So you wanna detox off Psych drugs? Scilons can help you with that.

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  1. Natter Bored Member

    That last bit about staff awarded huge benefits on their personal enhancement services means that instead of cash bonuses or big paychecks, staff get awarded "free" Scientology courses.
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  2. Anonymous Member



    Dr. Allan Sosin is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School. He trained extensively in traditional medicine and is board-certified in internal medicine and nephrology, the study of kidney disease. During his time in Philadelphia, he organized and directed two drug detoxification centers. He also held the position of Assistant Medical Director at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, a world-renowned facility for the treatment of bran-injured children.
    Dr. Sosin is experienced in the use of natural approaches to replace the use of drugs and surgery. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with serious medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and chronic fatigue. He has worked extensively with intravenous therapy, acupuncture and natural hormone replacement therapy. He is the author of two books, Alpha Lipoic Acid: Nature’s Ultimate Antioxidant, and The Doctor’s Guide to Diabetes and Your Child. Dr. Sosin is the founder and Medical Director of the Institute for Progressive Medicine in Irvine, California.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Christian Track Program

    • Change Your Life
    • Addiction
    • Our Program
    • Bible Study

    Let God Change Your Life

    You may have been raised with a strong Christian faith but somewhere along the way, the path became unclear. Perhaps in the pain and frustration of daily life, drugs and alcohol replaced God and now you feel lost. God has not abandoned you. Our program material didn't find its way into your hands by accident. You've been led to us so we can help guide you back onto the right path.

    All too often in our struggles with addiction we are tempted to punish ourselves for lack of morality, lack of character, lack of will. We feel the horrible weight of failing in the eyes of God and those we love when the truth is, alcoholism and drug addiction is defined as a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA) in that it is chronic, debilitating and fatal if left untreated. Alcohol and drug addiction is merely symptomatic of underlying issues, whether those involve chemical imbalance or emotional disturbances such as painful memories, trauma or abuse. Our goal is to help you address those disturbances in a safe environment that is supportive of your faith. Belief in a Higher Power is the basis of the 12-step model and our Christian counselors will work with you to incorporate your personal relationship with Jesus Christ into the existing program structure. Celebrate Recovery uses Christian-based principles in a 12-step format to help recovering Christians learn how to restore their reliance on God instead of drugs and alcohol.

    Scripture instructs, “Do not turn back from the plow.” When you make the decision to turn away from drugs and alcohol and rededicate your life to Jesus Christ, the past is already forgiven. As you begin to walk in faith through the 12-steps, forgiveness is a natural by-product. Forgiveness of yourself and others is a vital component of overcoming the past and rebuilding a new life in Christ. At SouthCoast Recovery, we'll help guide you on every part of your journey to recovery until that beautiful day when you finally realize you were never alone. God has been with you every step of the way.
  4. n3uromanc3r Member

    Let God change your life? If He really wants to, shouldn't He be able to do that without my help...what with the omnipotence, and all?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Narconon’s new medical director

  6. Anonymous Member,6462.0.html

    David Compton is suing Narconon Vista Bay, Narconon International and Association For Better Living for Fraud and Breach of Contract. Involved in this is August West Family Services of Capitola CA, a supposedly licensed chemical detox facility front group that exisits solely for Narconon Northern California and it's Vista Bay facility, along with Allen Sosin, MD, the medical director of both facilities.

    lawsuit dox

    And here is Dr. Allen Sosin, aka huge eyebrows mad scientist

  7. Anonymous Member


    I started into the drug addiction treatment field by accident and then found I had created a unique and effective approach to addiction treatement. That idea and solution evolved into Pür Detox.
    Pür Detox and Pür Recovery is now a nationally acclaimed non 12-step drug detox and rehabilitation program that is dedicated to a single result: A person free from the mind-altering and life-damaging effects of addiction and chemical dependency.
    I first opened Pür Detox in Aug of 2007. I was the CEO for the following 9 months until I passed that post off to a better man, Skye Logan who maintains the CEO hat while I maintain the hat as Founder.
    Pür has since evolved and has grown to being world famous as an industry leader in medical detoxification and drug rehabilitation.
    May 5th, 2009 I then founded Pür Recovery. It has since grown and now has it’s own location in Dana Point, California. I have since passed the Director hat to a much better Director than I, Holland Mattison. She has taken the reigns and it is now filling up with people who’s lived have been saved by Pür Detox and Pür Recovery.
    In the last year, I have done a few pilot programs. One is now evolving into Pür Outpatient. The Pür program for people that can't or don't want to leave home for treatment.
    The next is a home detox, do it yourself program called the Pür Detox Accelerator.
    Feel free to check out the websites (links are to the right), look around or ask some questions.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for this information.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Pur Detox Hiring Supervisors and Purif I/Cs
    Publication Date: 27 Dec 10

    Hiring full-time Supervisors and Purif I/Cs for our new location in the Ozark Mountains.
    Contact Name: Holland Mattison
    Contact Phone: 888-853-3869

    Pur Detox is a medical detox facility that has the most successful program available for those who need to get off psychiatric medications.

    We are opening a new location in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas (which is a stunningly beautiful area of the country). We are hiring trained (or partially trained) Supervisors and Purif I/Cs for this new location. We are also interested in admin trained executives, and nurses. Full-time positions come with decent pay and HUGE benefits regarding training and other enhancement.

    Make a phenomenal impact in handling psychiatry on this planet and join our group - Call or email Holland for more details!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Home detox program from Narconon quacks? What could possibly go wrong?
  11. Anonymous Member

    ^ So Myles Binford accidentally invented a solution for drug addiction and called it Pür Detox.

  12. SOJOA Member

    I tired to let god in but the rapture didnt happen......sorry.

    Im a lost soul again.
  13. LocalSP Member



    Because someone had to do it.
  14. RolandRB Member

    If HE were giving out fridge magnets I think that would help.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Fucking magnets...
  16. BLiP Member

    pür shite
  17. Anonymous Member

    "Belief in a Higher Power is the basis of the 12-step model and our Christian counselors will work with you to incorporate your personal relationship with Jesus Christ into the existing program structure. Celebrate Recovery uses Christian-based principles in a 12-step format to help recovering Christians learn how to restore their reliance on God instead of drugs and alcohol."
    They will say whatever they think will get them more customers.

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