So what happens to the clerics?

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  1. Since religion is a pretty big factor in all of this, what happens when there are clerics on opposite sides of a "divine assessment"? What does the government say? What do the people say? Or do they just get branded as "heretics" and it's treated like a non-issue? What happens when all of this is over, one way or the other?
  2. Dangerous-Boy Member

    probably a purge
  3. Cattypuss Member


    I hate to say it - but here I go. Islam is currently where Christianity was back in the 1600's. It took a reformation period lasting centuries that saw a struggle between those that wanted harsh control over their congregations and those that wanted change that more reflected the peoples wishes. Educated people within Islam have been calling for a serious reformation within the faith. Especially when it comes to women and dealing with other faiths. I have to say that Islam has not been well served with the current batch of leaders. Many Imams and Clerics instill in their faithful a degree of hatred for 'the other'. It wasn't always like this - there was a time where Islam was a shining light. Especially in the period called The Golden Age. Dialogue between the faiths was valued & encouraged. The troubles that we see within Islam today can be traced back to the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and the destruction of the Caliphate. So in a way, we in the West are responsible for what we are seeing right now.

    If the West is to have any chance of bridging the divide between us attitudes have to change - on BOTH sides. Obama might be the man that can pull it off. His early years were spent as a muslim. As a Christian convert he above anybody will be able to understand the fears & suspicions that both have for each other. His recent speech to the middle east gave me some hope that things might change. People (on both sides) have had enough. In regards to Iran's current Mullah's? Well, they can remain dinosaurs or be an instrument for change. Their choice...
  4. Thanks for the history lesson. Another way to contribute - help us get rid of our ignorance. :)


    Can reformation of Islam be accelerated in this age? Centuries is hell.
  5. Cattypuss Member

    QUOTE: Can reformation of Islam be accelerated in this age? Centuries is hell.


    Depends on how brave moderate individuals within the Islamic world are prepared to be. If people like Wafa Sultan, Salman Rushdie and Hirsi Ali are anything to go by I would say your chances are gradually improving. BUT - these voices need popular moral support. As it stands, Rushie had to go into hiding for years....Wafa Sultan too. Hirsi Ali has serious protection around her. Clearly the radicals are rulling the Islamic landscape at present. Countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan have a major battle on their hands fending off radical Taliban forces. If these countries succumb to the forces of the Taliban, a new dark age will descend apon the populace. Life for women will become unbearable. Ordinary things like a right to freedom and access to education will cease to exist. Simple things like music, making movies, watching TV and DVD's will be banned. I shudder even thinking about it. Pakistan is in for a fight for it's life.

    Let's be clear about one thing. These people only emerge when good decent people do nothing. These people rely on terror, intimidation and thuggery. The German Nazis were expert at it. That's why the free world had no choice but to fight Hitler and his Axis allies. You either fight these bastards or succumb to their rule.

    Is a more moderate humane Islam worth fighting for? Although I am not a muslim, think the answer is yes. Back in the Spanish Inquistion years the Catholics were burning young girls at the stake for being witches. The Taliban are slaughtering teachers for daring to educate girls. Three girls were buried alive for daring to ask if they can choose their own husband. What age do muslims want Islam to be in? The 21st century, or the 16th century. I think most young muslims know the answer. People need to challenge their Clerics. Especially those who cling onto radical hardline theologies.
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    I don't understand why iranians still cling to islam. It's foreign and it's an arab idealogy. Look what it has done to persia. it's gone backwards.
  7. when u consider that most of the iranians are young, that means they were RAISED and brought up in the culture of Islam

    One does not simply discard one's cultural identity.
  8. skollie-IRAN Member

    There is nothing wrong with the Iranian people's belief system and they should have the right to follow any religion they choose. The problem is having the religious heads running the country.
  9. Dangerous-Boy Member

    belief is what started this repression in the first place.

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