Skeptical Letter Writer Lambasts Scientology (Again)

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, May 12, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    ^^this cat has pooned scientology in the UK hard in the past, but damned if i can find the old thread(s)

    and the mood for targeting scilons has obviously cycled around again, and the following ASA complaints have been launched

    Hermann Keppler's Optimum Bowel Functions
    Criminon's Substantiation Rundown
    Narconon's Substantiation Rundown
    The Church of Scientology in London

    plus he posted a lil classic OG dirt, apparently for foreplay warm-up before firing off ^^This fine shi-

    The Scientology "Superinjunction"

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  2. grebe Member

    Haha! I gotta quote from that blog, cuz that homeopath is too funny:

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have been receiving a flood of complaints in recent months, but homeopath Sue Trotter has come up with a sure-fire counter-strategy (mirrored here and here).

    It's called the "Play The Race Discrimination Card" gambit, and it is the most stupid thing I have ever read.

    Please bear with me while I explain that this is apparently not a joke.

    LOL stupid manipulative bastards.
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. over9000OT Member

    That is awesome. I wish we had something like that in 'Murica.
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  5. AnonLover Member

    note - lings in OP may be temporarily busted.

    partial outages on this afternoon has all kinds stuff happening wrongly all over the blogger webs depending on where your located.
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  6. slw Member

    Hi folks! The titular Sceptical Letter Writer signing in.

    Don't forget that anyone can write complaints to the ASA and to Trading Standards about false health claims on UK websites. Thanks to a new Chrome trollcannon plugin, Fishbarrel, it only takes a couple of minutes to submit a complaint.

    The more the merrier, really. Trading Standards won't lift a finger in response to one complaint, but if they received ten, they'll be forced to take action. It's usually rather difficult to pin accusations of illegality onto the Scilons, but the false health claims that appear all over the Narconon UK website are an offence under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008.

    SLW's top complaint-writing tips:

    (1) Use Fishbarrel.
    (2) If you're too lazy even for that, you can copy-and-paste my complaints, changing a word or two here and there.
    (3) Don't mention "Scientology" or "L Ron Hubbard" unless you're complaining about an actual CoS site. It's irrelevant. Don't complain that X is concealing their relationship to Scilontology. It won't wash.
    (4) Stick to the false health claims. Other issues are irrelevant. Do not write an essay about how evil the Scilons are.
    (5) Keep your complaints short.
    (6) Take screenshots, and use them in your complaint. Fishbarrel makes it easy.
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  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Which of the two strategies is the best one ?
  8. Anonymous Member

    OP, you should consider PMing AnonLover. AL is great at this kind of pooning stuff.
  9. BrakTalk Member

    Bookmarked this thread for the awesome resources that could probably be used in the new project! Woot!
  10. slw Member

    tl;dr - on this occasion only, I recommend that people submit duplicate complaints to both the ASA and to Trading Standards. "Duplicate" means once set of complaints per person; do not use sock puppets.

    Longer version: FishBarrel has been designed to tackle the alternative medicine industry, where UK laws and advertising regulations are routinely ignored by almost everyone. Complaining to the ASA is an effective tool because they investigate every complaint seriously, and for that reason the sceptics are trying to avoid wasting the ASA's time with duplicate complaints.

    There are some occasions on which duplicate complaints are still appropriate. When the ASA bans an advert, the number of complaints they received (which is published in the adjudication) can be enough to gain publicity. Publicity is obviously something we would like on this occassion.

    The ASA have already received at least two complaints about Narconon UK. They were 'informally resolved', which means the advertisers agreed to make certain changes to their publicity materials. The fact that Narconon and other Scilon-connected companies are still making false health (which, lest we forget, are an offence under CPR 2008) ought to be enough to persuade the ASA to pursue a formal adjudication this time; if not, the fact that many people are complaining about the website will do the trick.

    I've submitted a few hundred complaints to the ASA; because of that, they have a (slightly) different procedure for dealing with them. The end result is that my complaints are less likely to result in a formal adjudication. This unfortunate restriction will not apply if other people submit complaints about the same websites.
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  11. AnonLover Member

    Imma a learning lots from slw - but UK aint my turf, so this fishbarrel thing is new to me & here's hoping UKfags are all over this... shoot them fishes, the interwebs are our barrel afterall.
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    It might be possible to adapt Fishbarrel for other countries ?
  13. slw Member

    FishBarrel already works for another country (Australia).

