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Discussion in 'Anonymous Iran Archive' started by Unregistered, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. C'mon guys. Where are the demonstrations? Have we just given up on Iran or what? It's too easy to just ignore the problems Iran are facing right now, but we need to continue to show our support for the people of Iran.

    It's like demonstrating for countries in need is just a fad or cool thing to do, if it goes on too long we just drop it because it's to our inconvenience. We need to speak up! Please don't stop!
  2. Ray Murphy Member

    I'm not leaving until after the new elections are held.

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  3. stop bitching and set up a protest, or print out some fliers and solo raid. You don't need a big group to do a protest.
  4. Who says I haven't been doing that? You judge pretty quickly.
  5. no you're

    just a fag
  6. Fri political prisoners

    Democratic people in whole world, Support political prisoners in Iran. We should try to fri dem and stopping the cruel islamic regime to turture, rape and
    execute freedom fighters.
  7. United4Iran Member

    Being organized all over for 16 Azar & Intl Human Rights Day (Dec 10-12)

    Check the event map, being updated like crazy:

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