So long Rupert !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j0ol, Jul 18, 2011.

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    yay another hearing not bound under law or under oath ...

    It must be very hard for Cameron to stop himself laughing when he said that considering he had his bff James over for Christmas.
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    Piers Morgan reminds me of the Nazi apologists who say "It would have been a good thing if Jews were killed. But they weren't."
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    He's on CNN now. Maybe one of the talking heads will ask.
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    "Almost corrupt"
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    Piers pretty much admits it in his autobiography. At least admits willfull ignorance as to where the phone numbers come from. As in "we got her number - I didn't like to ask where it came from" or something along those lines.
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    Morgan is a maggot.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Maggots are useful for cleaning wounds and catching fish.

    Morgan is useful for nothing.

    keep the gore downstairs, please.
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    Sorry if this has been posted already.

    "Friday", music video by Rebecca Brooks (Rebecca Black parody). Awful video and lyrics originally, however it's slightly better now.

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    This one is predictable and barely worth sharing.

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    I am Rupert Murdoch. I'm very sorry that everyone found out about this... I'll do whatever I can to maintain more security about my operations in the future, I promise.
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  33. Dragononymous Member

    Rupert, meet shaving cream
    Shaving cream, meet Rupert
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    Is it me or does that red head look like the autopsy picture of Lisa McPherson?
  35. Anonymous Member

    Do you have any idea how long it takes her to do her hair??
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    maybe related?

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