So what exactly does this accomplish?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Feb 4, 2011.

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    you are a dumb person
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    that was my first post! WTF MAN!?!?!
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    What was your first post?
  4. Feanor Member

    "i guess"
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    No way!!! You are pulling my chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Feanor Member

    What do you call a stripper with a hand up her skirt?
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    I lol'ed.

    How do you fit a 400 pound woman into a size 4 bathing suit?
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    Keep on truckin'. Ad hom attacks, straw man arguments and sweeping generalizations will take you far in life. Good for you.
  11. Feanor Member

    A blender?
  12. Anonymous Member

    NO. That is not the correct answer.

    You lose this round.
  13. Feanor Member

    what do you call an asian sun-tanning?
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  15. pedrofcuk Member

    The Law does a pretty good job of that.
  16. Feanor Member

    Rice Krispies
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  18. Stickman Member

    I don't think the op has a very good grip on how controlling these tyrannical elites are and how much they hate losing control of the various apparatus of state -- comms and propaganda being two very important components of their rule. Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Saleh are used to getting their way almost at will in their respective countries, taking away even a portion of their control flips them out. Nor do I think the op understands the wave theory of campaigning or revolts, where you inundate your opponent with waves of criticism, pressure and economic loss until it looks like it's time for him to run from the tsunami or get sucked under by the backwash. It's a psychological, time-critical type of campaigning that grabs whatever strength it can in the heat of the moment and directs the stream at whatever evil one hopes top wash away before the pressure drops.

    Sure, in the recent Mideast populist revolts, 3rd party proxy mirroring for SMS might seem a better use of cloud computing power than DDoS attacks, but don't underestimate the latter, especially if used in context of a broader effort. I mentally liken them to Greenpeace banner hangs off a whaling boat or a logging crane -- it doesn't end the activity being protested, but it does highlight it while unnerving your opponent by risking illegal activity to attack them. That in turn gives the media a platform upon which to spin their story, further pressuring your opponent. It's a tactic, not a goal or an objective, and it's a good one.

    I'm sure I'm ancient for this board, but when we at UCSB were trying to get the UC system to divest from S. Africa in the days of Apartheid, the Botha regime and with Nelson Mandela still in jail, our shantytowns on campus were relentlessly mocked. But 3 years later the UC and California retirement system pulled the most money out of Botha's regime of any investor. A few years after that, Mandela came to the US and thanked the UC students, saying that was one of the single biggest hits to apartheid from any country internationally. Did stoners lying on cardboard in the campus square take down apartheid? Clearly not, the S. Africans did. But they needed help and it did make a difference. From the outside, Anon looks to be making a difference here, something few in the West can claim. And when you're trying to help millions of people rise up from poverty, degradation and starvation, risking govt backlash in the form of further attacks on our internet privacy seems a reasonable risk, imo. Fight the fight that is in front of you right now, free Tunisia, free Egypt, free Yemen, free the fucking world! Amandla!
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  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    My bad. What I had in mind is more like "morally acceptable even if not legal".
  20. xenubarb Member

    The US attacked Iraq because some Saudis hiding in Afghanistan dropped a couple of buildings. You don't expect rational decisions from governments, do you?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Not if I do it right.

    Not that I would EVER do something like that. BRB FBI.
    Don't know, don't care, he's a dick anyway.

    Dox or gtfo.
  22. Aleantorden Member

    so growing your own food (*COUGH* or pot *COUGH*) is not legit? Leaking secret files that may or may not be a matter of life and death for the common man is not legit? HAHAHAHAHA! no. what is legit is whatever you can do for peace and justice while not harming anyone (who isn't trying to harm you). (and no, the idea that a corporation is a person may be legal, but it is NOT legit.) And hitting PayPal is alright in my book, they just robbed me blind for hundreds of dollars. and if people wanna pull a DDoS on Wiki-leaks, that is their right, just like it is our right to hit any site on the internet. (including sites planning a DDoS on Wiki-leaks :p ) (NOW THAT IS HOW A FIRST POST IS DONE!!!) :p
  23. Anonymous Member

    I understand very well what's going on in Egypt. How does that have anything to do with how effective DDoS'ing is?

