So long Rupert !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j0ol, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Shareholders to oust Murdoch?

    Shareholders of News Corp will meet near Los Angeles this afternoon for their annual meeting with CEO Rupert Murdoch, but given the mess that the media mogul’s company has made since last year, today’s event could end with Murdoch out of the picture.

    News Corp shareholders will have around 15 minutes apiece with Murdoch this afternoon at the Darryl F. Zanuck Theater in Beverley Hills, and among the items unofficially on the agenda will be the series of scandals that have besmirched the honorable News Corp name in the 12 months since their last meeting.

    Given the frustration that shareholders largely have with Murdoch and his family over the way News Corp has been run in the past several months, today’s meeting could end with a vote that would usurp Murdoch from his position on the company board.

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    Protesters target Rupert Murdoch outside News Corp shareholders meeting in LA

    In LA, scores of people protest outside the annual shareholders meeting of News Corp, with the majority of their anger directed towards chief executive Rupert Murdoch.

    Rupert Murdoch and sons reelected to News Corp. board

    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch survived calls for his removal as News Corp. chairman in the wake of a damaging phone hacking scandal at his British tabloid that critics said revealed lax oversight.

    After a contentious shareholders meeting in Los Angeles on Friday, News Corp. said a majority of shareholders supported his reelection to the company's board, as well as the reelection of his sons, James and Lachlan, and the rest of the directors.

    News Corp. did not disclose the vote tallies, saying it would do so early next week.

    The vote, however, is expected to be a referendum on Murdoch's stewardship of the $33-billion-a-year conglomerate that owns the Fox broadcast network, Fox News Channel, the 20th Century Fox movie studio, HarperCollins publishing house and such newspapers as the Wall Street Journal.

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    So are there any dox yet as to whether Rupert & Sons will remain on the board?
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    Merged with Rupert's very own megathread...
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    They were re-elected but Rupert hasn't released the vote count yet.
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    Tom Watson Explains Why He Quizzed Rupert Murdoch At AGM

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    Huge Shareholder Protest Vote Against Murdochs | Adweek

    After a brief delay, we've got the final tally of shareholder votes from the News Corp. annual meeting last week, and it may be even more embarrassing for the Murdoch family than initially anticipated.

    14 percent of the votes cast opposed reelecting Rupert Murdoch to the board of his own company. 35 percent of the votes went against his son James Murdoch, who's been a big public face for the company during the phone hacking scandal. James' brother Lachlan fared only very slightly better—34 percent of the votes cast were against his reelection.

    The totals look worse when you consider that the Murdochs control some 40 percent of the voting shares of the company, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns a significant portion of the stock, is allied with the family. According to Wall Street Journal Marketplace Editor Dennis K. Berman, if you don't include the votes from the Murdochs and Alwaleed, "75 percent of shareholders withheld their votes from James and Lachlan Murdoch."

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    At last, some delicious dox

    Smoking gun stuff. Wonder if James Murdoch will elighten the committee any further on the extent of his company's investigations into the culture of illegality going on amongst his employees at the News of the World and The Sun newspapers.
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  17. So that's around 6000 people at least who can apply for News International's quickie settlement scheme, with a super, soaraway bonus of 10% for applying now.

    Or they might feel that the heinous invasions of their privacy were so damaging that they too might seek exemplary damages, such as Gordon Taylor of the PFA won. Apparently that cost around £1 million including costs., which new litigants are hardly likely to be liable for.

    Imagine that - £6 billion in payouts - bound to hurt - and why shouldn't News International be severely punished for years and years of corruption and illegal activities?

    And we haven't yet heard whether phone/computer hacking was also rife at The Sun and elsewhere at News Corp, the parent company. But maybe it was just that one rogue journalist. newspaper corporation.

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    I want to see a leak that Fox was also hacking records.
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    every time this thread gets bumped,
    I keep hoping Rupert has joined the ranks of Kim Jong Il and Hitchens.

    Here's to 2012!
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    Hitchens and KJI may both be in Hell, but Hitchens is in the swanky part with the good music and the booze.

    KJI is in the part like his own country.
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    First I was like...YAY, the old fossil has gone on to his "reward"....then I was like )%*)#
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    Having all those media outlets to spew his views aren't enough, now he's using Twitter!
    Rupert Murdoch uses Twitter to attack Obama, Google on Internet piracy

    LOL, "He also admitted in a post to his company’s mishandling of social network MySpace, which News Corp bought in 2005 for $580 million. Today the site is nearly irrelevant."
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    If Rupert offs himself, can somebody please be there with a video camera?
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    It would be better if he did a deathbed vlog, and someone hacked it.
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  32. Isn't it possible that he's getting close to his expiry/best-before date?

    I think that he'll hit 82 on March 11th/2012.


    Those dentures and all that lipstick doesn't fool me!
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    Alas, only the good die young--preferably with their boots on and the rifle still in their cold dead hands.
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