So, how's c0ldblood been doing in all of this?

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    One of the five anons arrested in suspicion to Operation Payback was WWP moderator, c0ldblood. Last I heard, he has been released after authorities could not find a connection with him and the DDoS'es. But inquiring minds wish to know what his current status is. Could anyone close to him fill us in? Thanks.
  2. timthephoto Member

    well if past history is anything to go on, staff here have locked his account down to stop any saved passwords granting entry
  3. coldblood is not a moderator.
  4. timthephoto Member

    he was v& - was his account made safe?
  5. what account?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, admin*
  7. please learn the difference between anonnet and WWP
  8. Anonymous Member

    Okay, okay, he was an op on irc. Point is: What's his status? Is he completely free, or is there some kind of heat on his ass?
  9. timthephoto Member

  10. No we're all fucked. MI5 is all over everything.
  11. Anonymous Member

    ITT: Anons nervous that they're gonna be next lol
  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm not particularly concerned about myself, just curious to know what the situation is. I don't like that there was almost nil mention of it and would like to know details. If it's still too soon, I understand.
  13. Anonymous Member

    uh YEAH! Did you not see that story about the kid in Georgia?!? SHit just got real
  14. TBH I don't know what is going on with him. I think he's out on bail. I have heard a few different stories; significantly I have heard that he really did not participate in the DDoS.
  15. Anonymous Member

    That's what I heard too. Supposedly he appeared on TV, but I don't know where that would be. But that's supposedly the reason he was suspected, as being a sort of "spokesperson".
  16. Anonymous Member

    He egofagged and got in shit.

    Just like Julian.

    Anonymity is a shield, but like any shield, it only works if you USE the damn thing.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    how the hell are we supposed to know? he wasnt apart of this community on WWP, most of us protestfags never heard of him before press coverage. lrn2decentralize. just cuz media has bigger things to worry about than getting basic understanding of the different camps and factions of Anon spead a dozen different places, is no excuse for noobs who dont lurk moar and make assinine assumptions.
  19. How about oldfags that make uniformed assumptions?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Meh. us semi-new moralfags who have no clue what the tru oldfags are talking about tend to ignore the shi- over our heads and stay on target with chanology-only initiatives.
  21. Herro Member

  22. lolwut? You know that I can see your join date right?

    I was both referring to your assumption that OP was a newfag and OP's assumption that Anonnet and WWP have exactly the same staff.

    They have some staff in common and lots of users in common, but coldblood is not WWP staff.
  23. Herro Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Coldblood was released without being charged. Someone is setting up a donations site somewhere to cover potential legal fees. He didn't participate in the DDoS and he's being targeted for being a "spokesperson" of sorts.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I'll admit I made a mistake to begin with, and this was probably the wrong place for me to inquire.
  26. OhSah Member

    BBC says he's a spokes person for things. Between him and the un-official one (Gregg) we have, don't have two too many anyway? Fuck it, let coldblood freeze until Prince comes back to warm his heart with a cool island song.
  27. incog712 Member

    Herro is my spokesfaggot.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    /facepalm - i was inferring that i was orginally newfag (didnt come from the chan world) but nevermind, your wrongly extrapolated version of an irrelevant comment was actually relevant :)
  29. xenubarb Member

    This was one of the strangest and somehow lovable VW ads ever.
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