Site Update - Jan 2012

Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by Vigdis, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Rebelling against authority. Natural sociopathic tendencies.
  2. Anonymous Member

    no more dashiki, thumbs up to that
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Vigdis Member

    sue :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
    A lot of members use it already, I keep confusing :(
    Can you put the old one back ? :(
    pleaaase :(
  5. Dragononymous Member

    It's either this or sue's avatar
  6. Vigdis Member

    I vote for sue's avatar !
    I don't really care, if it's original.
  7. telomere Member

    Then you need to upgrade.


    FYI, the old South Park avatar is still available for Gold Account members who post anonymously.
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  8. Vigdis Member

    For how long has this joke been ?
    sue, can you give some new jokes to telomere then ?
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  9. telomere Member

    sue delivers
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  10. Anonymous Member

    no no no no.

    this is a gay newfaggy avatar.

    needs more awesome.
  11. Izula Member

    That's why we love you sue <3
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  12. telomere Member


    I didn't even realize it was a
    thanks sue :)
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  13. Pique Member

    It was around 1400 earlier today.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    it's been anywhere inbetween 700 / 1500 in the past few hours.
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  15. telomere Member

    an a whole lot of poles.
    Anony news in the Polish media?
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Aurora Member

    If anyone else has this problem, solution is to uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" under Security under Advanced tab in Internet Options.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Use a real browser.
  19. telomere Member

    I've been seeing a lot of errors when doing searches, the last few days.

    Seem persistent (at least, over the course of a few hours).
    Indexing glitch?
  20. I can't succeed with any kind of Searching. I've seen other glitches hanging around, and I know that sue has taken a hiatus to recharge and rejuvenate. So, cultivating patience seems to be a good winter hobby.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Other people could work on it if she got round to setting up a dev environment for them... hint hint :p
  22. another123 Member

    input in Google search box: [search term] <- remove brackets
    or use (has google search for WWP OCMB ExSCN)
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  23. telomere Member

    of limited help, since /offtopic and /dome aren't googled, but thanks!
  24. Anonymous Member

    I'd call not indexing those extremely helpful.
  25. 00anon00 Member

    I can't search anything either, not even' search titles only'
    I lose my way when I post anon, can't follow breadcrumbs back to my post, only remember the topic. Without 'Search' I am forced to wander the Dome, bereft.
  26. Dragononymous Member

    Seems down again, atleast with me.
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    Notifications aren't being e-mailed, what's going on? :(
  28. E-mail server crashed. It's not been in easy reach, but sue will un-crash the situation asap. Thank you for your patience. ;)
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  29. So, when's this horribly sterile theme going to be pulled away like the curtain before a theatrical performance?

    I feel a part of my soul slipping away with every page I load.
    Something not of myself. Becoming myself.
    Breaking through.


    [Mod edit: you can play with Zalgo down in the Dome]
  30. Kilia Member

    Sorry, I don't like the colors. Wish they would go back to the original.
  31. Kilia Member

    I'm not. This color scheme pales after the blue.
  32. Kilia Member

    I like the "Brushed Nickel" the best. :)
  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Thank goodness e-mail notifications are back! I just got the first one in so long! :)

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. 00anon00 Member

    Safari gives a 404 every time I access wwp. Is Safari up to shinannigans?
  36. TorontosRoot Member

    I would use opera or firefox in that case, or chromium.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I abandoned Safari, version 5.1.2 many weeks ago. It was choking on Flash content and had become unusable.

    Switched to Firefox and except for a few hiccups while XenForo was being updated, it has consistently outperformed Safari. While not an ideal browser for my needs, anything was better than what Safari had become.
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  38. Anon PTS Member

    No problems here using Safari to access WWP, fwiw.
  39. Dragononymous Member

    Seems down once again
    Edit: atleast delayed
  40. rof Member

    board is slow as assssssssssss

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