    Huh? Making a website disappear for a few hours is "unnerving"? And how, do you say, is it a "good tactic"?

    How is anon helping Egypt at all? All I've seen them do is runs scripts and openly be in favor of the protests. How are you actively influencing what goes on in Egypt?
  24. Anonymous Member

    You're boring me.
    Quit being so boring.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Well, the Tunisians thanked Anonymous for the DDOS.

    English translation

    First - in the name of all Tunesien people - I want to thank Anonymous. Anonymous were the only ones to help us. Anonymous has blocked all governmental websites [of Tunesia] because they [the Tunesien government] have blocked our internet access so we may not get information. Thank you Anonymous! We want to let you know that you have found new allies and that there are many more people living in oppresion.

    And that you have won us to aid you in this fight against all dictators thay still remain in this world.

    We will never forget. We will never forgive. We are Anonymous. We are legion.

    [part hard to understand] to the people in Tunesia: Forgive us that we are so far away from you. We want to be with you so much. But now my brothers and sisters, it is up to us, support your family, support your neighbours, support the [Tunesian word]. Collect money, we let a small basket go round, we will make certain that [Tunesian word] will receive it. God is greater.
  26. Orson Member

    Among other things and in addition to DDoSing Egyptian government websites, anons have:
    1) contributed bandwith to the cloud to provide internet access to those in Egypt when the net was taken down there
    2) faxed leaked documents from Wikileaks to thousands of fax numbers inside Egypt after the internet went down. The documents confirmed abuses by Mubarak and his regime providing evidence to those building support for their protest of Mubarak.
    3) faxed thousands of pages of instructions on how to get internet access in Egypt via old school dial-up so information can get in and out
    4) Used these efforts to leverage media coverage of what is happening in Egypt

    Taking down a website is certainly not as scary as say a battalion of US Rangers dropping into Cairo (duh), but failure to recognize the value of this albeit illegal tactic is simply stubbornness on your part. You have no effective counter-argument. Thanks for playing.

    With the exception of your last question (which I answered above), well-reasoned responses to your other questions have already been provided in this thread.
  27. Feanor Member

    Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi

    for me its Coca-Cola all the way
  28. Orson Member

    Any particular reason you're fagging up this thread?
  29. Feanor Member

  30. Zak McKracken Member

    Any particular reason you're ragging on a newbie for trolling in a troll thread?
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  31. lulzgasm Member

    I think that when it comes to DDOSing Tunisian and Egyptian government websites or any other tactics Anonymous uses in their operations, the only people whose opinions matter are the Tunisian and Egyptian people, themselves. So unless the criticizing troll can offer a better solution for Anonymous to use I think he should just GTFO. Or better yet, come up with a better idea.
  32. eddieVroom Member

    Rosa Parks made an illegal and largely symbolic gesture in protest. Seemed to work out well...
  33. Anonymous Member

    So basically, DDOS is a good thing because some guy who may or may not be Tunisian praises the revenge method which gains nothing useful?
    LMFAO, you people are too much. Rosa Parks? Seriously? Did Rosa Parks prevent anyone else from riding the bus? Or am I just not seeing the comparison here...
  34. Anonymous Member

    Idiot or troll, I cannot quite decide.
  35. Anonymous Member

    The clue: "You people ... " It's an us & them game.
  36. lulzgasm Member

    Also known as a classic textbook tactic used by Statists.
  37. thefatman Member

    You realise that by sitting where she did she was breaking the law? Regardless of who could or could not get in the bus, she still refused to sit where she was legally obliged to sit.
  38. Anonymous Member

    So anon is like Rosa Parks because they both broke the law in the name of activism? Nice try, you almost had me there!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Also, Rosa Parks sat in that seat because she wanted it to be legal to sit in that seat. Do people DDOS governments because they want it to be a legal form of protest?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Just because she cut to the front of the line doesn't mean she closed the lunch counter. Now go drink at your designated fountain. Oh wait, you're getting water? I thought you might have cut the water line.

    Don't worry, I'm just trolling.

    Hey, btw.

    Saboteurs attack Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan

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