So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

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  1. Consensus Member

    So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    You've decided you want to make a Press Release, a Video, or contribute to the Public image of anonymous beyond mere participation in online discussions and IRL protests. How should you go about getting involved?

    Well I can't speak for the half-dozen other websites and forums participating in Anonymous, but here are some ideas for members of the Enturb forums:

    Look for current projects. There are threads working to compose texts for videos, for press releases, and even unified speeches to be read aloud, in person, at protests. The Moderators will be editing this post periodically to update it.

    All current projects will be linked here:
    viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3581&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30 - some really good work goin' on here
    viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5987 - press release in the works
    viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5709 - Global speech to be read at Anon protests 3/15!
    viewtopic.php?f=32&t=5623 - let's get a snopes page about scientology!
    viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5212 - another anon working on a possible press release

    Completed projects, so you can see how it's done, will be linked here:

    Next, consider presenting a new project. When you think you have a good idea, start a thread in the 'current activism' forum. Choose a title that will draw in those looking for projects without being an eyesore on the threadlist page. Don't be suprised of a moderator changes your thread title.

    In your first post, you should identify a number of things.

    1. What medium are you using? Is this going to be a Press Release, a Youtube video, a pamphlet, a mass E-mail, a website, or what? This decides the format the work is to be written in.
    2. Identify your audience. Who are you writing this for? Journalists? Current Scientologists? Ex-Scientologists? The heads of the CoS? The public? A particular person? A particular website? Each work should have a single audience defined.
    3. Purpose. What topic or topics do you wish to address? Is this an announcement of something we're doing, or an attempt to persuade others to do something? Is it a response to some other article, press release, or communication? Do we end with a call to action or a declaration of our intentions? Aproximately what level of depth do you intend this text to go into? How long do you want this work to be?
    4. What sort of tone do you want? Menacing? Humorous? Critical? Complimentary? Tone is important; there's a difference between thanking a news organization for running an article and critcizing it for not being thorough enough. Of course, it's possible to do both in the same message.
    5. Timeframe. How soon does this need to be done?
    6. Do you need help with anything beyond the writing? Do you need someone to make the video? Someone to convert it to audio? Someone to format it for a particular medium?
    7. How will you know when the final draft is ready? Who determines it? Who publishes it? As you surely noticed, there are people who already have experience taking the final draft and publishing it. Don't be too ambitious if that part is beyond you; and don't let that intimidate you from kicking the project off! But if you're not going to do the final publishing yourself, make sure that's known, so someone who does know how to do it can step up. A specific Anon has a massive list of press e-mail addresses for press releases; that list is not distributed to all anons for a reason - abuse of that list would destroy our credibility. Other anons have access to well-established youtube accounts where people are checking for new videos. Again, we can't give access to those accounts to all anons, as it would limit the credibility of that account. If you want your message heard, consider these (and other) established routes of publication.[/*:m:4g9oncld]

    Now, if you identify these things, that can be enough to post. And if your idea is well-liked, people will surely begin submitting drafts.

    But maybe you want to make a draft yourself! Kick off the thread with a bang! Not a bad idea. For those who never took freshman year english in high school, the 5-paragraph essay is a good starting point. Intro, 3 points, and a conclusion. This can be very persuasive. For those who took 'thinking and reasoning' in college, remember to list your premises, outline your argument, and clearly explain your conclusion.

    Now, a few things can happen here. First, it's possible people don't think it's necessary. Please don't take any offense. If Anonymous 'speaks with one voice' too often, that voice will get ignored. We want to keep our massively distributed texts sharp, concise, persuasive - and fairly rare. We want it to be an EVENT each time we present one. That doesn't mean you shouldn't propose them, it just means you shouldn't take offense if we don't jump on every proposal.

    Second, others may offer alternative drafts rather than editing yours. Again, take no offense. I'd encourage every idea for a message to start with 3 or 4 independent drafts. People can collectively vote on the best, or cut them together, or do as they please with them. It won't start with a single draft; it will be refined to one.

    It's great that you want your words to speak for Anonymous! Let that motivate you to be creative, persuasive, dramatic, and so on. But please don't be invested in or attatched to your pet phrase or paragraph. The editing process will involve cuts.

    Have fun!
  2. gregg Member

  3. Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    no need to start over from scratch

    start here: viewforum.php?f=19
  4. Zombocom Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    I just post what the voices in my head tell me to
  5. Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    Sir, it sounds like you have Borderline Personality Disorder and will need to be prescribed the antidepressants Prozac, Paxil, and Effexor. Add some antipsychotics like Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Abilify and you're set! Take 3 of all of those at the same time and call me in the morning.
  6. null Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    "Serve the hive..."
  7. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    I have been a staunch conservative/individualist for decades. Something about this cause made it very easy for me join the hive. I think it may be because the hive looks like it cannot lose in this case.
    I for one, welcome my new hive overlords.
  8. taurelilomea Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    This is your ONLY post outside Thunderdome. :-D
  9. Zombocom Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    I'd prefer to look at it as the many sings to us, and I am a voice in their choir.
  10. anonvsthertc Member

  11. Voiceless8c Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    I'm not sure this is the right thread to put these video links. On the Information tab on the top right, you will find the text that can be printed and given to staff members during protests.

    Letter to Scientology Staff:
    Message to CofS Auditor:
    Letter to CofS Public:
    Letter to Sea Org Members:

    Thank you.

  12. Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    Thanks for those Vid links Voiceless. Really like them. (I stuck them on the Youtube movie thread for you as well.)
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  16. notavailable Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but could someone tell me where to get the program that reads text aloud? like in the "message to scientology" videos.
  17. darawk Member

    Re: So you want to speak for The Hive Mind...

    All the links in the 'current projects' in the OP are dead for me. It could be an issue on my end, can anyone confirm?

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