unfortunately, I'm really nor convinced that pyloris is getting it done anymore. I'm just not grabbing that many connections. I'll grab 60 or so and then immediately 30 of them will be dropped. I can see that not that many packets are being moved, with network activity frequently bottoming out. It's just not behaving the way it used to against this site, or even the way it behaves against other sites. I think Gerdab is on to us and has raised its shields. Does anyone's recent experiences contradict this thesis?
  39. Vee Member

    [STATUS]: 1024 worker threads. 0 open connections.

    Maybe need new user agents?
    Or just go old school on it.
  40. Vee Member

    Or it may be down at the moment. Getting network error.

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