    You could talk to Simon Perry, the author, and ask that more countries be added - but you're going to have to do most of the research yourself. We Britfags don't understand anything about the legal/regulatory systems in other countries.
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  14. Anon99 Member

  15. slw Member

    tl;dr - Narconon UK can no longer make any claims at all for its dangerous vitamin megadose programm (among several others)

    Well - the result of the Narconon complaint is in. The Scilons have been politely instructed to make the following changes to the Narconon UK website:

    The claims “Completion of this programme results in greatly reduced, or
    eliminated, cravings for drugs. Mental alertness and clarity of thinking
    improve; while drug induced depression often vanishes”, “Most people
    say it is the easiest withdrawal they have experienced”, that the goal of
    a new life for former addicts or alcoholics is routinely achieved and “Our
    experience has shown that a person receiving a vitamin and mineral
    therapy will experience a far more comfortable withdrawal from all
    drugs including opiates” and that Cal-Mag could “... restore any vitamin
    deficiency and relax cramping muscles and that it “... also helps a
    person relax during the withdrawal” have been removed, made more
    conditional or amended to make clear they relate only to the views of
    participants who have undertaken the programme.

    The claims “Effective Solutions To Drug Addiction & Alcoholism ...” and
    that the methods have been “tried and tested over 40 years” have also
    been amended to make clear they relate to the views of participants who
    have undertaken the programme.

    The claim “The effectiveness of the Narconon programme is
    documented by several formal studies and evaluations ...” will be
    amended to make clear the intention is to refer readers to the studies
    and evaluations to allow them to form their own opinions.

    The graph labelled “Cocaine Washout Curve, Client 1”, and the text
    that states “... The graph indicates cocaine residues being excreted in
    the sweat and urine of clients participating in the Narconon New Life
    Detoxification Programme who have previously to doing the Narconon
    Programme had a cocaine addiction”, and more generally references to
    the results or effects of the sauna detox programme, will be removed.

    The claims that refer to vitamin treatments have been removed.

    The College of Naturopathic Medicine (Hermann Keppler) complaint was also informally resolved. Alas, the Criminon complaint failed because the claims didn't appear on the same page as a request for donations.I don't know what happened with the CoS London complaint.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Win. Let's see if Narconon survive as an entity, after Canada's branch of this cult is ripped open.
  17. slw Member

    Not up to date with Narconon Canada (and the thread is >9000 pages long). Anyone got a TL;DR?
  18. moarxenu Member


    Dave Love was a NN patient and staffer at NN Trois-Rivieres half-way between Montreal and Quebec.

    He left with a ton of dox and anons in Quebec befriended him and helped him with contacts. He has filed complaints with government authorities and is launching a lawsuit. Other enraged NNers are coming out of the woodwork. He could very well shut down NN TR. He is totally unstoppable.

    For Great Justice has two articles:

    Dave posts here as Intelligence. One of his main discussion threads is here:ères-in-trouble.44851/page-32#post-1891450

    As Dave likes to say: Tick Tock, David Miscavige.

    btw slw, Welcome to WWP!
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  19. grebe Member

    LOL geography fail. U so American.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know if leaving the City off of Québec City is exactly a geography fail.
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  21. grebe Member

    LOL, you are right Hamster and I failed. I forgot about Quebec City.
  22. fishypants Moderator

    Good work, sir or madam.

    It may interest you to know that the Charity Commission is also investigating Narconon London at the moment (NL is the organisation which runs/ran the now-possibly-closed Narconon Hastings 'rehab' centre). Case officer in the Charity Commission is Lin Ashby at Operations Taunton.

    See also, Care Quality Commission:

    Do we have a formal ASA adjudication against Narconon, or is it all 'informally resolved'?
  23. fishypants Moderator

    "Extensions, apps and user scripts can only be added from the Chrome Web Store".

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. fishypants Moderator

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